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Materia Medica II

Herbs that Disperse Wind-Cold,Heat, Downward Draining

Ma Huang Acrid Slightly Bitter Warm Release the exterior Facilitate the movement of LU qi, Control wheezing, cough, asthma Promote urination and redice edema Diaphoretic-ephedrine Cautions- Weak Body, hypertension, deficiency type of sweating or wheezing 2
Gui Zhi Acrid Sweet Warm Adjust & harmonize Ying qi & Wei Qi Warm channels and disperse cold Wm. & activate Yang Qi in Chest Warm & activate Yang Qi in Blood Vessel Contra- Wm. Febrile disorders, Yin Def. Hea, Blood heat w/ vomiting Pregnancy Dosage- 3-9
Zi Su Ye Acrid Aromatic Warm Move Qi & expland the chest Harmonize ST and stop vomiting Morning Sickness Alleviate seafood poisioning Zi Su Ye vs. Zi Su Geng Contra Damp heat pattern, exterior def. w/ sweating Dosage- 5-9 gm. cook for short period.
Jing Jie Acrid Slightly Warm Vents Rashes & stops itching, stops bleeding Contra- LV Wind Patterns, measles, open sores Dosage 4.5-9 gram cook for short period
Fang Feng Acrid Sweet Sl. Warm Expel Wind Damp & stop pain Expel wind an aux. herb to alleviate trembling & spasm used for migraine Contra- spasm due to blood, def, yin def w/heat Antagonize Can Jian, Li Lu Counteract- Bei Xie
Qiang Huo Acrid Bitter Aromatic Warm Unblock Painful obstruction & alleviate pain 4 pain in upper part of bdy Guide qi to tai yang and du channels Qiang Huo vs. Du Huo Contra- Blood Yin def, overdosage may cause naus. vomit. Dosage= 3-9 grams
Gao Ben Acrid Warm Expels wind and alleviates pain; Contra- blood/ yin Def, bursted sores, draining pus Dosage 3-9
Bai Zhi Acrid Warm Reduce swelling and expel pus expel dampness and alleviate discharge open up nasal passage Contra blood yin def., Dosage 3-9 grams
Xi Xin Acrid Warm Expels cold and alleviates pain Headache with toothache Warm the LU and transform phlegm open up nasal passages Contra- profuse sweating , renal problem Dosage- 1-3 dosage must be kept lowin any formulation in which the herb is not coo
Xin Yi Hua Acrid, Warm Expel Wind- cold and unblock the nasal passages for rhinitus and sinitus Contra- Yin Def with heat signs Dosage 3-9 Cheesecloth bag cooking
Cang Er Zi Sweet Bitter Warm Toxic Disperse Wind-damp Open the nasal passages Dispel Exterior Wind Contra- Headache of painful obstruction from deficient blood Overdosage may cause vomiting, diarrhea and adominalpain Dosage 3-9
Sheng Jiang Acrid Slightly Warm Release the exterior and disperse cold warm the Middle jiao and alleviate vomiting Contra: Lung heat patterns vomiting due to ST Heat Dosage:3-9
Xiang Ru Acrid, Aromatic Sl Warm Release the exterior, expel summer heat and transform dampness promote urination and reduce edema Contra: Sweating due to def. May cause vomiting if taken hot Dosage 3-9 cook short period for exterior disorder
Cong Bai Acrid Warm Disperse cold and unblock the yang resolve toxicity and disperse clump Contra: profuse sweating due to exterior deficiency Dosage: 3-9
Bo He Acrid Aromatic Cool Vent rashes Sooth LV Qi Expel turbid filth Contra: Def exterior patterns, Yin def. with heat notfor nursing mom Dosage: 3-6 Add in 5 minutes before finishing Dosage: 6-12
Niu Bang Zi Acrid Bitter Cold Clear toxicity and vent rashes moisten intestines Contra: Def. Qi w/diarrhea, open sores and carbuncle Dosage 6-12
Chan Tui Sweet Salty Sl. Cold Vent rashes clear eyes and remove superficial visual obstruction stops spasms and extinguish wind Contra: def. exterior patterns,pregnancy Dosage:3-9
Sang Ye Sweet Bitter, Cold Clear LV and the eyes Clear lung and moisten dryness Cool Blood and stop bleeding Dosage: 4.5-9
