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(CK)Hamlet Ch 9-16 V

(CK) Hamlet Ch 9-16 Vocabulary

definitely noticeable - "A hit, a very definite, noticeable hit!" squealed Osric palpable
a request or pleading - Whenever Laertes challenged Hamlet to a duel, Hamlet answered with an apology and a request or pleading for his friendship. entreaty
to rescue or save - Claudius cried out for help - as if he still hoped to rescue or save something for himself. salvage
spying - Polonius made Gertrude feel as if she were part of his strange game of spying rather than the Queen of Denmark. espionage
hidden in darkness - Laertes said, "But my father's funeral which was hidden in darkness - all at your bidding." obscure
sorrow - Gertrude said, "One sorrow treads upon another's heel." woe
faints - Claudius said, "She faints to see them bleed!" swoons
hymn of grief - The sound of priests singing a hymn of grief came from the graveyard. dirge
calming and quieting down - Maybe Claudius was simply trying to buy time by calming and quieting down Laertes. appeasing
removed or distant - Hamlet wanted to be removed from the world's problems. aloof
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