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Frequently Used Crossword Compilation

"For I am the ___ of the apostles": Paul (I Corinthians) LEAST
___ and run EAT
___ crow EAT
___ for Man, so stealthily betrayed: Millay ALAS
___ my shorts!: Bart Simpson EAT
___ of all LEAST
___ squares (statistical method) LEAST
___ the day! (Shakespearean exclamation) ALAS
___ the heavy day!: "Othello" ALAS
___, how love can trifle with itself!: Shak. ALAS
___, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio ALAS
___, Pray, Love (2006 Elizabeth Gilbert best seller) EAT
___, 'tis true I have gone here and there: Shak. ALAS
_____ one's words EAT
_____, my Love! ye do me wrong ALAS
_____, poor Milan!: Prospero ALAS
___-contra IRAN
1939 movie canine TOTO
1976 Elvis song HURT
1979 revolution site IRAN
1979-81 hostage site IRAN
1980 combatant IRAN
1994 and 1997 U.S. Open winner ELS
2002 British Open champion ELS
A "-gate" opener IRAN
A pity ALAS
A theocratic republic IRAN
Abalone production NACRE
Absorb, as costs EAT
Act on a primal urge EAT
Affronted HURT
After-grace directive EAT
Ah, me! ALAS
Ah, those were the days ALAS
Ahmadinejad's country IRAN
Alack's partner ALAS
All excited AGOG
All in a twitter AGOG
All worked up AGOG
Ancient Roman censor CATO
Art deg. MFA
As bad luck would have it ALAS
Assault and batter HURT
Athlete nicknamed "The Big Easy" ELS
Attack a sub? EAT
Awestruck AGOG
Ayatollah's home IRAN
Bad stroke SLICE
Bad swing SLICE
Bahai's birthplace IRAN
Banged up HURT
Banquet on EAT
Bare minimum LEAST
Barker of filmdom TOTO
Baum barker TOTO
Bead material NACRE
Beat up on HURT
Become full EAT
Bit of fabric SCRAP
Bit of Kurdistan IRAN
Bolt down EAT
Bolt, perhaps EAT
Bother, with "at" EAT
Brand name with an accent at the end PREGO
Bread serving SLICE
Break bread EAT
Bright-eyed AGOG
Bug-eyed AGOG
Bummer! ALAS
Button material NACRE
Bygone Manhattan sights ELS
Bygone New York transports ELS
Bygone trains ELS
C.T.A. trains ELS
Cab alternatives ELS
Campbell Soup Co. brand PREGO
Carpet place IRAN
Carthage must be destroyed! proclaimer CATO
Caspian Sea adjoiner IRAN
Certain shell liner NACRE
C'est la vie ALAS
Charge WARD
Chicago carriers ELS
Chicago Loop group ELS
Chicago runners ELS
Chicago sights ELS
Chicago trains ELS
Chicago transports ELS
Chi-town rails ELS
Choices for Chicago commuters ELS
Chow down EAT
City district WARD
City rattlers ELS
City trains ELS
Clattery trains ELS
Clattery transports ELS
Clean a plate EAT
Closest to nil LEAST
Comment about a loss ALAS
Commuter carriers ELS
Commuters' ways ELS
Commuting aids ELS
Commuting choices ELS
Commuting options ELS
Competitor of Ragú PREGO
Completely wowed AGOG
Completely, after "in" TOTO
Consign to the junkyard SCRAP
Consume EAT
Corrode EAT
Country not in Rushdie's travel plans IRAN
Country with a Guardian Council IRAN
Course error SLICE
Cousins of monorails ELS
Cry after failing ALAS
Cry for what might have been ALAS
Curator's deg. MFA
Curtain puller of film TOTO
Cut through SLICE
Cutthroat EAT
Dallas center? ELS
Darn, more formally ALAS
Dear me! ALAS
Decorative inlay material NACRE
Deep-six SCRAP
Deg. from Parsons, perhaps MFA
Dejection interjection ALAS
Denouncer of Caesar, 63 B.C. CATO
Design deg. MFA
Despondent comment ALAS
Dig in EAT
Dine EAT
Dinner entreaty EAT
Dinner table exhortation EAT
Disabled HURT
Disappearing transports ELS
Discommode, with "at" EAT
Discontinue, as a project SCRAP
Discontinued trains ELS
Divide the pie SLICE
Do lunch EAT
Do some carbo-loading, e.g. EAT
Dog on the Yellow Brick Road TOTO
Donnybrook SCRAP
Dorothy's dog TOTO
Down a submarine, say EAT
Dr. Seuss's "If _____ the Zoo" IRAN
Dramatic wail ALAS
Drop down one's throat EAT
Dump into a Dumpster SCRAP
Eager AGOG
Eagerly excited AGOG
Either of two Roman statesmen CATO
Elder or "Younger" Roman CATO
Emerald City visitor TOTO
End a fast EAT
Enjoy, with "up" EAT
Enthralled AGOG
Enthused AGOG
Entranced AGOG
Ernie of golf fame ELS
Ernie of the P.G.A. ELS
Ernie on a green ELS
Ernie on the links ELS
Erode, with "into" EAT
Estella, to Miss Havisham WARD
Every lily has two ELS
Excited AGOG
Expression of unhappiness ALAS
Extreme amount LEAST
Eyes-a-poppin' AGOG
Fancy button material NACRE
Farsi is spoken here IRAN
Fast no more EAT
Feed on EAT
Feeling insulted HURT
Fend (off) WARD
Fewest LEAST
Fictional dog from Kansas TOTO
Fill one's stomach EAT
Fill the bill? EAT
Fill up on EAT
Finish off EAT
First landfall north of Oman IRAN
Free-for-all SCRAP
Get down EAT
Get into a stew? EAT
Get rid of SCRAP
Get stuck with, as the cost EAT
Gloomy Gus's expression ALAS
Gnaw at EAT
Go at it SCRAP
Gobble EAT
Gobble up EAT
Golf pro Ernie ELS
Golfer called "the Big Easy" ELS
Golf's Big Easy ELS
Grab a bite EAT
Grab some grub EAT
Graze EAT
Grieved HURT
Griever's exclamation ALAS
Group with Grammy's 1982 Record of the Year TOTO
Group with the 1983 1 hit "Africa"
Gulf land IRAN
Have EAT
Have a beef? EAT
Have a bite EAT
Have a date? EAT
Have dinner EAT
Have some EAT
Have supper EAT
He was chased by the Cowardly Lion TOTO
Het up AGOG
High rollers? ELS
High ways? ELS
Hold the Line rock group TOTO
Home of ancient Persepolis IRAN
Home of many mullahs IRAN
Home of Sharif University of Technology IRAN
Home of the Zagros Mountains IRAN
Hook's opposite SLICE
Hospital unit WARD
Host of the 1974 Asian Games IRAN
How awful! ALAS
How sad! ALAS
I am miserable ALAS
If only things had turned out different! ALAS
Imperial Guard's home IRAN
In ___ (entirely) TOTO
In ___ (not piecemeal) TOTO
In a swivet AGOG
In a tizzy AGOG
In awe AGOG
In pain HURT
Ingest EAT
Injured HURT
Inlay material NACRE
Inlay on some guitars NACRE
Inlay option NACRE
Intensely interested AGOG
It was the ___ I could do LEAST
Italian "please" PREGO
It's a piece of cake SLICE
It's about 200 miles south of Georgia IRAN
Its flag says "God is great" 22 times IRAN
It's good only for its waste value SCRAP
It's said with a sigh ALAS
Jettison SCRAP
Juilliard deg. MFA
Julius Caesar role CATO
Kerman local IRAN
Kind of resistance? LEAST
Kingdom until 1979 IRAN
Kurdish home IRAN
Lackaday! ALAS
Land of the Peacock Throne IRAN
Land on the Caspian IRAN
Land on the Strait of Hormuz IRAN
Leftover cloth bit SCRAP
Leftover piece SCRAP
Let's ___! EAT
Like a kid at the circus AGOG
Lines up? ELS
Listen to one's gut? EAT
Littlest LEAST
Local borders? ELS
Locale for 1999 solar eclipse watchers IRAN
Lock horns SCRAP
Loop circlers ELS
Loop loopers ELS
Loop runners ELS
Loop sights ELS
Loop trains ELS
Loop transports ELS
Lowest in importance LEAST
Lunch on EAT
Lydia poet CATO
Major rug exporter IRAN
Mangia! EAT
Marcus Porcius CATO
Mass transit choices ELS
Mathematical extreme LEAST
Melodramatic cry ALAS