Ju Hua Sweet Bitter, Slightly Cold Clear LV and the eyes Calm the LV and extinguish Wind Resolves Toxicity Contra: def. qi who have poor appetites/diarrhea Dosage: 4.5-15
Man Jing Zi Acrid Bitter Cool Clear and benefit the head and eyes Drain dampness and expel wind Contra: Headache eye problem due to Blood Yin def Dosage: 6-12
Dan Dou chi Sweet Slightly Bitter Cold/Warm Release the exterior Eliminate irritability Contra:Nursing mother, as it inhibits lactation Dosage 6-15
Fu Ping Acrid, Cold Induce sweating and release the exterior Vent rash and stop itching promote urination and reduce swelling Contra: spontaneous sweating of Bl & qi those without intense excess of heat Dosage 3-9
Mu Zei Sweet Bitter, Neutral Clear heat and stop bleeding Contra: frequent urination Dosage: 3-9
Chai Hu Acrid Bitter Cool Resolve lesser yang disorder and reduce fever Spread LV qi and relieve constrait Raise the Yang Qi Contra: Yin df. cough Occasionally cause nausea/vomiting Dosage: 3-9
Ge Gen Acrid Sweet Cool Release muscles and clear heat nourish the fluids and alleviate thirst vent measles raise the yang treat symptoms of hypertension Dosage 9-21
Sheng Ma Acrid Sweet Slightly Cold Clear heat and relieve toxicity raise the yang and lift sunken Contra: Yin def. with heat, fully erupted measles. Dosage: 3-9
Da Huang Purgative Bitter Cold Drain heat and purge accumulation Drain damp-heat; for jaundice, acute hot dysenteric disorders Clear heat from blood invigorate blood and dispel blood stasis Contra: Exterior Conditions; qi blood deficiency Preg. Menses Dosag
Mang Xiao Purgative Bitter, Salty, Acid Very Cold Purge accumulation and guide out stagnation Clear heat and drain fire Clear heat and reduce swelling Contra: Patient without excess heat, elderly pt. Preg. Menses Dosage: 6-18 gm. dissove n2 strained decoctio
Lu Hui Purgative Bitter, Cold Drain fire and guide out accumulation Kill parasite and strenghten ST Clear heat and cool LV Contra: Preg and Menses Dosage: 1.5-4.5 Used mostly in pill form
Fan Xie Ye Purgative Bitter Sweet Cold Purge accumulation and guide out stagnation Contra: Preg, meses, breast feeding. Dosage: 1.5-9 gm Do not cook more than 15 min.
Huo Ma Ren Laxative Sweet Neutral Moisten intestine and unblock bowel nourish the yin clear heat and promote healing of sores Contra-overdose/long term use result in vaginal dischage Dosage:9-15
Yu Li Ren Acid, Bitter, Sweet Neutral Moisten intestine and unblock bowel promote urination and reduce edema Contra: preg. yin def. Dosage: 3-9
Qian NIu Zi Harsh Expellant Acid Bitter Cold Sl. Toxic Drain Water and promote urination drive out phelegm, thin mucus unblock the bowel ,remove accumulation expel parasites, reduce stagnation Contra: Pregnancy, wk. pt. Dosage: 3-6
Gan Sui Harsh Expellant Bitter, Sweet Cold, Toxic Drain water downward and drive out congested fluid clear heat and reduce swelling Contra: Preg. wk. pt Dosage .5-1.5
Hong Da Ji Bitter Acid Cold Sl. Toxic Drain water downward and drive out congested fluid reduce swelling and dissipate nodule Contra: Cold def. edema, preg wk.pt. Dosage: 1.5-3
Shang Lu Bitter, Cold Toxic Drive out water through the urethra and anus Reduce sore and carbuncle Contra: Preg: only used in cases of severe excess Dosage: 3-9
Yuan Hua Bitter, Acid Warm, Toxic Drain water downward and drive out congested fluid expel phlegm and stop coughing kill parasite Contra: preg. wk pt. Dosage:1.5-3 fry w/ vinegar to reduce toxicity
Ba Dou Acid Hot Toxic Warmly unblock and purge for severe cold accumulation in the interior leading to constipation and painful fullness Drive out water and reduce edema burst clogged phelgm and improve the condition of throat Contra: preg, wk. pt. Dosage:
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