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CH 12 Texture

Pivot Point CH 12 Perm Texture

ammonia When performing an alkaline wave on a client, thioglycolate is joined with what ingredient to create a waving lotion?
glycerol monothioglycolate The main ingredient found in an acid wave is:
wrapping hair around the perm tool The physical phase of perm is
spiral The two basic wrapping techniques for perming are called the overlap (croquignole) and:
straight Which type of perm rod would be used to achieve uniform curls?
wider and more spiraling pattern on the ends With concave rods the hair on both ends must travel farther than the hair in the center to make one complete turn around the rod, creating a:
fishhooks on the ends of the hair In the perm procedure, proper end paper techniques will eliminate crimps or:
one end paper folded in half Which of the following descriptions identifies the end paper placement for the bookend technique used during perm wrapping?
slightly past the first end paper When using the double paper technique, the first end paper is positioned under the strand past the ends of the hair, and the second paper is placed on top of the strand and:
formation Water left in the end papers after rinsing the perm solution will dilute the neutralizer and:
tool position The size of the base and the angle at which the hair is projected while wrapping determines the:
on base To create the most volume, which tool position should be used?
tension may cause breakage On-base control is not recommended for alkaline perms since expansion is limited at the base and:
position new texture only where it is desired On-base control is not recommended for alkaline perms since expansion is limited at the base and:
position new texture only where it is desired On-base control is not recommended for alkaline perms since expansion is limited at the base and:
off base Which tool position results in no curl at the scalp and a minimal degree of volume?
heat In addition to tension and perm solution what do acid waves use to perform the processing action?
inconsistent curl formation Skipping rods when applying perm solution could cause:
longer processing time Which of the following steps may be required when perming resistant hair?
hydrogen peroxide Which of the following chemicals is one of the main ingredients found in most neutralizers?
reduces the swelling of the hair What is the purpose of neutralizers?
rinsed To remove all chemicals after the hair has been neutralized the hair needs to be:
8.0 to 9.5 What is the range of pH for alkaline waves?
swell The alkalinity of cold waves causes the hair fiber to soften and:
stronger curl Alkaline perms produce faster processing times and:
better for use on resistant hair What is true about alkaline perms?
the texture, elasticity and porosity of the client's hair Which of the following could describe what determines the processing time and proper perm solution?
the less resistant it is to absorbing perm solution The more porous hair is:
the hair's ability to stretch Which of the following descriptions identify the meaning of elasticity?
pre-wrap product To equalize the porosity of highly porous hair, it may be necessary to use which of the following products?
elasticity The hair's ability to stretch and return to its original shape is called:
texture Hair is generally referred to as fine, medium or coarse when analyzing which of the following classifications?
barrier cream What is applied to a client's hairline prior to a perm service to protect the skin?
strong disulfide bonds In alkaline waves, the perm solution chemically breaks or reduces the:
perm rod size What determines the size and shape of the new curl configuration?
previously permed Before perming, determine if the hair has been tinted, bleached, highlighted/frosted or:
rinse thoroughly with cool water If perm solution comes in contact with the client's eyes or skin, which of the following actions should be taken?
gently towel-dried Prior to performing a preliminary test curl, hair should be shampooed and:
bricklay The ____ perm wrap has offset base sectins row by row to discourage obvious splits in the hair
Keratin proteins The long and coiled polypeptide chains in hair are
an outside heat source The cosmetologist activates an endothermic wave with
permanent wave ____ chemically restructures natural hair to a different wave pattern
large blockings Where there is thin hair growth ___ may cause too much strain and result in breakage during a permanent waving service.
physical and chemical phase What are the tow major phases on perms
the rectangle perm wrap What is considered the most basic perm wrap pattern
half-off base the four basic tool positions are on base, ___ underdirected and off base.
abnormal scalp conditions never apply chemicals over
amonium thioglycolate Alkaline waves contan ____ as a key ingredient
neutralizer before applying the ___ it is vital to completely rinse the perm solution
breakage ____ can result when hair is wound on the rods with too much tansion
reconditioned Weak hair should be ___ befor perming
the hair has been coated with mettalic salts the client cannnot receive a permanent wave service if
rinsed Acid perms need to be ___ longer than alkaline perms
seat clients away from air conditioner and fans To avoid slowing down the processing time during a chemical service
rinse and blot the hair thoroughly When the cosmetologist uses multiple ind papers, it is important to
The chemical process What is the second process of a permanent wave solution
Created by: annalder
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