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HIT 63


Data Mart is designed for single purpose or specialized use.
Data Mart also can be used in research because it can provide deidentified 去确定information and the limited information required to conduct the research and protect the confidentiality of the patient by providing only the minimum information necessary.
Data mining is used to analyze data to identify patterns that would be unnoticed without the analysis.
Data mining also called database exploration or information discovery. Fuzzy logic is the method of data mining used when concepts are imprecise.
Data warehouse a database that makes it possible to access data from databases and combine the result into single query and reporting interface 接口. A data warehouse (DW) is a database used for reporting
Data warehouse is used for marketing and research. Insurance companies use it to form clinical repositories (库 storehouse), merging their members' claims and clinical data.
Management information systems (MISs) focus on providing reports and information to managers for day-to-day operations of the organization.
Management information systems (MISs) Manage periodic scheduled reports, Exception reports, and Demand reports.
Periodic reports are the daily hospital census and monthly financial reports of the organization.
Exception reports are reports that predefined, and only cases or records meeting the predefined criteria are reported. The out-of-the-ordinary report like accounting past-due bills report
Demand reports also known as ad hoc 特设, produced when is needed.
MIS reports produces reports for operational and tactical decision 战术决策 making
Strategic Decision Support System (SDSS) as same as Decision support system (DSS). is used for mathematical or statistical model. DSS could calculate the optimal number and mix of employees (physicians, nurses, and technicians)needed for staff the emergency department.
Executive Information Systems also called drill down. combines other MIS and DSS to produce "dashboard" or "balanced scorecard" reports.
Administrative information systems supports the daily management-related operation of the healthcare enterprise.
Facilities Management Systems Provides high-quality patient care and a safe, comfortable environment for patients and their families. to make patients feel more at home.
Admission Discharge Transfer used for registering, tracking patient information, and for stored diagnostic and length of stay information, and also used to collect relevant 有关demographic and insurance information.
Clinical information System - CIS used for diagnose, treat, and manage patient care, and also may be used for quality improvement, peer review, research and other purposes.
Peer review the goal of all peer review processes is to verify whether the work satisfies the specifications for review, identify any deviations from the standards, and provide suggestions for improvements.
Health Information exchange (HIE) Sharing of patient information such as demographic data allergies, presenting compliant diagnostic test values, and their RELEVANT DATA 相关数据 between providers such as primary physician, specialist, hospitals and ambulatory care setting.
When is the first computer system used? early 1960s. Primarily to perform payroll and patient accounting functions.
Shared Systems were developed by data processing companies to provide computing power simultaneously to several healthcare organization with a local or regional area.
Medication Administration Systems also called barcode-enabled point-of-care systems are designed to improve patient safety. It is designed to ensure that the right patient gets the right does at the right time and through the right route.
Point-of-care charting (POC) is documentation performed at the bedside or wherever the patient is located.
Advantage of Point-of-Care Charting from the bedside,the care provider can order tests and medication, document care provided, and review documentation made by other members of the healthcare team.
Clinical decision support systems (DSS) assist healthcare providers in the actual diagnosis and treatment of patients.
CDS systems assist healthcare providers in the systems to assist with charting and identifying drug contraindications.
CDS systems also use of alerts or reminders of tests or other bits of information necessary for the healthcare provider to provide quality care which like recommend a plan of care base on the patient's health history and clinical assessment.
Studies shown what CDS systems can do? Studies shown that CDS systems can save lives, reduce healthcare cost, improve communication, increase clinician and patient satisfaction, and enhance the overall process of care.
Telehealth Telehealth allows a physician to examine and treat a patient without either party traveling.
What is Multimedia? It consists of Video, telephone, images, audio, and etc.
Telemonitoring is used at the patient's home to monitor cardiac rhythms, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other values to be submitted to the care provider.
What type of system can be perform by using the telephone or the computer? Telemonitoring uses the telephone or the computer to collect data from the patient's home and then digitally submitted into a CIS and thus made a part of the EHR.
What is the advantages of using Telehealth ? Telehealth provides many advantages such as improved access to care, treatment provided via communication tools, and home monitoring.
What is the disadvantages of using Telehealth? The problem is that the infrastructure 基础设施 is expensive and because physicians are licensed to practice medicine by state, the geographic range in which the physician can consult is limited.
Interoperability is the ability of one computer system to exchange data with another computer system.
Interoperability also enable sharing of information along with standardization is necessary for all of the systems to work together, thus providing us with a seamless integration of data.
Patient-specific information consists of interpreted data that are linked to individual patients which like the blood glucose level of a patient would be considered patient-specific information.
Aggregate information consists of detailed data sets that are combined to provide a summarization. For instance, adding the numbers of all the female and male patients for a specific month to arrive at a total number of patients in an example of aggregate information.
Expert knowledge-based information a system to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The information would include recent research findings and other information to assist the physician in making decisions about the patient's care.
Chief Information Officer (CIO) The CIO does not determine the strategic vision for information systems or information management alone. Most healthcare organizations establish an IS steering committee to take on this responsibility.
Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) This position involves responsibility for ensuring the organization's compliance with all federal, state, and accrediting body rules and regulations concerning the confidentiality and privacy of health-related information
Turnkey Systems began to emerge 出现 in the 1970s. it developed by IS vendor and ready to implement 实施. Most turnkey systems could not be modified. A COMPLETE SYSTEM WHICH IS DESIGNED TO A CUSTOMER'S NEEDS AND IS READY TO USE.
Data mining the gathering of information from pre-existing data stored in a database, such as one held by a supermarket about customers' shopping habits
Mining 挖掘 the act, process, or industry of extracting ores, coal, etc., from mines.
Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.
Balanced Scorecard to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.
Dashboard The goal of the dashboard is to automatically show useful files and other objects.
Dashboard It let you while you read email, browse the web, or write a document, the dashboard does its best to proactively find objects that are relevant to your current activity, and to display them in a friendly way.
Steering Committee An advisory committee is a group of high level stakeholders and/or experts who provide guidance on key issues such as company policy and objectives, budgetary control, marketing strategy, resource allocation, and decisions involving large expenditures.
PACS - Picture archiving and communication systems are being used widely in managing digital images. The PACSs are making unnecessary to store radiological images on film.
Created by: Lilyn Ta
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