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Pivot Point's Best Diva

The term used to identify anything that occupies space is: matter
What is the pH of a clients natural hair color that has been permed, colored, sculptured and designed properly in the past few months 4.5 to 5.5
Which of the following shampoo would generally be recommended for an individual who is bedridden or ill? powder dry shampoo
Which of the following shampoo types is formulated to have the same pH as the hair and skin? acid-balance
Which conditioner will penetrate into the damaged hair shaft and deposit proteins into the cortex? body building conditioner
The color molecules in permanent hair color enter the hair with aid of : an alkaline substance
Which of the following components are contained within temporary colors? certified colors
Which tool is used to test the strength of hydrogen peroxide? hydrometer
Thioglycolic acid has a higher pH then glyceryl monothioglycolate true
Ammonia is the most common oxidizing agent used to develope color. false(hydrogen peroxide)
Most shampoos contain an ingredient called ___________ that acts as a cleansing agent removes oils from hair surfactant
Disturbing the peptide bonds in the hair can destroy the protein structure and affect the way hair looks true
Lightening hair is also known as: bleaching/decolorizing
Which party is responsible for distribution of a material safety data sheets? manufacturer
Oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide have the ability to release oxygen
What occurs during oxidation? substance loses an electron and oxygen is aquired
The main ingredients found in most neutralizers are: hydrogen peroxide,sodium perborate or sodium bromate
Which shampoo contains temporay color molecules that adhere to the hair and deposit color? color shampoo
Which type of shampoo is used to treat scalp and hair problems/disorders? medicated
Created by: Blackk20
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