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Midterm 2 Fill In

Physiology 2420

What is the function of cranial nerve I? olfactory - taste and smell
Name one part of a neuron that is responsible for gray matter. dendrites
Name on function of microglia phagocytosis of foreign material
What is the function of Wenicke's area? language comprehension and understanding
Name one function of the cerebellum posture, coordination or eye movements, balance
What is refraction? the bending of light waves
As opposed to frequency, how is intensity coded for in the cochlea? how far they are bent, degree of deflection of stereocilia
What are the receptor cells of the vestibular system? hair cells
We talked about two kinds of lenses that help accomadate for vision problems. What kind of lens accomadates for myopia? concave
Name one place in the retina where rods are not generally located fovea, optic disk (blind spot)
What is the purpose of the blood brain barrier? to keep out toxins, anything harmful
There are cholinergic receptors on the autonomic postganglionic neuron and also on the effector organ of the parasympathetic neurons. Select either of these locations and tell me a)the location b)which type of cholinergic receptor is located there. autonomic - nicotinic receptor located on motor end plate of skeletal muscle
Which ion must be present in order for crossbridge cycling to occur or continue? Ca2+
In crossbridge cycling, Myosin pivots towards the center of the sarcomere and the thin filament moves with it. This step is know as what? power stroke
Which of the three phases of a twitch is the result of excitation-contraction coupling? latent phase
Which two types of muscle are striated? cardiac, skeletal
Muscle fibers can be grouped into two categories based on their source of ATP. Which of these types of muscle fibers are high in mitochondria? oxidative
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