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130 Final Pt. 1

AssessmentType of AssessmentMethod of AdministrationBasal or Ceilings?
LOTCA, LOTCA-G Peds, Cognitive Tests Seated, LOTCA:6-12 yrs, LOTCA-G: geriatric. none
KBIT2 Cognitive Test (IQ test) Seated, may encourage but must ensure it's appropriate 4 ind. and situation. Can translate to other languages. none
LAP-D3 Peds quiet room, kid sized furniture, one-on-one, starting point determined before administration based on age. basal:where 3 in a row are right. Ceiling: where 3rd item is failed out of a sequence of 5. # of errors are subtracted from ceiling age to determine raw score.
COMPS Peds Administer 6 items in sequence according to manual. After 1st 3:remove chairs for lying down. Then administer last 3 in order. none
PDMS-2 Peds All testing may not be in same place, can be in or outdoors.1-on-1, basal: determine based on child's age. Found when child scores "2" on 3 items in a row. Ceiling: established when child scores 3 "0's" in a row.
Sensory Profile Peds (3 versions: infants, peds, adults) caregiver given instructions, they rate child. Practitioner expalins instructions to caregiver. none
BOT-2 Peds Can be administered by developmental age not just chrono age. Quiet room, small tables if needed, 1-on-1 none
Minnesota Handwriting Assessment Peds Used for assessing printing, seated, ok to praise and encourage none
Activity card Sort 2Ed. Occupation Based Seated, (refer to manual) none
Functional Needs assessment-Chronic Psychiatric Patients Mental Health Depends on how info is to be secured. Client demonstrates abilities. Can gain info from other staff/med. records if needed. none
DeGangi-Berk Test of Sensory Integration Sensation given all at once, must be given in order presented in manual none
VMI Visual Perception Test Can be given by teachers, can be administered to groups. Seated, 27-item test that can be grouped 4 shorter test periods. none
CMT Cognitive Test Seated, given to 18+ years old none
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