Meshed's land IRAN
Metal to be reprocessed SCRAP
Mideast land IRAN
Mideast theocracy IRAN
Minimal amount LEAST
Minimum LEAST
Miss Gulch biter TOTO
Mix it up SCRAP
Modern home of ancient Medes IRAN
Modern home of ancient Media IRAN
Modern home of ancient Susa IRAN
Modern home of the biblical Elam IRAN
Modern-day Persia IRAN
Modern-day theocracy IRAN
Most trifling LEAST
Most trivial LEAST
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Mother's charge EAT
Mother's cry at a dinner table EAT
Mother's directive EAT
Mujahedin base IRAN
Munch EAT
Museum worker's deg. MFA
Musician's deg. MFA
N.Y.C. sights beginning in the 1870's ELS
Nadir amount LEAST
Nag (at) EAT
Necklace decoration NACRE
Neighbor of Afghanistan IRAN
Neighbor of Armenia IRAN
Neighbor of Azerbaijan IRAN
Neighbor of Pakistan IRAN
Neighbor of Turkey IRAN
Neighbor of Turkmenistan IRAN
Newman's Own alternative PREGO
No longer fast EAT
Noisy city transports ELS
Noisy rollers ELS
Noisy trains ELS
Nosh EAT
Not fast EAT
Not in the ___ LEAST
Offended HURT
Oh dear! ALAS
Oh, my! ALAS
Oh, were it not true! ALAS
Oh, woe! ALAS
Oil-rich land IRAN
Old N.Y.C. lines ELS
Old N.Y.C. sights ELS
Old trains ELS
On the disabled list HURT
One in custody WARD
One of TV's Cleavers WARD
OPEC member IRAN
Opposite of "Hurray!" ALAS
Opposite of most LEAST
Overhead lines ELS
Overhead rails ELS
Overhead RRs ELS
Overhead trains ELS
P.G.A. Tour Rookie of the Year after Singh ELS
P.G.A. Tour Rookie of the Year two years before Woods ELS
P.G.A.'s Ernie ELS
Pack away EAT
Pack it in, so to speak EAT
Part of Bush's "Axis of Evil" IRAN
Part of L.C.M. LEAST
Partake of EAT
Pasta sauce brand PREGO
Pie portion SLICE
Piece of cake SLICE
Pitying cry ALAS
Pizzeria order SLICE
Pizzeria order SLICE
Place for a heeler (or a healer) WARD
Plutarch biographical subject CATO
Poetic plaint ALAS
Polish off EAT
Polite Italian word PREGO
Poor me! ALAS
Poor pitiful me! ALAS
Popeyed AGOG
Preceder of a bit of bad news ALAS
Precinct WARD
Prison area WARD
Proceed after grace EAT
Put away EAT
Put away one's groceries EAT
Put dishes away EAT
Qom home IRAN
Quarrel SCRAP
Rafsanjani's land IRAN
Raised lines ELS
Raised railroads ELS
Raised railways ELS
Raised rumblers ELS
Rare transports, nowadays ELS
Rattling trains ELS
Reduce the fare? EAT
Regrettably ALAS
Relative of "oy" ALAS
Resigned remark ALAS
Response to "grazie" PREGO
Rival of Scipio CATO
Rock-bottom LEAST
Roman called "The Elder" CATO
Roman ethicist CATO
Roman philosopher CATO
Roman statesman ___ the Elder CATO
Roman statesman and writer CATO
Sad statement ALAS
Sad to say ... ALAS
Sadly ALAS
Satisfy the munchies EAT
Self-pitying cry ALAS
Serving, sometimes SLICE
Setting of the 2007 animated film "Persepolis" IRAN
Set-to SCRAP
Shah's land IRAN
Shiraz locale IRAN
Side in a 1980's war IRAN
Sighed cry ALAS
Sighing word ALAS
Sink a submarine? EAT
Slack-jawed AGOG
Slightest LEAST
Smallest possible LEAST
Smart HURT
Snack EAT
Some rails ELS
Some trains ELS
Some urban rails ELS
Some urban railways ELS
Sorry to say ALAS
South African who twice won the U.S. Open ELS
Spaghetti sauce brand PREGO
Spellbound AGOG
Sprained, as an ankle HURT
Start of Hamlet's "Yorick" speech ALAS
Statement of resignation ALAS
Stave (off) WARD
Stoic philosopher CATO
Stoked, perhaps AGOG
Stop using SCRAP
Subject of Gary Sick's ''All Fall Down'' IRAN
Subject of one of Plutarch's "Lives" CATO
Subway alternatives ELS
Subway relatives ELS
Such a pity ALAS
Superways ELS
Tabriz locale IRAN
Take a loss on, so to speak EAT
Take in EAT
Take sides? EAT
Take the bait? EAT
Take the cake? EAT
Take the course EAT
Take to the dump SCRAP
Tehran is its capital IRAN
That's a shame ALAS
That's the ___ I can do LEAST
The "L" of L.C.D. LEAST
Theatrical lament ALAS
Theodemocratic state IRAN
They loop the Loop ELS
They're caught in Chicago ELS
Throw out SCRAP
'Tis a pity ALAS
'Tis a shame ALAS
Too bad ALAS
Tortured HURT
Toss out SCRAP
Trains in Chicago ELS
Trains on high ELS
Trains that go clickety-clack ELS
Trains to the Loop ELS
Transports near stairs ELS
Tuck in EAT
Turkey toucher IRAN
Turkmenistan neighbor IRAN
Tussle SCRAP
Two in a million? ELS
Two-time U.S. Open champ ELS
Undermine HURT
Unfortunately ... ALAS
Urban carriers ELS
Urban rollers ELS
Urban trains, for short ELS
Urban transportation ELS
Use (up), as savings EAT
Use (up), as time EAT
Vex, with "at" EAT
Vitiated HURT
Voiced sigh ALAS
Voting district WARD
W. S. Gilbert's "Princess ___" TOTO
Ways around Chi-town ELS
Wear away EAT
Welladay ALAS
Wellaway! ALAS
What a pity! ALAS
What a shame ALAS
What the booby prize winner scored LEAST
Where diners use dinars IRAN
Where does it ___? HURT
Wide-eyed AGOG
William of "The Doctor" HURT
Wind-borne pet TOTO
Windy City sights ELS
Windy City trains ELS
Windy City transports ELS
Wistful word ALAS
With bated breath AGOG
Woe is me! ALAS
Woeful cry ALAS
Woeful word ALAS
Wolf down EAT
Word after a loss ALAS
Word for poor Yorick ALAS
Word of lament ALAS
Word of regret ALAS
Word of resignation ALAS
Word of woe ALAS
Word repeated in "Elegy in a Country Churchyard" ALAS
Word said with a tear ALAS
Work on a platter EAT
Work on a submarine EAT
World Match Play Championship champ a record seven times ELS
Bubbly entertainer? DONHO
Bubbly singer DONHO
Crooner from Kakaako DONHO
Hawaiian entertainer DONHO
Hawaiian warbler DONHO
Island crooner DONHO
Island entertainer DONHO
Island singer DONHO
Pearly Shells singer DONHO
Singer backed by the Aliis DONHO
Singer from Hawaii DONHO
Singer who co-starred in "Joe's Apartment" DONHO
Singer with the Aliis DONHO
Tiny Bubbles singer DONHO
___ page (newspaper part) OPED
___ piece (Safire column) OPED
Columnist's column OPED
Commentators' page OPED
Essay page, for short OPED
Essayist's newspaper piece OPED
Guest column OPED
It's a matter of opinion OPED
Kind of column OPED
Kind of page OPED
Like a William Safire piece OPED
Like some columns OPED
Maureen Dowd piece OPED
Modern newspaper part OPED
Newspaper essay OPED
Newspaper feature OPED
Newspaper opinion piece OPED
Newspaper page OPED
Newspaper page for essayists OPED
Newspaper piece OPED
Newspaper's ___ page OPED
Newspaper's essay forum OPED
Not a news piece OPED
Page with convictions OPED
Page with views OPED
Paper feature OPED
Paper piece OPED
Piece of a newspaper? OPED
Piece of punditry OPED
Place for an opinion OPED
Pundit's piece OPED
Change colors REDYE
Color anew REDYE
Color over REDYE
Cover the gray again REDYE
Go back to brunette, say REDYE
Make even brighter, say REDYE
Return to brunette, say REDYE
Tint again REDYE
Turn black, then blue? REDYE
Turn blue, maybe REDYE
Turn red, maybe REDYE
Acceleration BOOST
Leg up BOOST
Shot in the arm BOOST
