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VETO Canada


Of his unauthorized history of Canada, "Stone Country," Served as a photographer for RCAF, attended UBC, & taught at SFU.Born Penticton, BC,won the 1980 Governor-General's Award for fiction for novel "Burning Water." Canada's first poet laureate. George Bowering
The first novel written in North America, 1769's The History of Emily Montague. Frances Brooke
Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, she wrote primarily in French. Her Bonheur d'Occasion, translated as The Tin Flute, won the Prix Femina in France as well as the Governor General’s Award. Gabrielle Roy
Scottish novelist who moved to Canada in 1825 and wrote about Scottish settlers in Canada called Lawrie Todd and a biography of Lord Byron. superintendent of the Canada Company wrote the novels The Annals of the Paris,The Provost&The Ayrshire Legatees John Galt
His father is taxi driver&pimp. His history teach insult dad protag cause teach wife to die.Yvette his lover&shows him Lac Saint-Pierre, where wants to build resort. Protag made$by film production&heroin trafficking,1975 film w/dreyfus.By mordecai richler The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Book of essays belling the cat.montreal based jew.The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Joshua then and now,St. Urbain’s Horsemen, The Incomparable Atuk ,Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang mordecai richler
Mouse guide is under raven tail.centre of piece is shaman who holds staff carved with Sea-Bear, Killer Whale&Raven. on back of Canadian $20 bill@Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C(black).@Vancouver Airport(jade)dugout sculpture of canoes by bill reid spirit of haida gwaii
A forensic pathologist working for the United Nations returns to her native Sri Lanka and finds evidence of a recent murder by ondaatje anil's ghost
The story of a single father and his three unrelated children Anna, Claire and Coop, it won the 2007 Governor General’s Award winner for English language fiction. By Ondaatje divisadero
poetry coll:rat jelly.Wrote coming thru slaughter, in the skin of a lion,The English patient,anil’s ghost,divisadero.born in sri lanka, but Canadian michael ondaatje
was adapted into a 1996 major motion picture. It centers on a Hungarian man (almasy) and the Canadian nurse(hana) that treats him in Italy during World War II. almasy recounts affair with katherine clifton.By ondaatje the english patient
Mythic Messengers@Canadian Museum of Civilization.Killer Whale@Vancouver Public Aquarium. The Raven&the New Men @Museum of Anthropology.Spirit of the Haida Gwaii@Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C(black).@Vancouver Airport(jade). by Haida artist bill reid
main subject of 1968 footage Folden Film.in final fantasy 4. Saved schoolbus of children.between 15-70 feet in length. On coat of arms of Kelowna, BC.Aka naitaka.Monster lives in lk okanogan ogopogo
Protag injured 3rd battle ypres, thought dead, but nursed by Diana marfleet. Starts w/errant snowball by protag thrown at mary who give birth to paul dempster.Main charac:dunstan ramsey who retire from colborne coll.By Robertson davies fifth business
Salterton triology.Cornish triology: The Rebel Angels, What’s Bred in the Bone, The Lyre of Orpheus.Deptford triology(focus on death of boy Staunton):5th Business,The Manticore,World of Wonders robertson davies
Former slavers. Rowed canoes from California to Bering Sea. Society divided into matrilineal clans in 2 moieties, Raven&Eagle. Tlingit called them Deikeena, the people who live far out at sea.Home:Queen Charlotte Islands. Bill reid is from this group haida
Her 1978 work Who Do You Think You Are? won the Governor General’s Award and was a runner-up for the Booker Prize. She won her first Governor General’s Award ten years before for the novel Dance of the Happy Shades. Alice Munro
She was actually born in Oak Park, Illinois, but she moved to Canada when she was 22. Her work The Stone Diaries won the Governor General’s Award in 1993 and was also nominated for a Booker Prize. Carol Shields
daughter of zoologist.went2Victoria College in Toronto.tutors:Jay Macpherson and Northrop Frye, she graduated with honours in English.EJ Prattmedal for1stbookofpoetry,DoublePersephone.Her novels:The Edible Woman,Onyx&Crake,Cat’s Eye,The Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret Atwood
5) He was the first European-born player taken with the top pick when the Quebec Nordiques selected him first in 1989. Answer: Mats Sundin Quebec Nordiques
15: The Bay of Love and Sorrows 5: Mercy Among the Children David Adams Richards
autobiography The Boy I Left Behind Me.1stbook Literary Lapses short stories(Self-MadeMen;Hoodoo McFiggin’s Christmas).his art in Humour& Humanity: An Introduction to the Study of Humour&Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich Stephen Leacock
Battle of Quebec (accept early buzz of Plains of Abraham)
Red River Rebellion
Thunder Bay
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
William L. Mackenzie King
Alice Ann Munro
Brian Mulroney
Caroline affair
Ellesmere Island
Glenn Herbert Gould
Great Slave Lake
Hudson Bay
Jean Chretien
John A. MacDonald
Lake Ontario
Lake Winnipeg
Lester Bowles Pearson
Louis 'David' Riel
Mackenzie River
Margaret Atwood
Nova Scotia
Philip Michael Ondaatje
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Prince Edward Island
Robertson Davies
The Dukhobors or Doukhobars
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