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Great Expecatations

Vocabulary Test #2

commend to give regards, or good wishes, to someone
bereave to leave sad or forlorn, as by death
proprieties accepted behavior in polite society
oppressive distressing
discernible distinguishable
plaintive sad
contemplate to think about carefully
obnoxious hateful
condescend to come down willingly to the level of someone regarded as inferior
unparalleled unequaled
dexterous skillful
dilapidated in a stage of disrepair
magnanimous noble in mind and heart
confound to mix up
acquiesce to agree to readily
wreak to cause harm to
constraint emotional repression
courtier a person who serves at a royal court
buffet a punch with the fist
discomfiture embarrassment
allude to make a casual or indirect reference
remonstrate to protest
diabolical devilish
coherent logical
gravity seriousness
sagacious knowledgeable
ulterior remote
swarthy having a dark complexion
hermitage a place to live that is away from other people
morose gloomy
rectory house in which the minister of a church lives
unscrupulous not caring about what is right or wrong
discomposure the lack of calmness
malignant very harmful
surmise to guess
corroborate to confirm
altercation a noisy quarrel
exultant joyful
countenance the face
imperceptible hardly noticeable
capricious tending to change one’s mind suddenly
disaffection the loss of affection or loyalty
pious showing religious devotion
disinterested having no selfish interest or motive
stipulation an agreed-upon condition or term, as in a contract
endow to give money or property
placable capable of being calmed or soothed
valedictory pertaining to a parting or farewell
clemency mercy
audacious fearless
Created by: mzshaw