Spirits lifter BOOST
Altogether INSUM
To recap INSUM
To wrap up ... INSUM
A bunch GOBS
A great many GOBS
A lot GOBS
Bluejackets GOBS
Bushels GOBS
Oodles GOBS
Seamen, slangily GOBS
Comments around cute babies AWS
Cornball comebacks AWS
Cries akin to "Shucks!" AWS
Cries heard around baby pictures AWS
Cries of disappointment AWS
Expressions of disbelief AWS
Isn't that cute! exclamations AWS
Jimmy Stewart syllables AWS
Responses to babies AWS
Sounds of disappointment AWS
Sounds of feigned sympathy AWS
Sympathetic sounds AWS
A wanted man, maybe AWOL
A.F.B. truant AWOL
Army deserter AWOL
Army no-show AWOL
Army problem AWOL
Bad way to go AWOL
Barracks no-show AWOL
Base criminal? AWOL
Base truant AWOL
Baseless? AWOL
Brig prisoner, perhaps AWOL
Case for the military police AWOL
Concern for an M.P. AWOL
Delinquent G.I. AWOL
Delinquent, of a sort AWOL
Dicey G.I. status AWOL
Dissatisfied soldier AWOL
G.I. no-show AWOL
Gone but not forgotten AWOL
Gone from the company, maybe AWOL
Gone wrong? AWOL
How a soldier may go AWOL
Illegal way to go AWOL
Illegally off base AWOL
In trouble, in the Army AWOL
Like a wayward G.I. AWOL
Lost leatherneck AWOL
M.P.'s prize AWOL
M.P.'s quarry AWOL
Mil. truant AWOL
Military acronym AWOL
Military no-show AWOL
Military truant AWOL
Missing at roll call, maybe AWOL
Missing from the Marines, say AWOL
Missing G.I. AWOL
Missing roll call, say AWOL
Missing, in a way AWOL
No-show AWOL
Object of a hunt, maybe AWOL
Object of a manhunt, maybe AWOL
Object of a mil. search AWOL
Object of a search, maybe AWOL
Object of an Army hunt AWOL
Off base illegally AWOL
Off base, maybe AWOL
Off-base in a bad way AWOL
Off-base solider AWOL
Off-base, unofficially AWOL
One caught off base, perhaps AWOL
One gone but not forgotten AWOL
One in civvies who maybe shouldn't be AWOL
One targeted by military police AWOL
One the Army wants AWOL
One who may be caught off base AWOL
One who's decamped? AWOL
One who's gone but not forgotten AWOL
One who's off base, maybe AWOL
Roll call absentee AWOL
Roll call eschewer AWOL
Roll call misser AWOL
Roll-call no-show AWOL
Sans pass AWOL
Soldier who's nowhere to be found AWOL
Subject to court-martial, maybe AWOL
Truant, in a way AWOL
Unaccounted for AWOL
Wanted G.I. AWOL
Wanted soldier AWOL
Way off base? AWOL
What a soldier shouldn't be AWOL
Whom an M.P. hunts AWOL
Colorful horse PINTO
Ford of old PINTO
Infamous Ford PINTO
It's spotted in the West PINTO
It's spotted in westerns PINTO
It's spotted on a ranch PINTO
Kind of bean PINTO
Mottled horse PINTO
Mottled mount PINTO
Not solid-colored PINTO
Old Ford PINTO
Old Ford model named for a horse PINTO
Scout, for one PINTO
Spotted PINTO
Spotted horse PINTO
Spotted pony PINTO
Tonto's Scout, for one PINTO
Varicolored horse PINTO
Atlantic City attraction KENO
Atlantic City game KENO
Bingo relative KENO
Bingo-like game KENO
Casino game KENO
Casino game with a caller KENO
Casino game with Ping-Pong-like balls KENO
Casino game with tickets KENO
Drawing game KENO
Five-in-a-row game KENO
Gambler's game KENO
Gambling game with numbers KENO
Game akin to bingo KENO
Game from the French for "five winning numbers" KENO
Game of chance KENO
Game of numbers KENO
Game played at the Mirage KENO
Game played with a sack called a goose KENO
Game with many balls KENO
Lottery game KENO
Lotto relative KENO
Lotto variant KENO
Lotto variation KENO
Lotto-like game KENO
Match game? KENO
Numbers game KENO
Numbers game with a card KENO
Relative of lotto KENO
Vegas attraction KENO
Vegas game KENO
Vegas numbers game KENO
Vegas offering KENO
___ only EYES
___right! EYES
A dollar bill has four EYES
Appraises EYES
Art appreciation duo? EYES
Baby blues EYES
Balls with lids EYES
Blinkers EYES
Centers, of sorts EYES
Checks out EYES
Choice beef cuts EYES
Choice meat cuts EYES
Colon, in an emoticon EYES
Examines closely EYES
Focus group? EYES
Frosty's coals EYES
Gives a gander EYES
Head set EYES
Hurricane centers EYES
Looks at EYES
Looks over EYES
Mona Lisa features that "follow" the viewer EYES
Needle parts EYES
Observing things EYES
Ogles EYES
Optometrists' concerns EYES
Peepers EYES
Places for patches EYES
Potato buds EYES
Potato features EYES
Potato parts EYES
Prominent features of a "Cats" poster EYES
Regards EYES
Scans EYES
Scrutinizes EYES
Sight seers EYES
Snake ___ EYES
Some are electric EYES
Spuds' buds EYES
Storm centers EYES
Surveys EYES
Swiss cheese holes EYES
Takes a gander at EYES
Targets of a Moe Howard poke EYES
Tearing things? EYES
They can be crossed EYES
They can be piercing EYES
They fit in sockets EYES
They may be blue in the face EYES
They may be given 40 lashes EYES
They're crossable EYES
They're kept under lids at night EYES
This puzzle's punning theme EYES
View finders EYES
Views EYES
Watchful pair EYES
What rakes make EYES
Windows to the soul EYES
Absorbed RAPT
All ears RAPT
Awestruck RAPT
Bewitched RAPT
Caught up RAPT
Deep in thought RAPT
Deeply absorbed RAPT
Deeply engrossed RAPT
Engrossed RAPT
Enthralled RAPT
Fully absorbed RAPT
Hanging on every word RAPT
Immersed RAPT
In reverie RAPT
Intent RAPT
Like a good listener RAPT
Mesmerized RAPT
Not merely paying attention RAPT
Riveted with attention RAPT
Spellbound RAPT
Totally absorbed RAPT
Totally consumed RAPT
Transfixed RAPT
Unblinking RAPT
Undivided RAPT
Wholly absorbed RAPT
___ lab DNA
___ sequence DNA
Basis of many positive IDs DNA
Bio. evidence DNA
Body-building stuff DNA
C.S.I. evidence DNA
Certain code carrier DNA
Chain letters? DNA
Chain material DNA
Chain of life? DNA
Cloning need DNA
Code carrier DNA
Code of life DNA
Crime lab evidence DNA
Crime lab study DNA
Crime lab stuff DNA
Crime scene evidence DNA
Crime scene matter DNA
CSI topic, often DNA
Double-helix material DNA
Essence of a person, one might say DNA
Evidence in a paternity case DNA
Evidence in a paternity suit DNA
Fatherhood-testing info DNA
Focus of a genome study DNA
Forensic ID DNA
Forensic letters DNA
Forensic science tool DNA
Form of evidence, these days DNA
Gene component DNA
Gene material DNA
Genealogical info DNA
Genes material DNA
Genetic initials DNA
Genetic letters DNA
Genetic material DNA
Genetic strands DNA
Genetic stuff DNA
Genomic matter DNA
Heredity helix DNA
Human Genome Project topic DNA
It has a twist DNA
It has four bases DNA
It may be recombinant DNA
It must be in the genes DNA
It's in the genes DNA
It's stranded DNA
Jurassic Park stuff DNA
Kind of "fingerprint" DNA
Kind of fingerprint DNA
Kind of fingerprinting, nowadays DNA
Kind of profiling DNA
Kind of sample DNA
Kind of sequencing DNA
Kind of strand DNA
Kind of test DNA
Kind of testing DNA
Kind of testing, in law enforcement DNA
Lab exam subject DNA
Life's blueprint DNA
