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CF Ch 5 Chemistry

Pivot point Ch 5 Chemistry

The term used to identify anything that occupies space is called: matter
Melting ice changes water from a solid to a liquid. Boiling water changes water from a liquid to a gas. These are examples of what type of change? physical
Atoms make up elements. Elements make up matter. Therefore, all matter is comprised of: atoms
All matter that is living or once was living contains carbon and deals with: organic chemistry
Basic substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances are called: elements
Atoms that are the same, form a(n): element
Two or more atoms joined together by a chemical bond is a(n): molecule
When two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom, the result is water, which is called a(n): compound
Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen are the building blocks of: amino acids
What is created when amino acids join together in chains? proteins
What makes up the primary composition of hair? keratin
Which bonds found in the hair can be easily broken by heat or water? hydrogen bonds
The bonds found within hair that help organize protein chains in order to build hair are called: side bonds
What is the side bond that is of the greatest concern to the salon professional? disulfide bond
Which of the following statements describes how human hair is formed? protein chains connect to other protein chains
Substances of acidic or alkaline nature dissolve in water and/or contain: water
A solution that has more positive hydrogen ions than negative hydroxide ions is: acidic
A pH of 5 is how many more times acidic than a pH of 6? 10
Distilled water with a pH of 7 is considered: neutral
In what pH range is skin and hair? 4.5 to 5.5
In the process of making a cup of instant hot chocolate, what would the powdered chocolate represent? solute
A mixture of two or more kinds of molecules, evenly dispersed would be a(n): solution
A substance that is able to dissolve another substance is called a(n): solvent
The instructions on a product state to shake well before use, which indicates this product is probably a(n): suspension
What is formed when two or more non-mixable substances are united with the help of a binder? emulsion
Mixtures of organic substances and a medicinal agent are: ointments
Mixtures of fats and oils converted to fatty acids by heat and then purified, fall under which of the following classifications? soaps
Which of the following cosmetic classifications requires sifting until free of coarse, gritty particles? powder
Which of the following classifications would identify emulsions that are generally used by salon professionals? oil-in-water emulsion
Which of the following terms means non-mixable? immiscible
Cleaning the hair and scalp and removing all foreign matter without adversely affecting either the scalp or hair is called: shampooing
The primary ingredient of most shampoos is: deionized water
If water contains certain salts of calcium, magnesium and other metals, it is classified as: hard water
What is the name given to purifying water by passing it through a porous substance? filtration
Which of the following shampoo types is formulated to have the same pH as the hair and skin? acid-balanced shampoo
Which of the following shampoos would NOT be used for color-treated or damaged hair? plain shampoo
Which shampoo would most likely be used to remove product build-up? clarifying shampoo
Which shampoo would generally be recommended for an individual who is ill and bedridden? powder dry shampoo
Which of the following shampoo types is designed to treat scalp and hair problems or disorders? medicated shampoo
Which shampoo contains temporary color molecules that adhere to the hair and deposit color? color shampoo
Which conditioner will penetrate into the damaged hair shaft and deposit proteins into the cortex? body-building conditioner
The main ingredients found in most neutralizers are: hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate or sodium bromate
The color molecules in permanent hair color enter the hair with the aid of: an alkaline substance
What occurs during oxidation? a substance loses an electron and oxygen is acquired
Oxidants, such as hydrogen peroxide, have the ability to release: oxygen
Which of the following components are contained within temporary colors? certified colors
Which term identifies the change assigned to an oxidative hair color procedure? chemical change
Ammonia, a colorless gas with a strong odor, is composed of hydrogen and: nitrogen
What would be used to determine if a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is still potent if the purchase date was no longer on the label? hydrometer
Which party is responsible for distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets? manufacturer
An example of a/an _____ is when atoms chemically combine to form compounds. Chemical bond
Following a sodium hydroxide procedure, additional chemical procedures that use thioglycolic acid: May never be used
When two or more kinds of substances combine physically it form a: mixture
What is the scientific study of matter and the physical changes in matter? Chemistry
What are the three main parts of an atom proton, neutron, electron
surfectant is also known as surface active agent
____ can change without involving a change in chemical composition physical properties
When a solute dissolves in a solvent it is a solution
What is the science of matter and its interactions with energy and itself? Chemistry
The backbone of protein bonds is the peptide bonds
The atomic number is the number of _____ found in the nucleus of an atom Protons
Polymers of amino acids covalently linked through peptide bonds inot a chain are proteins
The study of minerals involves inorganic chemistry
Ointments are mixtures of organic substances and are medicinal
redox is also known oxidation-reduction
The six general cosmetic classificaitons used in the cosmetology industry are based on how well a substance combines with another substance
Miscible liquids are capable of being mixed together into a stable solution
The shine or luster of hair is the cosmetic apperance
If an unstable atom merges with an atom of a dissimilar element, a/an ______ is products Molecule
How many common amino acids are there? Twenty-two
A pure substance is mater not combined with materials of different chemical compositions
A simple definition of oxidation is The gaining of oxygen
The science that deals with compounds lacking carbon is inorganic chemistry
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