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Schindler's List

Chapters 26 through 38

What are the ways Raimund Titsch made payments Through chess matches with Goeth; photographs
What is ODESSA The postwar secret society of former SS men
Where did Titsch hide his reels Buried in a small park in Vienna
How were the reels “brought to light”? Leopold Pfefferberg bought them from Titsch for $500
During 1943 how many Wehrmacht uniforms did Madritsch produce Better than 20, 000
What happened during General Julius Schindler’s visit to Madritsch Stern’s friends in the power shed cut the lights
What was Gen. Schindler’s specialty production
What happened when a girl it he office was reported for having a rind of bacon The office workers were divided into 2 lines; the girls in one line were shot
Why did Goeth keep his revolver lying at his elbow during his manicures In case the manicurist nicked him
List the atrocities the manicurist witnessed during the time she tended the Commandant’s hands. Shoeshine boy shot for faulty work; 15 year old orderly hung from ring bolts because Goeth found fleas on one of the dogs’ executed his servant for lending a horse and carriage without asking first
What device did Oskar use to warn the prisoners when an SS officer demanded to go inside the factory bell
What were the prisoners to do when the warning sounded Stub out cigarettes; go back to their appointed bunks
How did courting begin With permission of elders
What is strange about Oberscharfuhrer Hujar’s prison romance He was ordered by Goeth to stop being a fool, took her for a walk in the woods and shot her in the nape of the neck
What is the song “Gloomy Sunday” about A young man about to commit suicide for love
What did the violinist hope the effect of his playing of the song would be The SS man’s suicide
What did the Waffen SS man do Shoot himself on the balcony
Define sex in Plaszow. Lice, crabs, and urgency inside the wire, murder and lunacy on its fringes
What happened to the status of Plaszow It was reclassified as a concentration camp
What were the results of this reclassification Police chiefs lost their direct control; labor fees no longer went to factory owners; Schindler had to ask for favors from more officials at Orianinberg
At the Farer factory in Buna what did they do with the bodies of the starved Throw them into cable ditches with the cables and cover them with cement
Because of Plaszow’s new status, what changed with the fences They were electrified
How did Goeth see an advantage with the new fence situation He could stand prisoners between the wires for hours as punishment
How did prisoners arrange contact between each other Code tunes, whistles
How did Josef get in to the women’s barracks Got a dead woman’s dress and joined the women’s lines
How was Josef a gift to the older women in Rebecca’s barrack They got to be their pre-war selves again
Who officiated at the marriage of Josef and Rebecca Josef’s mother
Describe the wedding ceremony. Rebecca circled Josef seven times and Josef crushed a glass (a spent light bulb) with his heel
The sirens sounded in the camp for what reason Three young Zionists escaped in a truckload of product
What excuse did Josef give for being out of his bunk diarrhea
How many years has Oskar been in Krakow 4 1/2
Why were the Rosners immune from Goeth’s wrath Musical talent
How did the Rosners get their eight-year-old son into Plaszow Pfefferberg brought him in when he had gone to town to pick up toolboxes
Why did the inmates of Plaszow now find it safer to encounter Goeth The chiefs in Orianinberg did not permit summary execution
Why did the Waffen SS dynamite the chambers and crematoria at the Treblinka, Sobibor, and Balzac To leave no recognizable trace
What would happen to Auschwitz once the “great task” was completed Why
What did Department D charge Goeth to do Find the dead who had passed through Plaszow and burn the bodies
Why did the execution of the Spira family shock Oskar It showed that there was no obedience or obeisance a Jew could make to guarantee survival
Whom did Oskar stress in particular when Stern questioned Schindler’s ability to get all the Jews out of Plaszow Stern
What about Mietek Pemper would bring about the hanging of Goeth Photographic memory
Why were the Hungarian Jews a windfall for the factories at Auschwitz Hungary had just become a German Protectorate and they were in a better state of health
Goeth told Section D that Plaszow could accept up to 10,000 more prisoners under what two conditions He could liquidate the unproductive element inside the camp; he could impose double bunking
How much air per person was to be allowed in the barracks 3 cubic meters
What did Goeth name his sorting-out process Health Aktion
How had the SS physician, Dr. Blancke, rid the prison of the chronically ill He injected them with benzene
What did the women rub on their cheeks to give the appearance of health Red cabbage
How many children had been discovered rung the inspection Nearly 300
Had Rosner’s son been found in the camp no
At the end of the final sorting process how many adults and children stood at the eastern end of the camp 1400 adults; 268 children
What saved some of the children in the camp They had never registered
Why were the SS wary of the spaces in the rafters They feared typhus, lice, rats
How many others were in the latrine when the orphan went there to hide 13
What was to be done with the striped prison clothes the prisoners wore the 60 km to Auschwitz Sent back for reuse
What did Oskar ask the NCO at the rear of the train to do in return for the hamper of liquor, cigarettes, cheese, and sausages Open the cattle car doors when they stopped near stations
Curing the railcar situation Goeth realized that Oskar was not so much reckless anymore but what possessed
What did Oskar and Garde listen to the radio all night long hoping to hear Death of Hitler