Makeup carrier? DNA
Material at the basis of "Jurassic Park" DNA
Means of ID DNA
Modern courtroom evidence DNA
Modern evidence DNA
Modern forensic tool DNA
Modern means of identification DNA
Modern test subj. DNA
Modern-day evidence DNA
Passed-down strands DNA
Paternity confirmer DNA
Paternity determiner DNA
Paternity identifier DNA
Paternity suit evidence DNA
Paternity test factor DNA
Reproductive material DNA
Some evidence DNA
Some forensic evidence DNA
Some trial evidence DNA
Strand from a parent DNA
Strand material DNA
Strands in a cell? DNA
Stuff in a sequence DNA
Subj. of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine DNA
Test material DNA
The Selfish Gene topic DNA
Trial evidence, sometimes DNA
Watson-Crick model DNA
Bettor's concern SPREAD
Butter or oleo SPREAD
Difference between prices bid and asked SPREAD
Difference between winners and losers? SPREAD
Farmer's land SPREAD
Holiday meal, informally SPREAD
Magazine feature SPREAD
Oddsmaker's figure SPREAD
Roll top? SPREAD
The Ponderosa, e.g. SPREAD
Two-page ad SPREAD
1985 film "_____ Williams" REMO
Action film hero Williams REMO
Fictional secret agent Williams REMO
Riviera's San ___ REMO
San ___ (Riviera resort) REMO
San ___, Italian resort on the Mediterranean REMO
San ___, Italian Riviera city REMO
San ___, Italy REMO
Creaky, maybe AGED
Elderly AGED
Fossilized AGED
Getting on in life AGED
Getting on in years AGED
Got gray AGED
Got mellower AGED
Got older AGED
Got on AGED
Got on in years AGED
Hoary AGED
Improved, in a way AGED
In a bottle for a long time AGED
Kept in a cellar, perhaps AGED
Let sit AGED
Like centenarians AGED
Like fine cigars AGED
Like fine wine AGED
Like fine wines AGED
Like good burgundy AGED
Like good cheese AGED
Like good wine AGED
Like mellower wines AGED
Like relics AGED
Like ripe cheeses AGED
Like sharp cheddar AGED
Like sharp cheese AGED
Like some cheddar cheese AGED
Like some cheeses AGED
Like some cigars AGED
Like some ports AGED
Like wine AGED
Long in the tooth AGED
Matured AGED
Medicare-eligible, maybe AGED
Mellowed AGED
Middle-___ AGED
Not young AGED
Old-timers, with "the" AGED
Prepared brandy AGED
Ready to get drunk, perhaps AGED
Ripened AGED
Sat in a cask AGED
Seasoned AGED
Turned gray AGED
Wrinkled, maybe AGED
Yellowing, maybe AGED
Corn ___ PONE
Corn bread PONE
Corn cake PONE
Corn product PONE
Corn-coction PONE
Cornmeal bread PONE
Cornmeal cake PONE
In bridge, the player on the dealer's right PONE
Johnnycake PONE
Oval-shaped loaf PONE
Soul food side dishCorn dish PONE
Southern bread PONE
Southern dish PONE
Southern side? PONE
Flip out GOAPE
Freak out GOAPE
Lose it GOAPE
Agile swimmer OTTER
Animal House nickname OTTER
Animal in a lodge OTTER
Animal that eats while floating on its back OTTER
Animal that has kittens OTTER
Animal that plays along streams OTTER
Aquatic animal OTTER
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Bewhiskered animal OTTER
Bewhiskered swimmer OTTER
Brown fur OTTER
Burrow : rabbit :: holt : ___ OTTER
Certain fur OTTER
Cousin of a mink OTTER
Fur source OTTER
Fur type OTTER
Furry floater OTTER
Furry frolicker OTTER
Glossy brown fur OTTER
Lupine : wolf :: lutrine : ___ OTTER
Lustrous fur OTTER
Mink relative OTTER
Mink's poor cousin OTTER
Mink's relative OTTER
Musk maker OTTER
Musk secreter OTTER
Playful animal OTTER
Playful aquatic animal OTTER
Playful aquatic mammal OTTER
Playful creature OTTER
Playful critter OTTER
Playful mammal OTTER
Playful water animal OTTER
Prized fur OTTER
Relative of a ferret OTTER
River ___ OTTER
Riverbank burrower OTTER
Riverbank cavorter OTTER
Riverbank romper OTTER
Sea ___ OTTER
Sea ___ (fur animal) OTTER
SeaWorld performer OTTER
Shiny fur OTTER
Sleek swimmer OTTER
Sleek, lustrous fur OTTER
Social swimmer OTTER
Stream animal OTTER
Stream bank cavorter OTTER
Stream critter OTTER
Swimming mammal OTTER
The Water Rat's friend OTTER
The Wind in the Willows character OTTER
Thick fur OTTER
Ursine : bear :: lutrine : ___ OTTER
Valuable fur OTTER
Virginia's ___ River OTTER
Water-loving animal OTTER
Weasel relative OTTER
Weasellike mammal OTTER
Web-footed animal OTTER
Web-footed mammal OTTER
Web-footed swimmer OTTER
___ hands are the devil's tools IDLE
Aimless IDLE
Asleep, say IDLE
At rest IDLE
Barely run, as an engine IDLE
Between assignments IDLE
Between jobs IDLE
Daydreaming, say IDLE
Doing nothing IDLE
Empty IDLE
Eric of "Monty Python" IDLE
Faineant IDLE
Fallow IDLE
Frequent Cleese co-star IDLE
Frivolous IDLE
Fruitless IDLE
Furloughed IDLE
Going nowhere IDLE
Goofing off IDLE
Groundless IDLE
Having time on one's hands IDLE
In neutral IDLE
Inactive IDLE
Indolent IDLE
Just chilling IDLE
Just loafing IDLE
Just lying around IDLE
Just sitting IDLE
Just sitting around IDLE
Just twiddling one's thumbs IDLE
Kind of hands that are "the devil's playthings" IDLE
Kind of speculation IDLE
Kind of talk IDLE
Knock about IDLE
Lay off IDLE
Leave in neutral IDLE
Like some chatter IDLE
Like some fears IDLE
Like some hands IDLE
Like some rumors IDLE
Like some thoughts IDLE
Like some threats IDLE
Loafing IDLE
Lounge IDLE
Mark time IDLE
Monty Python regular IDLE
Monty Python troupe member IDLE
Mothballed IDLE
No longer working IDLE
Not at work IDLE
Not busy IDLE
Not doing anything IDLE
Not engaged IDLE
Not going anywhere IDLE
Not in operation IDLE
Not in use IDLE
Not occupied IDLE
Not playing IDLE
Not scheduled to compete IDLE
Not scheduled to play IDLE
Not working IDLE
Nothing doing? IDLE
Off the job IDLE
On break, say IDLE
On one's duff IDLE
Out of action IDLE
Out of work IDLE
Pink-slip IDLE
Potentially going into screen saver mode IDLE
Run at the curb IDLE
Run in neutral IDLE
Run in place IDLE
Run while standing IDLE
Run without moving IDLE
Shelved IDLE
Sitting on one's hands IDLE
Still IDLE
Taking a break from work IDLE
Thumb-twiddling IDLE
Trifling IDLE
Turned off IDLE
Twiddling one's thumbs IDLE
Type of chatter IDLE
Unemployed IDLE
t ntn t IDLE
Unmeaningful IDLE
Unoccupied IDLE
Unused IDLE
Wait at the light IDLE
Waiting IDLE
What a getaway car may be waiting in IDLE
___ of Good Feelings, 1817-25 ERA
___ Yes! (old political placard) ERA
1970s polit. cause ERA
1970's-80's cause ERA
70's-80's political cause ERA
A no. that's good when under 3.00 ERA
A pitcher should keep it low ERA
All alternative ERA
All competitor ERA
American Depression, e.g. ERA
An earlier one may be recalled ERA
Archeozoic, e.g. ERA
Baseball card stat ERA
Baseball figure ERA
Baseball stat ERA
Big Band ___ ERA
Big name in home selling ERA
Big name in real estate ERA
Big real estate firm ERA
Big slice of history ERA
Big time ERA
Block of time ERA
Brand at the laundromat ERA
Bush ___ ERA
Bygone cause ERA
Bygone pol. cause ERA
