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Sunset Song

novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

"Scots" Chris Remain on the land Influenced by Jean Guthrie "there are better things than your books or studies....there's the coutnryside your own"
Chris chooses the "Scots" Chris everything changes except the land- the land is the only constant, all that matters "nothing endures...the land was forever, it moved and changed below you, but was forever"
John sees Chris doing the washing in her underwear Chris is anxious over sexual matters "caged beast"
At John's funeral Chris realises her father was only trying to do what was best for his family Good man but warped by struggle with land and high sex drive "wept for the father she'd never helped and forgot to love"
Chris sees Long Rob and Ewan as part of the land This type of man should never be uprooted "the last of the farming folk"
When Ewan comes home on leave he is violent and aggressive Chris decides they are finished forever but she regrets it "Oh Ewan, I didn't mean it!"
The couple are reuntied after his death as Chae tells Chris what happened Chris settles her feelings for Ewan and moves on: engaged to Rev Colquohoun "sleep quiet and brave, for I've understood"
John Guthrie is very religious however he rages at God after a hard day's work This is the only time he is negative about his religion "Ay, laugh, ya mucker!"
"English" Chris v. "Scots" Chris Chris is indecisive "two Chrisses there were that fought for her heart and tormented her"
Sung at Chris' wedding and at the memorial service There will always be war and men will always die in war "The Flowers of the Forest"
John's high sex drive leads to rage against his family However, it is his rage which enables them to get from Echt to Blawearie through the storm "his rage was his worriment with the night"
Chris feels relieved when John dies Doesn't care what others think/say "But Chris didn't care"
John essentially good man Warped by struggle with land "fight unwearying he's fought with the land"
When news of war reaches Kinraddie Chris has no interest in it Ironic as war has huge impact on her life "Chris paid no heed to the war"
Ewan is a different man when home on leave Ewan is violent and aggressive "someone coarse and strange had come back in his body to torment her"
Chris hears of Ewan's death Chris nearly gois insane with grief "it was the boy that had saved her from going mad"
Minister's sermon at war memorial Realates to title and theme of change "in the sunset of an age and an epoch"
Ewan and Chris reconciled Chris is told how he died by Chae "went home to the heart that was his forever"
Minister's sermon at war memorial Hope, still a future "for I will give you the morning star"
"English" Chris Get and education and become a teacher Influenced by John Guthrie "right douce and studious"
Jean commits suicide Chris feels that her childhood is over Looks like she will have to become the "Scots" Chris "dark quiet corpse that was your childhood"
John has a stroke Caused by his rage at Will emigrating to Argentina with Mollie Douglas "it was hardly a week before his own rage struck down John Guthrie"
John attempts to lure Chris into bed with him Attempts to justify his actions by claiming it was done in Old Testament times "come to me Chris"
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