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Great Expectations

Test #1

explicit definite
lair home of a wild animal
ravenously very hungry
impart to give
divine to guess
disconsolate unable to be comforted
larceny theft
consternation amazement
remonstrance protest
garret attic
interpose to interrupt
pall anything dark and gloomy that covers or wraps around something
rimy frosty
desolation misery
imprecation curse
prodigiously enormous
vicarious experienced through imagined sharing in another’s activities
compassionate sympathetic
profound complete
declamation speech delivered in a dramatic manner
commiserate to sympathize with
indignation anger
abhorrence hatred
appall to horrify
omnipotent all powerful
imperious domineering
meditative in deep thought
apprehension anxiety
asunder apart
execrate to curse
grove to cringe
parley a discussion held to settle a dispute
render to express in one’s way
oracle something or someone believed to be a source of wisdom
expend to use up
epistle a letter
erudition extensive knowledge obtained through reading and study
conciliatory soothing
ablution a washing of the body or part of it
speculation a theory or conclusion based on guesswork
discomfit to make uneasy
dependent hanging down
aversion an extreme dislike
contemptuous scornful
ignominious disgraceful
testy touchy
felicitous suitable to a specific purpose
synopsis brief summary
indiscriminate haphazard
expound to explain in detail
Created by: mzshaw