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tom oedipus

for test

hubris pride or arogance
reversal of fortune turn of luck
catharsis the purging of or realeving of emotional tensions
recognition to give credit to someone or something
dignity pride and character
remedy a medicine or something of healing purpose
avenge to make a stand in the name of someone
oracle a prophet or someone with other worldly power here for great purpose
wretchedness in poor or pituful circumstances, characterized by the causing of misury
arrogance an additude of superiority
grief pain or suffering
inquiry the act of being curios or wanting to know
exile to be thrown out of your country or a place you call home
treason to go against athourity
ponder to wonder or thnik about
vanity excesive pride in one's apperance
blasphemy going against god
reverent feeling or showing deep and sloenm respect
discredited to deprive of good repute
vague very broad or open ended not percise or very clear
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