Goeth’s meeting with the factory owners was about what instead of security as Goeth claimed Liquidation (closing) of the camp
From what disease did Goeth suffer by this time Liver disease
For whom did Goeth want a space left at the end of his list of those executed for insurgency An elderly man who had let it be known he had a store of diamonds hidden outside the camp
What was Oskar’s initial reaction to the news that Emalia was to be disbanded Cool rage
In the relocation, where would the men from Plaszow be sent The women
In Oskar’s and Goeth’s game of blackjack, when Goeth began to lose heavily, what variation on the betting did Oskar suggest They bet people
Whose name was the first on Schindler’s list Helen Hirsch
What was it worth to be on Schindler’s list everything
Why was Colonel Eric Lange crucial to Oskar (a) he could guarantee contracts (b) he could write recommendations
The SS judge who questioned Pemper was afraid Goeth had shown what kind of sensitive documents to Pemper Directives and plans to be followed in case of an assault on the camp by partisans
To where was DEF to be moved from Cracow Brinnlitz
What did Oskar take with him to his meeting with Rash to help secure the Brno front A diamond
How much money did Oskar later estimate he spent to grease the transfer to Brinnlitz $40,000
How many names were on Schindler’s preparatory list 1.000
Where is a copy of the list today Yad Vashem
How many names did Titsch and Oskar add to the list Almost 70
The list was vulnerable through what person Goldberg, the personnel clerk
How many prisoners had Schindler been granted 1000
With what did Pfefferberg buy his and Mila’s way onto the list vodka
How many men were on the list 800
How many women were on the list 300
In American dollars how much was Schindler paying each week for labor (male and female total) $18,000
Who had come to live with Schindler Emilie
Where were the women mistakenly sent Auschwitz - Birkenau
According to Hoss, how many people could be gassed in Auschwitz each day if the system was working well 9,000
Why were the extermination centers no longer a secret The Russians had excavated the Lublin camp and found furnaces containing human bones and more than 500 drums of Zyklon B
On what date was the final selection for the gas chambers believed to have been made October 30
What happened to most of those left after the gassing stopped They were shot
What happened to all the crematoria workers They were shot
At Schindler’s camp what became the prisoners’ vengeance Slow work
How did Schindler now intend to make his living On the black market
How many days did the SS hold Schindler when they arrested him for the third time 8 days
What has always been the most powerful of answers to give to the suicidal Kill yourself and you’ll never know how the plot ends
Why was the new commandant looking for children in the camps For Dr. Mengele’s experiments
Other than being a hazard to health, why was typhus feared at Brinnlitz It was reason to close the camp
How was typhus carried Louse bite
What did the factory at Brinnlitz produce nothing
What did Schindler do to the inspector who claimed he could not be bribed by Schindler Oskar tripped him on the stairs; the man fell, split open his head, and broke his leg
Where did most of the weapons in Schindler’s arsenal come from Rasch – SS and police chief of Moravia
What did Schindler pay for the weapons A diamond ring
Who were the Budzyn people Jewish officers and men of the Polish Army who had lived through the liquidation of the Budzyn labor camp
What did Schindler and Sussmuth connive to do over the winter of 1944-45 Get 3,000 more women out of Auschwitz
Why did Schindler ask for 30 more workers Simply because it was 30 more souls
Richard Horowitz was detained in Auschwitz for what purpose Medical experiments
Why did Feigenbaum father and son count the steps from Brinnlitz to where they buried Janka So they could find her body after the war
For the Brinnlitz prisoners what was the one way left to restore humanity ritual
What luxury did Schindler provide for his workers on his 37th birthday White bread
What were the instructions in the telegram, intercepted by Pemper, that Liepold had received that week How to dispose of the population in case the Russians drew near
What was Schindler’s reaction to the telegram To get rid of Liepold
What two main promises did Schindler make in his birthday speech (a) the great tyranny was coming to a close, (b) he would stay at Brinnlitz until the end of hostilities was announced
What gift did the prisoners present Schindler with on the night of final peace A ring; “He who saves a single life saves the world entire,” a Talmudic verse
At what moment did Schindler become dependent on the prisoners for gifts The moment he put on the ring
Using the contents of a warehouse for which Schindler had obtained a storage contract, with what was chandler able to provide the prisoners before he left A starting stake; coat, uniform and underwear fabric, thread and shoes
How much was the store of supplies worth $150,000
How did Schindler and Emilie dress when they left In prison stripes
How many prisoners volunteered to go with the Schindlers 8
Why would the Schindlers’ Mercedes not start Someone, afraid of their departure, had cut the wires
What did some of the Brinnlitz prisoners do to the Kapo from Gross-Rosen Hanged him
Why did the Brinnlitz prisoners hang typhus signs on the wire To scare away the SS
How many Russians were in the group what liberated the camp 1
Which way did the Russian tell the prisoners not to go East or West. They weren’t liked anywhere
Why did Richard Horowitz become hysterical at playgrounds The swing frames reminded him of what he had witnessed
Where had the prisoners traveling with the Schindlers hope to take them Switzerland
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