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Midterm 1 Fill In

Physiology 2420

What precursor molecule are eicosanoids synthesized from? Arachnoid Acid
What precursor molecule are steroid hormones synthesized from? cholesterol
Define temporal summation the addition of graded potentials generated at a particular site that occurs when stimulated at a high frequency
Name two characteristics of an electrical (as opposed to chemical) synapse. bi-directional electrical occurs in smooth muscle
Which enzyme breaks down acetylcholine into acetate and choline? ACHE
Name two characteristics of an EPSP. -excitatory (brings closer to threshold) -caused by sodium influx
What hormone is released from the thymus? thymosin
What is an autocrine? a cell that secretes a messenger that will bind to itself
Name a disadvantage to gap junctions and a disadvantage to chemical messengers? gap junctions - cells must be connected chemical messengers - tales longer to travel
Name one tropic hormone released by the anterior pituitary. TSH, prolactin, ACTH, GH, LH, FSH (Fig. 6.5)
What is a secondary endocrine gland? Also give an example. Stomach - peptin Secondary requires a primary gland to activate
What type of ion channel helps establish the resting membrane potential and allows potassium to flow through? leak-channel
What channels are the most abundant type of voltage-gated channel within the axon terminal and are responsible for the release of neurotransmitter? calcium-gated channel
Name one classification of lipophobic messengers in chapter five. Amine Acid
What is the site of communication between two neurons called? synapse
Name two ions that can contribute to an IPSP. chloride, potassium
What is an agonist? messenger that produces a response in a cell
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