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Exam 4 Fill In

Physiology 2420

Transpulmonary pressure is the difference between what two other pressures? Intra-alveolar and intrapleural
What is the function of the conduction zone in the respiratory system? Air passage way, increase air to body temperature, humidify air
How is elasticity involved in lung compliance? less elasticity = more compliance
In spirometry, the tidal volume and inspiratory reserve volume together make up which capacity? inspiratory capacity
In what structures does gas exchange occur in the lungs? alveoli
Name one way your body could compensate for metabolic alkalosis. kidneys retain more hydrogen ions
The ________ are a small percentage of the nephrons in the kidneys that function in the maintenance of the osmotic gradient in the medullary region of the kidney. juxtamedullary
The clearance of ____________, a natural by-product of muscle metabolism provides a non-invasive estimate of glomerular filtration rate. creatinine
Name of of the four Starling forces that affect glomerular filtration glomerular hydrostatic, Bowman's capsule hydrostatic, glomerular oncotic, Bowman's oncotic
Which portion of the nephron is specialized to minimize water loss? loop of Henle
The clearance of _________ provides a measure of renal plasma flow rate. PAH
What hormone is secreted by the kidneys to increase red blood cell synthesis? erythropoitein
Capacitation takes place in the female reproductive tract. What is capacitation? change that enables sperm to adhere to ovum tail movements and plasma membrane of sperm are altered
Which hormone, released from the posterior pituitary, causes contractions during labor as well as milk ejection? oxytocin
What is parturition? childbirth
Testosterone stimulates the development of which "ducts" in development of the reproductive system? Wolffian
Which hormone does inhibin suppress? FSH
Which hormone triggers ovulation in females? LH
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