Cause that NOW championed ERA
Cenozoic or Mesozoic ERA
Cenozoic, e.g. ERA
Century 21 competitor ERA
Chapter ERA
Chapter in history ERA
Cheer competitor ERA
Christian ___ ERA
Chronological division ERA
Chronology component ERA
Chronology segment ERA
Chunk of history ERA
Cold war ___ ERA
Coldwell Banker competitor ERA
Colonial ___ ERA
Common ___ ERA
Constitutional proposal first introduced in Cong. in 1923 ERA
Dash competitor ERA
Decade or so ERA
Depression ___ ERA
Detergent brand ERA
Diamond stat ERA
Disco ___ ERA
Disco or swing follower ERA
Distinctive time ERA
Division of history ERA
Eisenhower years, e.g. ERA
Elizabethan ___ ERA
End of an ___ ERA
Epoch ERA
Fab competitor ERA
Failed 70's-80's polit. cause ERA
Feminist measure ERA
Former polit. cause ERA
Gaslight ___ ERA
Gaslight, for one ERA
Gay 90's, e.g. ERA
Gay Nineties, e.g. ERA
Generation or more ERA
Geologic time ERA
Geologist's time ERA
Golden time ERA
Good fig. for Maddux or Martinez ERA
Good thing to keep low on a diamond ERA
Grand time ERA
Great time ERA
Group of periods ERA
Historic period ERA
Historic time ERA
Historical chapter ERA
Historical division ERA
Historical period ERA
Historical time ERA
Historical topic ERA
History chapter ERA
History segment ERA
History text unit ERA
Hoped-for low number: Abbr. ERA
Horse-and-buggy ___ ERA
Hurler's stat ERA
Important interval ERA
Important period ERA
Important time ERA
It contains periods ERA
It may have periods ERA
It should be low on a diamond ERA
Its end is often observed ERA
It's low for aces: Abbr. ERA
Koufax stat. ERA
Koufax's was 2.76 ERA
Large time piece? ERA
Laundry detergent brand ERA
Laundry room brand ERA
Legis. introduced into every session of Congress from 1923 to 1970 ERA
Long stretch ERA
Long time ERA
Long, long time ERA
Low fig. for Randy Johnson ERA
Low no. for Roger Clemens ERA
Memorable age ERA
Memorable period ERA
Memorable time ERA
Mesozoic ___ ERA
Mesozoic or Paleozoic ERA
Mesozoic, e.g. ERA
Mesozoic, for one ERA
Mound stat ERA
Neolithic ___ ERA
Never-ratified women-related measure, for short ERA
Newsworthy time ERA
No. that should be as low as possible ERA
Nostalgia elicitor ERA
Notable period ERA
Notable time ERA
Noted period ERA
Noteworthy time ERA
Oft-nicknamed period ERA
Old NOW cause ERA
Old polit. cause ERA
One for the history books ERA
Oxydol competitor ERA
Paleozoic, e.g. ERA
Part of B.C.E. ERA
Particular time ERA
Period ERA
Period in history ERA
Period of years ERA
Period piece ERA
Period to remember ERA
Piece of history ERA
Pitcher's stat ERA
Pitchers want it low ERA
Pitching stat ERA
Popular laundry detergent ERA
Procter & Gamble brand ERA
Procter & Gamble detergent ERA
Procter & Gamble laundry brand ERA
Procter & Gamble's first liquid laundry detergent ERA
Progressive ___ ERA
Prohibition ___ (1920-33) ERA
Prohibition, e.g. ERA
Proposal defeated in 1982 ERA
Proposal of 3/22/72 ERA
Quite some time ERA
Reagan-___ ERA
Reconstruction, e.g. ERA
Reliever's stat ERA
Roaring Twenties, e.g. ERA
Roman or Greek, e.g. ERA
Roman, for one ERA
Ruth's was 2.28 ERA
Several periods ERA
Significant period ERA
Significant stretch ERA
Significant time ERA
Silent ___ ERA
Silent ___ (time before the talkies) ERA
Sizable duration ERA
Slice of history ERA
Soviet ___ ERA
Span of history ERA
Span of time ERA
Sports stat that's best when low ERA
Stage of history ERA
Stat for a reliever ERA
Stat for Christy Mathewson ERA
Stat for Clemens ERA
Stat for Gooden or Maddux ERA
Stat for Greg Maddux ERA
Stat for Maddux ERA
Stat for Seaver or Santana ERA
Stat for Warren Spahn: Abbr. ERA
Stat that's better when lower ERA
Stat that's good when it's low ERA
Stat that's good when under 3.00 ERA
Stat. for Pedro Martinez ERA
Stat. that's good when low ERA
Temporal stretch ERA
The 50's, e.g. ERA
The 80's, say ERA
The 90's, e.g. ERA
The Clinton years, e.g. ERA
The Eisenhower years, e.g. ERA
The Roaring Twenties, e.g. ERA
The Roosevelt years, e.g. ERA
The Sixties, e.g. ERA
The Thatcher years, e.g., in Britain ERA
The Wild West was one ERA
Tide alternative ERA
Tide competitor ERA
Tide rival ERA
Time ERA
Time for the history books ERA
Time frame ERA
Time gone by ERA
Time in history ERA
Time of importance ERA
Time of the past ERA
Time on earth ERA
Time piece ERA
Time remembered ERA
Time to remember ERA
Time worth noting ERA
Time worth remembering ERA
Timeline division ERA
Tom Seaver's 2.86, e.g. ERA
Two or more periods ERA
Unit of geologic time ERA
Unratified proposal, briefly ERA
Victorian ___ ERA
Victorian, for one ERA
When it's low, it's good ERA
Years ERA
Years of note ERA
. ___ he drove out of sight . ERE
... ___ the set of sun: "Macbeth" ERE
... die strangled ___ my Romeo comes?: Shak. ERE
... the sun paused ___ it should alight: Shelley ERE
? ___ I again behold my Romeo! ERE
___ fancy you consult, consult your purse: Benjamin Franklin ERE
___ I let fall the windows of mine eyes: Shak. ERE
___ on my bed my limbs I lay: Coleridge ERE
___ pales in Heaven the morning star: Lowell ERE
___ Sleep Comes Down to Soothe the Weary Eyes (Dunbar poem) ERE
___ the bat hath flown / His cloister'd flight ...: Macbeth ERE
___ the long roll of the ages end (start of an old Irish song) ERE
___ the mother's milk had dried: Kipling ERE
___ the steamer bore him Eastward ...: Kipling ERE
___ thou and peace may meet: Shelley ERE
___ Time transfigured me: Yeats ERE
___ upon my bed I lay me: Longfellow ERE
A little ___ the mightiest Julius fell: Shak. ERE
Able was I ___ I saw Elba ERE
Afore ERE
Ahead of, in verse ERE
Anteceding ERE
Bard's before ERE
Bard's preposition ERE
Before ERE
Before of yore ERE
Before, before ERE
Before, for a bard ERE
Before, in a ballade ERE
Before, in palindromes ERE
Before, in poetry ERE
Before, in verse ERE
Before, of yore ERE
Before, once ERE
Before, poetically ERE
Before, to a bard ERE
Before, to a poet ERE
Before, to bards ERE
Before, to Browning ERE
Before, to Burns ERE
Before, to Byron ERE
Before, to poets ERE
Blood hath been shed ___ now: Macbeth ERE
Browning's "before" ERE
But I heard him exclaim, ___ he drove ... ERE
Byron's before ERE
Earlier than ERE
For Lycidas is dead, dead ___ his prime: Milton ERE
Fore ERE
I hope to see London once ___ I die: "Henry IV, Part 2" ERE
I kissed thee ___ I killed thee: Othello ERE
In advance of ERE
In the time leading up to ERE
It comes before long ERE
It may appear before long ERE
It may come before long ERE
James Whitcomb Riley's ''_____ I Went Mad'' ERE
Lead-in for long ERE
Long intro ERE
Long introduction? ERE
Long opening ERE
Long start ERE
Look ___ ye leap ERE
Maid of Athens, ___ We Part (Byron poem) ERE
Middle of a famous palindrome ERE
Myself was stirring ___ the break of day: Shak. ERE
