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CJ 5th test

for final

Pearson's r Which of the following correlational methods is not based on Chi square and requires ratio measured values?
Chi Square This statistical method compares observed cell frequencies with expected cell frequencies.
both the median and mode For a perfectly normally distributed variable (distributed like a Bell curve), which of the following would have the same value as the mean?
Chi Square a test of independence between nominal or categorical variables
null statistical hypothesis where X represents the mean value
ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) Which of the following statistical methods is used to compare three or more sample means to determine if they are statistically significantly different from one another?.
true Elaboration refers to the process of introducing or controlling for third variables by subclassifying the original bivariate table.
t-test This statistical method is designed to compare the sample means of two groups
Which of the following correlations shows the strongest relationship? -.90
Parametric statistical techniques are used to analyze relationships between interval or ratio variables
Suppose you want to study the relationship between gender (male, female) and income (annual $ salary) for San Diego County police officers. Which of the following is a substantive null hypothesis for examining this relationship? there is no relationship between gender and income
Which of the following is not a measure of dispersion? mode
How many degrees of freedom are in a 5 x 4 table 12
Created by: jazmincarrillo