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a_________ solution has an equal number of hydrogen ions. neutral
what cosmetology related element is constucted of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen? amino acid
the oil loving part of a sufactant is what? lipophilic
which of the following does the study of minerals involve? inorganic chemistry
the protein that 97% of the hair is made up of is: keratin
cosmetologies side bond of concern is: disulfide bond
there are _____ forms of matter. three
water makes up ____ percent of the human body seventy
hoe many general classifications categorize cosmetic which are used in the cosmetology industry? six
the backbone of protien bonds is the: peptide bond
________ can change without involving a change in chemical composition physical properties
how many common amino acids are there? twenty-two
___________ have equal mixtures of organic and inorganic substances that do not powders
what are the build blocks of hair and skin? hydrogen oxygen nitrogen carbon sulfer
hair is mainly made of: keritan
wqater can be classified as: hard or soft
which of the following deals with all matter that is living or was once living? organic chemistry
what do surfactants do/ remove oil from hair
unstable atoms share ______ with other atom to complete there outer shell. electrons
the ph scale measures which of the following? neutrality alkalinity acidity
what has no electical charge? neutrons
hair is a: form of a protein
by themselves,_________ bonds are very weak. hydrogen
ointments are mixtures of organic substances and___________. medicine
what are the three main parts of an atom protns neutrons electrons
when a solute is dissolved in a solvent it is a __________. solution
___________ is the amount of moisture a strand of hair can absorbs. porosity
a process or reaction that releases energy in the form of heat is called_________. exothermic
a _________ is an active agent used to remove oil from the hair. surfactant
a simple definition of oxidation is,the gaining of _____. oxygen
what is the atomic number of carbon? six
the sciece that deals with compounds lacking carbon is___________ chemistry. inorganic
what is the neutral pH? seven
the shine or luster of the hair is the: cosmetic apperance
perming is a __________ change. chemical
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