Obsolescent preposition ERE
Obsolete preposition ERE
Ode preposition ERE
Outmoded preposition ERE
Palindrome center ERE
Palindromic conjunction ERE
Palindromic preposition ERE
Poetic conjunction ERE
Poetic palindrome ERE
Poetic preposition ERE
Poet's before ERE
Poet's preposition ERE
Poet's word ERE
Preceding, in verse ERE
Preposition before now ERE
Previous to ERE
Previous to, in verse ERE
Previous word ERE
Prior to ERE
Prior to, in old times ERE
Prior to, in poems ERE
Prior to, in poesy ERE
Prior to, in poetry ERE
Prior to, in verse ERE
Prior to, poetically ERE
Prior to, to Prior ERE
Prior, to Prior ERE
Rather than ERE
Rather than, to Cowper ERE
Reversible preposition ERE
Riley's "_____ I Went Mad" ERE
Shortly before? ERE
Sooner than ERE
That will be ___ the set of sun: "Macbeth" ERE
Till ERE
Until ERE
Up to ERE
Up until ERE
We shun it ___ it comes: Emily Dickinson ERE
Word before long or now ERE
Word before now ERE
Word before while ERE
Word used before now ERE
___ Broad College of Business ELI
___ Lilly, maker of Prozac ELI
___ Long, Union general in the Civil War ELI
1951 play by Literature Nobelist Nelly Sachs ELI
2008 Super Bowl M.V.P. Manning ELI
2010 Denzel Washington title role ELI
Actor Wallach ELI
Art collector/philanthropist ___ Broad ELI
Athlete who's earned a "Y" ELI
Biblical high priest ELI
Biblical judge ELI
Big name in New Haven ELI
Big Red opponent ELI
Bill Clinton, collegiately ELI
Bingo, ___ Yale (fight song) ELI
Bingo___Yale (Porter song) ELI
Book of Samuel character ELI
Boola Boola collegian ELI
Bulldog ELI
Bulldog booster ELI
Bulldog Days participant ELI
Bush or Kerry, collegiately ELI
Bush or Taft ELI
Bush, for one ELI
Canadian poet Mandel ELI
Cantab's rival ELI
Carmaker Ransom ___ Olds ELI
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
Clinton or Bush, once ELI
Clockmaker ___ Terry ELI
Clockmaker Terry ELI
Clockmaker___Terry ELI
Cole Porter song "Bingo___Yale" ELI
Cole Porter was one ELI
Cole Porter, collegiately ELI
Cole Porter, schoolwise ELI
Collegiate Bulldog ELI
Common Hebrew name ELI
Connecticut Bulldog ELI
Connecticut collegian ELI
Cotton gin maker Whitney ELI
Crimson foe ELI
Crimson rival ELI
Descendant of Aaron ELI
Descendant of Aaron, in the Bible ELI
Down the Field singer, at a football game ELI
Dubya, as a collegian ELI
Dubya, once ELI
Dweller in Shiloh ELI
Elm City collegian ELI
Father of Hophni and Phinehas, in the Bible ELI
Father of Phinehas ELI
Film director Roth ELI
Gin maker Whitney ELI
Gin-touting Whitney ELI
Gridder Manning ELI
Harvard hater? ELI
Harvardite's rival ELI
Hebrew judge ELI
High priest at Shiloh ELI
Hirer of the stunt man in "The Stunt Man" ELI
Horologist Terry ELI
Horror film director Roth ELI
Hostel director ___ Roth ELI
Hostel director Roth ELI
Inventor Whitney ELI
Israelite judge ELI
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Judge in I Samuel ELI
L.A. Law lawyer ELI
Lawyer in both "Civil Wars" and "L.A. Law" ELI
Lawyer on TV's "Civil Wars" ELI
Letter "Y" wearer ELI
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Manning of the gridiron ELI
Manning the quarterback ELI
Michael Costa oratorio ELI
Michigan's ___ Broad College of Business ELI
Mr. Whitney ELI
My God!, as cried by King David ELI
My God, in the Scriptures ELI
N.F.L.'er Manning ELI
New Haven collegian ELI
New Haven Ivy Leaguer ELI
New Haven student ELI
Nutmeg State collegian ELI
Old Testament priest ELI
One of football's Manning brothers ELI
One of the Manning brothers ELI
One of the Manning quarterbacks ELI
One of the Mannings ELI
Part of R.E.O. ELI
Peyton Manning's brother ELI
Pharmaceutical chemist ___ Lilly ELI
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly ELI
Pharmaceutical giant___Lilly ELI
Philanthropist Lilly ELI
Philanthropist/art collector ___ Broad ELI
Philip Roth's "___, the Fanatic" ELI
Priest of I Samuel ELI
Priest of Shiloh ELI
Priest who raised Samuel ELI
QB Manning ELI
Quarterback Manning ELI
Ransom ___ Olds ELI
Ransom Olds's middle name ELI
Roth of "Inglourious Basterds" ELI
Roth who directed the 2005 horror flick "Hostel" ELI
Samuel's mentor ELI
Samuel's predecessor ELI
Samuel's teacher ELI
Samuel's teacher, in the Bible ELI
Shiloh priest ELI
Shiloh resident ELI
Skull and Bones meeting attendee ELI
Skull and Bones member, e.g. ELI
Student inside ivied walls ELI
Super Bowl XLII M.V.P. Manning ELI
Super Bowl-winning Manning ELI
Teacher of Samuel ELI
The "E" of R.E.O. Speedwagon ELI
The Book of ___ (2010 film) ELI
The Whiffenpoof Song singer ELI
TV lawyer Stone ELI
Wallach of "The Associate" ELI
Wallach of "The Magnificent Seven" ELI
Whitney after whom Whitneyville, Conn., is named ELI
Whitney of cotton gin fame ELI
Whitney of gin fame ELI
Whitney or Wallach ELI
Whitney who invented the cotton gin ELI
William F. Buckley, notably ELI
Y sporter ELI
Y wearer ELI
Yale Bowl player ELI
Yale Bowl rooter ELI
Yale Bulldog ELI
Yale grad ELI
Yale player ELI
Yale student ELI
Yalie ELI
Yeller in the Yale Bowl ELI
Y-sporting collegian ELI
___ China policy ONE
___ Fine Day (1963 Chiffons hit) ONE
___ moment ONE
___ of a kind ONE
_____ for the books ONE
_____ of these days, Alice ... ONE
___to grow on ONE
1969 Three Dog Night hit ONE
1992 U2 top 10 hit ONE
60 minutes past 12 ONE
800 preceder ONE
A certain ONE
A Chorus Line finale ONE
A Chorus Line hit ONE
A Chorus Line number ONE
A Chorus Line showstopper ONE
A Chorus Line song ONE
A Chorus Line standard ONE
A quarter of four ONE
A wee hour ONE
Admit ___ ONE
Air Force ___ ONE
Any person ONE
Atomic number of hydrogen ONE
Beginning of all New York ZIP codes ONE
Best seller's number ONE
Bill in the till ONE
Billy Martin, for the Yankees ONE
Binary code digit ONE
Binary digit ONE
Bit of binary code ONE
Bit of bread ONE
Blastoff! preceder ONE
Bottom of some scales ONE
Buck ONE
Calorie count of some diet drinks ONE
Canadian "loonie" denomination ONE
Capital ___ Bank ONE
Cather's "____ of Ours" ONE
Cellular ___ ONE
Combined ONE
Common lunch time ONE
Complete ONE
Cosine of 2 pi ONE
Cosine of zero degrees ONE
Count near the end of a countdown ONE
Countdown penultimate ONE
Cyclops eye count ONE
Day ___ ONE
Diet-drink calorie count ONE
Digit in binary code ONE
Eagle's bill? ONE
Early afternoon ONE
Early afternoon hour ONE
Ending of most odds ONE
E's value, in Scrabble ONE
Formula ___ ONE
Four quarters ONE
Half and half ONE
Hit 1992 U2 "single" ONE
I might signify this ONE
Identical ONE
Impossible score, in U.S. football ONE
Indivisible ONE
Inseparable ONE
It might be broken into quarters ONE
It precedes "Blastoff!" ONE
It's "for the money" ONE
It's better than nothing ONE
It's dialed before a long-distance number ONE
