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chapter 30

Alexander the great and his empire

the peloponnesian war and the rise of macedonia the pelpponnesian war lasted for 27 years.macedonian was a scattered tribe so they made philip the king
philip unites greece philip wanted to attack persia but he was murded and his sun took over
alexander creates an empire Alexander decided to attack perisia because he wanted to carry out his fathers plan and to give greece a common enemy.
alexanders plan to unite his empire Alexander created a plan that he would spread greek culture and ideas,then he would use religion to inspire loyalty last he would show respect for the cultures he conquered.he did this to unite his empire
how alexander spread greek ideas he wanted to spread greek ideas to the far corner.sone way he tried to accomplish his goal by building greek styles cities
how alexander used religion alexander used religion in two ways to inspire loyalty amoung his followers and the people he conquered.first,he honored the egyption and persian gods like equal to greek gods.second,he encouraged the idea that he was a god.
how aleander adopted the ways of conqured cultures how alexander adopted the ways of persia was by borrowing persian customs by wearing their clothes,he adopted the persisn system of government,he demanded that his visitors greet him in the persian style,and he encouraged marriage macedonians and persians
the empire crumbles alexanders armies got exausted by 10 years of fighting and refused to go on.the next year alexander got a swamp fever and dies at the age of 33.his plan failed when his empire crumbled.but the greek would continue to influence the land Alexander once rule
Created by: alikat
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