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Great Expectations

Vocabulary Test #4

inflammatory fiery
dubious vague
uncouth crude
expatriate to exile
extricate to get out of an entanglement
poacher someone who hunts or fishes unlawfully on the property of another
turnkey a person in charge of the keys in a jail
profess to declare openly
supercilious proud
incursion a sudden entering into
spectral ghostly
remorse a feeling of guilty for having done something wrong
superscription something written above or outside another thing
wicket a small gate
fealty loyalty
elate to make very happy or proud
lacerated wounded
chronic continuing
despond to become discouraged or hopeless
copious plentiful
edify to teach
allusion an indirect but meaningful reference
interment burial
quarry an animal that is being hunted
cogent forceful
auspicious lucky
waive to put off for another time
injudicious unwise
appertain to relate to
contingent dependent upon something that has not yet happened
reproach to blame or criticize
impend to be about to happen
incomprehensible not understandable
relinquish to give up
singularity distinctness
repugnance a feeling of intense dislike
reiterate to say over and over
presentiment a feeling that a particular thing will happen
apprise to notify
injunction a command
brazen made of or resembling brass in color and hardness
insupportable unbearable
irresolute undecided
ineffectual not producing a desired result
inconceivable unbelievable
causeway a raised road across water or swampland
adjure to command or appeal to solemnly
devolve to be passed on to another person, as a responsibility
demeanor behavior
apparition a ghost
inaptitude lack of ability
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