It's for the money ONE
It's heard before a liftoff ONE
It's next to nothing ONE
Joined ONE
Last number before "Liftoff!" ONE
Last number in a countdown ONE
Last word "A Christmas Carol" ONE
Last word heard on New Year's Eve ONE
Last word of the year, often ONE
Late late movie hour ONE
Late-late hour ONE
Latish lunchtime ONE
Leading figure ONE
Letterless phone button ONE
Liftoff preceder ONE
Like a gas gauge just before a fill-up? ONE
Like no other ONE
Like-minded ONE
Lonely number ONE
Long distance call start ONE
Long-distance number starter ONE
Loved ___ ONE
Low digit ONE
Low note ONE
Lowest bill ONE
Lunch hour ONE
Lunchtime, perhaps ONE
Marine ___ (presidential helicopter) ONE
Married ONE
Microphone tester's word ONE
Minimal order ONE
Missing broadcast channel ONE
Mr. Right, with "the" ONE
Murder ___ ONE
My ___ and Only ONE
Neuter pronoun ONE
Next to nothing? ONE
Night stand leader? ONE
No longer divided ONE
Not split ONE
Number before "ignition ... liftoff!" ONE
Number before "Liftoff!" ONE
Number of operas composed by Beethoven ONE
Number of states whose last two letters are its own postal abbreviation ONE
Number of tiles per Scrabble set for the letter at the end of the answer to each starred clue ONE
Of the same mind ONE
Opening number ONE
Pee Wee Reese, for the Dodgers ONE
Person ONE
Primary figure ONE
Purina ___ (pet food) ONE
Sacagawea coin denomination ONE
Self starter ONE
Series opener ONE
Simple ticket order ONE
Single ONE
Single word ONE
Singleton ONE
Small bill ONE
Small note ONE
Small number ONE
Sole ONE
Solitary ONE
Start for step or stop ONE
Start of a long distance call ONE
Start of long-distance dialing ONE
Starting square ONE
Sum of the parts ONE
Take ___ ONE
Telephone button that lacks letters ONE
That's ___ for the books! ONE
The loneliest number ONE
The loneliest number, in a Three Dog Night song ONE
The same partner? ONE
Ticket request ONE
Till bill ONE
Together ONE
Top position ONE
Top-of-the-chart number ONE
TV's "Murder ___" ONE
Two halved ONE
Undivided ONE
Unified ONE
United ONE
Unnamed person ONE
Unseparated ONE
Washington bill ONE
Washington is on it ONE
Wedded ONE
Wee hour ONE
We're number ___! ONE
What I may mean ONE
What I might indicate ONE
What I might mean? ONE
What I will always be? ONE
When lunch hour ends, often ONE
White Monopoly bill ONE
Whole ONE
Word before and after "by," "on," or "to" ONE
Word before person and vote ONE
Word on a dollar ONE
Word on a penny ONE
Word repeated in "takes ___ to know ___" ONE
You're Still the ___ (1998 Grammy winner) ONE
?ite compound, often ORE
___-Ida (Tater Tots maker) ORE
1/100 of a krone ORE
A load off one's mine? ORE
Assayer's material ORE
Band of gold? ORE
Bank deposit ORE
Bauxite or galena ORE
Bauxite or hematite ORE
Bauxite or magnetite ORE
Beryl, e.g. ORE
Blast furnace input ORE
Bucket conveyor's load ORE
Buried treasure ORE
Calif. neighbor ORE
Calif.'s northern neighbor ORE
Can you dig it? ORE
Change from a krone ORE
Cinnabar, e.g. ORE
Comstock output ORE
Cuprite, e.g. ORE
Danish coin ORE
Dig it ORE
Dolomite, e.g. ORE
Elementary stuff ORE
Excavation find ORE
Extracted stuff ORE
Extraction target ORE
Ferriferous rock ORE
Fissure filler ORE
Galena, e.g. ORE
Garnierite, for nickel ORE
Get a lode of this ORE
Graphite, e.g. ORE
Great Lakes cargo ORE
Hard rock, maybe ORE
Hematite, e.g. ORE
Ida. neighbor ORE
Iron ___ ORE
Iron man's quest? ORE
Iron or gold source ORE
It can be picked out ORE
It lacks refinement ORE
It may be found in a pocket ORE
It may be in a bed ORE
It may be picked ORE
It may be reached by tunnel ORE
It may be sought in a rush ORE
It may have a lead part ORE
It may have a silver lining ORE
It may lie in a bed ORE
It might be found in a rush ORE
It might be picked apart ORE
It might hold gold ORE
It runs in veins ORE
It's extracted ORE
It's fine for a refinery ORE
It's found in banks ORE
It's found in seams ORE
It's found in the ground ORE
It's found in veins ORE
It's lode-bearing ORE
It's major for miners ORE
It's north of Calif. ORE
It's of miner concern ORE
It's picked ORE
It's pursued in vein ORE
It's unsmelted ORE
Kind of deposit ORE
Lead ___ ORE
Lead from a mountain? ORE
Load from a lode ORE
Lode deposit ORE
Lode load ORE
Mesabi range find ORE
Metal container ORE
Metal from a mine ORE
Metal in a mountain ORE
Metal in rocks ORE
Metal on its way to a refinery ORE
Metal to be refined ORE
Metal-in-the-rough ORE
Metallic rock ORE
Metalliferous rock ORE
Metallurgist's material ORE
Metallurgist's subject ORE
Mill shipment ORE
Mine diggings ORE
Mine extraction ORE
Mine find ORE
Mine material ORE
Mine metal ORE
Mine output ORE
Mine product ORE
Mine treasure ORE
Mine yield ORE
Mine-car load ORE
Mined metal ORE
Mined rock ORE
Mined-over matter ORE
Miner matter ORE
Mineral source ORE
Miner's discovery ORE
Miner's find ORE
Miner's load ORE
Miner's quarry ORE
Miner's quest ORE
Mining target ORE
Mountain treasure ORE
Neighbor of Ida. ORE
Nev. neighbor ORE
Nickel in a pocket, say? ORE
Norwegian coin ORE
Nugget holder ORE
Part of a krone ORE
Pay dirt ORE
Penny : pound :: ___ : krone ORE
Pitchblende, for one ORE
Profitable extraction ORE
Prospector's find ORE
Prospector's interest ORE
Prospector's prize ORE
Raw resource ORE
Refinable rock ORE
Refinery shipment ORE
Return on a deposit? ORE
Rich rock ORE
Riches from ditches ORE
Rough stuff ORE
Rush attraction ORE
Scandinavian currency ORE
Seam content ORE
Seamy matter ORE
Shipment to a mill ORE
Shipment to a smeltery ORE
Silver container ORE
Smelter input ORE
Smeltery pile ORE
Some can dig it ORE
Something to pick ORE
Something to slag ORE
Source of iron ORE
Source of iron or lead ORE
Source of wealth ORE
Sourdough's find ORE
Stuff in a bank ORE
Stuff of mine ORE
Subject of testing ORE
Swedish cents ORE
Tram cargo ORE
Tram contents ORE
Tram filler ORE
Tram load ORE
Tramcar load ORE
Tramful, maybe ORE
Underground wealth ORE
Uranium source, e.g. ORE
Valuable deposit ORE
Valuable rock ORE
Vein contents ORE
Vein find ORE
Vein glory? ORE
Vein pursuit ORE
Wash. neighbor ORE
What's mined to keep? ORE
Where Salem is: Abbr. ORE
You can dig it ORE
___ code (long-distance need) AREA
_____ rug AREA
Acreage AREA
Atlas stat AREA
Bailiwick AREA
Bay ___ AREA
Blueprint datum AREA
Calculus calculation AREA
Carpet buyer's calculation AREA
Carpet store calculation AREA
Circle AREA
Code preceder AREA
Code start AREA
Compass AREA
Confines AREA
Country statistic AREA
Department AREA
Discipline AREA
District AREA
Domain AREA
Environs AREA
Expanse AREA
Extent AREA
Field AREA
Field of expertise AREA
Field of interest AREA
Field of study AREA
Figure in geometry AREA
Flooring measure AREA
Gazetteer data AREA
