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BIO 261 Test One

Terms - Tissues - Skin

Fuu Samuri Champloo-Young woman determined to find the Sunflower Samuri
Momo Samuri Champloo-Fuu's pet flying squirrel
Jin Samuri Champloo-Cold, calculating precise samuri
Mugen Samuri Champloo-Self-taught swordsman with a wild fighting style
Spike Cowboy Bebop-Bounty hunter with a mysterious gangster past
Jet Cowboy Bebop-former cop, now a bounty hunter with a robotic arm
Faye Cowboy Bebop-Gambler/bounty hunter with a mysterious past
Edward Cowboy Bebop-Teenager with amazing hacking skills
Ein Cowboy Bebop-Smart Corgi companion to the Bebop crew
Ichigo Bleach-High school student who must decide whether to use his skills to help the Soul Reapers
Rukia Bleach-Soul Reaper from the Soul Society
Orihime Bleach-Classmate of Ichigo's. Lives alone and creates odd meals
Uryu Bleach-Last surviving member of the Quincy Clan
Quincy Clan Bleach-Human hunters of evil spirits
Chad Bleach-Pacifist classmate of Ichigo
Soul Society Bleach-Organization of Soul Reapers who fight Hollows and assure souls peace
Kon Bleach-Animated stuffed companion of Rukia
Renton Eureka 7-Human and the only person besides Eureka who can pilot the Nirvash
Eureka Eureka7-Former member of military special forces/Nirvash pilot
Holland Eureka 7-Leader of the Gekkostate/world champion lifter
Gekkostate Eureka 7-formed by Holland to conduct antigovernment activities
Edward Elric Full Metal Alchemist-Young, talented alchemist dubbed Full Metal Alchemist by the State Alchemists
Alphonse Elric Full Metal Alchemist-Edward's younger brother/a boy trapped in a suit of armor
Winry Rockbell Full Metal Alchemist-Auto-Mail mechanic friend of the Elric brothers
Roy Mustang Full Metal Alchemist-The Flame Alchemist with designs on becoming Fuhrer
Lust Full Metal Alchemist-Leads the chimeras in trying to obtain the Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone Full Metal Alchemist-Legendary stone and aid to amplifying an alchemist's power
Created by: Willow