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Lotf vocab


interpose interrupt with or come between things or persons, acting as an obstacle or mediator
strident creaking, harsh or grating
speculate to reflect on or to make an educated guess
clamor great noise
pallor paleness
officious acting important but in a meddlesome obtrusive way
tumult commotion, uproar, disturbance
festoon a loop of ribbons or flowers, (v)to decorate by hanging things
oppressive weighing heavily on the mind or acting tyrannical
inscrutable not easily understood
flaunt to parade around in a way that shows you off and insults or disrespects another
furtive sly, done secretly or stealthily
opalescence shining with a variety of colors, but with a milky background like opal
caper (n) a prank. (v) to leap about in fun
malevolent wishing evil, hostile
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