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LCC1- Revolutionary

Revolutionary Period

Royall Tyler The Contrast
Thomas Paine Common Sense, The American Crisis
Thomas Jefferson Notes on the State of Virginia
Phyllis Wheatley "To the University of Cambridge, in New England", Poems on Various Subjects, "On Being Brought from Africa to America"
Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard's Almanac, The Autobiography
Washington Irving The Sketch Book
Susannah Rowson Charlotte Temple
William Hill Brown The Power of Sympathy
James Fenimore Cooper The Spy
J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur Letters from an American Farmer
Charles Brockden Brown Wieland
Genres (Non-Fiction-Newspapers and periodicals) o Articles that use satire to make judgments. Editorials on political subjects. Women writers emerge.Polemic style.
Main TOPICS & Themes Possibility of social mobility in a new nation. Stories of ordinary people and their communities.  Enlightenment ideals of scientific inquiry, ‘human reason,’ and ‘mutual sympathy.’ Sentiment as a guiding principal.Idealism and common sense.‘Wit’
Historical Background 1765-1830
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