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Princess Diana

Late Night With The Legends

Where was I born? Norfolk, England
When was I born? July 1st, 1961
Who were my parents? Mom: Frances Spencer Dad: Edward John Spencer
Who were my siblings? Charles Spencer~ Younger Sarah Spencer~ Older Jane Spencer~ Older
Where was I married? St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK
When was I married? July 29th, 1981
What was my spouses name? Prince Charles
Interesting Facts? I am distantly related to George Washington, Humpfrey Bogart, and President Bush.
Occupation? Younger~ Pre-k teacher Older~ Charities
Who were my children? William and Henry
When did I become notorious? When I got married and started doing charity work.
How did you become notorious? I got married and started doing charity work.
Where is my grave located? Northhampshire, England
Who were some of my friends? Carolyn Bartholomew
Who were my enemies? Queen Elizabeth II
Where did you live? Younger~ Kent, England and Norfolk, England Older~ London, England
Who did I admire? I tried to act like my older sister, Sarah.
Faves? Book: The Road Less Traveled Movie: Brief Encounter
Fave Food? Pasta, salad, and fruit
When did I die? August 31st, 1997
How did I die? Car crash in Paris, France
Divorced? August 28th, 1996
What were some of my hobbies? AIDS, HIV, victim's of land mines, and prisioners' families
Created by: Lovebug101