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Parts of Speech

What is a person, place, or thing? Noun
Who does the action (verb) in the sentence? Subject
What can you replace a noun with? Pronoun
What are words that usually end in -ly called? Adverbs
What is a word that means the opposite of another? For example - hot is an _________ of cold. Antonym
What are words that have the same sound as another, but a different meaning? Homophone
What are words that mean the same thing, but are different spellings? Synonyms
What are words that describe? Adjectives
What is it called when you use 'like' or 'as' to compare things? Simile
What is it called when you compare things WITHOUT using like or as? Metaphor
What is it called when you exaggerate the truth? Hyperbole
What are the words we use that do not mean anything? such as um, whoah, omg Interjections
What are he, she, it, they, we examples of? Pronouns
What is the word (in poetry) for the same first letter sounds being repeated? Alliteration
What is it called when we say the words that are connected to a sound that we hear? Onomatopoeia
What does the suffix trans mean? across or through
What are simile, metaphor, hyperbole, alliteration, etc. examples of? Figurative Language
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