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Ch 12 Relaxers

Pivot Point Relaxers

Sodium hydroxide relaxers are also known as: lye relaxers
A sodium hydroxide relaxer service should not be performed on which of the following hair conditions? hair that has been bleached
What product should NOT be applied to hair that has been previously permed with ammonium thioglycolate? sodium hydroxide
Which of the following conditions determines the processing time and proper relaxer strength to use? texture, elasticity and porosity
What does the porosity of the hair affect when working with a chemical relaxer? processing time
When performing a chemical relaxer procedure on porous hair, choose a product labeled: mild
A pull test is performed to check for which of the following conditions: elasticity
What is the shape of a tightly curled hair follicle? elliptical
What is the optimum percent of natural curl pattern to remove when relaxing? eighty five percent
What is used to protect the scalp and hairline from caustic chemicals? base cream
The primary method for applying the relaxer chemical is with a: brush
How far from the scalp should a virgin relaxer be applied? 1/4" to 1/2"
Virgin relaxers may be applied away from the scalp because body heat will: allow it to spread upward toward the scalp
To protect previously treated hair from the chemical product when performing a relaxer retouch service, what should be applied? protective cream
Super strength relaxer is used for which of the following hair conditions? tightly curled, coarse-textured hair
Which relaxer strength would be used on healthy, color-treated, fine-textured or porous hair? mild
Which of the following tests should be performed during a relaxer technique to determine if the proper amount of relaxation has occurred? comb test
During a chemical relaxer procedure, if the hair is tested with the back of the comb and there is a minimal amount of indentation, or if the curl pattern reverts or beads, what step may be required? additional smoothing
An acid-balanced neutralizing shampoo or stabilizer is used after the hair is free of chemicals to: reharden the hair
Do not _____ before applying hydroxide relaxer shampoo the hair
Thio relaxers require a chemical neutralizing solution, and hydroxide relaxer are neutralized by The physical actions of rinsing and shampooing with a neutralizing shampoo product.
Spongy and limp hair that tangles easily are all signs of poor elasticity
What is the main ingredient in a rearranger ammonium thioglycolate
A soft perm loosens the texturre of overly curly hair by using A thioglycolate based product
Where is the weakest section of the hair stand in overly cury hair at the twists
Which service loosens curly hair into looser curls Curl re-formation
Which hair type would sodium hydroxide relaxers normally be used on Over-curly curly resistant
What is the main ingredient in a booster a mild form of ammonium thioglycolate
Soduim hydroxide relaxer should not be applied to lightened hair or hair that has been colored with permanent hair color
The amino acid acquired through the reduction of cystine is Cysteine
_____ is the rearrangement of the basic structure of overly curly hair into a straigher hair form Chemical hair relaxing
____ helps protect the scalp and the skin during a hair relaxing procedure base cream
What are the two layers of hair most affected by chemical texture procedures? cuticle and cortex
Created by: annalder
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