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Final Review Study Guide Mrs Hacker 7

In "Melting Pot," what is the background of Quindlen? Irish and Italian
What do Cosby and his friends wear over their eyes to look tough? Bandages
Who is portrayed as direct and blunt in "Was Tarzan a Three-Bandage Man? Cosby's mom
What is associated with liberty in "Icarus and Daedalus? seagulls
Why were seagulls associated with liberty? Because they could leave the island when they wanted.
What superhuman trait do Icarus and Daedalus exhibit? The ability to fly
Why is Daedalus described as cunning? He finds a way to escape.
What does Persephone miss when she is in the underworld? flowers
What human trait does Pluto exhibit in "Demeter and Persephone?" He was able to fall in love
What caused Pluto to fall in love with Persephone? Eros' arrow
Why does Demeter dry up the land and cause winter? She is angry because of the loss of her daughter
How does the author describe Margot in "All Summer in a Day?" pale and delicate
The central idea or message in a story is the ____________ ? theme
A lesson about life that is taught by a story is the ______________________ ? moral
The word "bigots" means a group of people that are ______________________ . prejudiced
"Grasshopper Logic" is a _______________. fable
Which character in "Duck-billed platypus vs. BeefSnakStik" contains many food additives? BeefSnakStik
Why does the princess help the frog in "The Other Frog Prince?" She feels sorry for him.
In the story, "Duck-billed Platypus vs. BeefSnakStik," what are the characters doing? Braggin about their features.
Why does Pluto obey Zeus? Zeus is the god of all gods.
Pluto falls in love with Persephone, which satisfies one of the characteristics of a myth? Which one? a god having a human trait
In "People Could Fly," Toby leaves a group of slaves waiting for a chance to run. What lesson is Toby teaching them? People can escape from slavery in different ways.
Why does Leah refuse Suzy's candy in "Suzy and Leah?" She doesn't want to act like the other kids that are acting like animals.
Why doesn't Toby fly away sooner in "The People Could Fly." He wants to help other slaves escape.
Why does Icarus fly towards the "highest heavens" in "Icarus and Daedalus." He is finally tasting freedom after being held in captivity.
What does Harry feel when he throwing peppermints at Rocky? guilt
In "Papa's Parrot," as Harry and his friends enter junior high, what is a major change in their life? They have more spending money.
In "MK," why does the narrator disappointed in her new school? The other students seem ignorant.
What is Quindlen's purpose in writing "Melting Pot?" to reflect on her experiences
Quindlen's essay has _________________ tone. Serious



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