Gazetteer figure AREA
Gazetteer info AREA
Gazetteer statistic AREA
General location AREA
General vicinity AREA
Geographical datum AREA
Geographical info AREA
Geographical statistic AREA
Geometric calculation AREA
Geometric figure AREA
Geometrical finding AREA
Geometrician's figuring AREA
Geometry calculation AREA
Geometry datum AREA
Geometry subject AREA
Geometry topic AREA
Gray ___ AREA
Grounds AREA
High-pressure ___ AREA
'Hood AREA
Info in a real estate ad AREA
It may be gray AREA
It may be restricted AREA
It's measured in square units AREA
Kind of rug AREA
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Locale AREA
Locality AREA
Lot measurement AREA
Math computation AREA
Math figure AREA
Measurement with square units AREA
Metropolitan ___ AREA
Neck of the woods AREA
Neighborhood AREA
Nonsmoking ___ AREA
Painter's calculation AREA
Painter's estimation AREA
Part or parcel AREA
Pi r squared, for a circle AREA
Place AREA
Plane measure AREA
Polygon measurement AREA
Precinct AREA
Province AREA
Purlieu AREA
Quarter AREA
Range of expertise AREA
Real-estate ad statistic AREA
Realm AREA
Realtor's calculation AREA
Region AREA
Restricted ___ AREA
Rug figure AREA
Scope AREA
Section AREA
Sector AREA
Service ___ AREA
Side by side figure? AREA
Side squared, for a square AREA
Space AREA
Specialty AREA
Sphere AREA
Sphere of study AREA
Square footage AREA
Square measure AREA
Square mileage AREA
Stat for a state AREA
State stat AREA
Stretch AREA
Suburb, for one AREA
Suburbia, e.g. AREA
Surface figure AREA
Surveyor's measure AREA
Surveyor's subject AREA
Terrain AREA
Territory AREA
Tiler's measurement AREA
Tract AREA
Two-dimensional extent AREA
Vicinage AREA
Vicinity AREA
Wall-to-wall measure AREA
What a surveyor surveys AREA
What pi may be used to find AREA
Whereabouts AREA
Word after Bay or gray AREA
Word after rest or residential AREA
Word after rest or restricted AREA
Word with gray or rest AREA
Zoning board calculation AREA
___ Canal ERIE
___ Canal, waterway through Schenectady ERIE
___ Lackawanna (bygone railroad) ERIE
___ Railroad, founded 1832 ERIE
15 miles of song ERIE
175-year-old canal ERIE
1813 naval battle site ERIE
A Great Lake ERIE
Admiral Perry victory site ERIE
Albany canal ERIE
Albany-to-Buffalo route ERIE
An Iroquoian ERIE
Ashtabula abuts it ERIE
Ashtabula's lake ERIE
Behrend College locale ERIE
Border lake ERIE
Buffalo's body of water ERIE
Buffalo's county or lake ERIE
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Canada's Battle of Fort ___, 1866 ERIE
Canal near Rome ERIE
Canal of song ERIE
Canal opened in 1825 ERIE
Canal to Buffalo ERIE
Canal to the Hudson ERIE
Canal with a "low bridge" ("ev'rybody down!") ERIE
Canal with a mule named Sal ERIE
Canal with a mule, in song ERIE
City near Fort Presque Isle ERIE
City of 100,000+ or the lake it's on ERIE
City on Presque Isle Bay ERIE
Classic railroad name ERIE
Cleveland Indian ERIE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
''Clinton's Ditch'' ERIE
County in New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania ERIE
County west of Wyoming ERIE
Cuyahoga's outlet ERIE
Detroit River's destination ERIE
DeWitt Clinton's canal ERIE
Eastern Amerind ERIE
Eastern tribe ERIE
Eastern Woodlands tribe ERIE
Enemies of the Iroquois ERIE
Enemy of the Iroquois ERIE
Foe of the Iroquois ERIE
Former lakeshore tribe ERIE
Fort ___, captured by U.S. forces in 1814 ERIE
Fort ___, Ont. ERIE
Fort ____, Ont. ERIE
Fort _____, Ontario ERIE
Fort Presque Isle site ERIE
Gannon University city ERIE
Gannon University home ERIE
Gannon University locale ERIE
Gannon University site ERIE
Great Lake ERIE
Great Lake touching four states ERIE
Great Lakes city ERIE
Great Lakes port ERIE
Home of Gannon University ERIE
Home of Presque Isle Downs racetrack ERIE
I-79 terminus ERIE
I-79's northern terminus ERIE
I-90 runs along it ERIE
Iroquoian Indian ERIE
Iroquoian language ERIE
Iroquois enemy ERIE
Iroquois foe ERIE
It's between Huron and Ontario ERIE
Jay Gould railroad ERIE
Jolliet's 1669 discovery ERIE
Keystone State port ERIE
Lackawanna's lake ERIE
Lackawanna's partner in railroading ERIE
Lackawanna's partner in railroads ERIE
Lackawanna's railroad partner ERIE
Lake ___ Beach, N.Y. ERIE
Lake ___ College, in 16-Across ERIE
Lake ___, discovery of Louis Jolliet ERIE
Lake ___, home of the Bass Islands ERIE
Lake ___, outlet of the Maumee River ERIE
Lake ___, south of London ERIE
Lake along which I-90 runs ERIE
Lake bordered by four states ERIE
Lake bordering four states ERIE
Lake Indian ERIE
Lake named after an Indian tribe ERIE
Lake named for an Indian tribe ERIE
Lake near Jacobs Field ERIE
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Lake next to Avon Lake ERIE
Lake that feeds Niagara Falls ERIE
Lake touching four states ERIE
Lake tribe ERIE
Losing tribe in the Beaver Wars ERIE
Louis Jolliet discovery of 1669 ERIE
Low bridge! Everyone down! canal ERIE
Mercyhurst College site ERIE
Mule Sal's canal ERIE
Native New Yorker ERIE
Naval battle site of 1813 ERIE
New York and ___ Railroad, started in 1832 ERIE
New York canal ERIE
New York county ERIE
New York Indian ERIE
New York tribe defeated by the Iroquois ERIE
New York's ___ Canal ERIE
New York's most populous upstate county ERIE
Niagara River source ERIE
Niagara River's source ERIE
Niagara source ERIE
Northeast Indian ERIE
Northwest Pennsylvania city ERIE
Northwesternmost Pennsylvania county ERIE
Ohio or New York county ERIE
Ohio/Ontario separator ERIE
Old name in railroading ERIE
Old name in railroads ERIE
Old railroad name ERIE
Oliver Hazard Perry victory site ERIE
One of a watery quintet ERIE
One of five ERIE
Onetime B.&O. rival ERIE
Part of the U.S./Canada border ERIE
Pelee Island's lake ERIE
Penn State branch site ERIE
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Pennsylvania county or its seat ERIE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Pennsylvania's Flagship City ERIE
Pennsylvania's northwesternmost county ERIE
Perry battle site ERIE
Port city or the lake it's on ERIE
Port on a lake of the same name ERIE
Presque Isle lake ERIE
Presque Isle locale ERIE
Put-in-Bay's lake ERIE
Put-in-Bay's locale ERIE
Railroad chartered in 1832 ERIE
Sal's canal ERIE
Sandusky's county ERIE
Sandusky's lake ERIE
See 23-Across ERIE
See 5-Down ERIE
Seneca foe ERIE
Seneca foe, 1653 ERIE
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Shallowest of the Great Lakes ERIE
Sight from Sandusky ERIE
Soprano Mills ERIE
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Spooky waterway? ERIE
Strange-sounding city? ERIE
Superior's inferior ERIE
The shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Toledo's lake ERIE
Toledo's vista ERIE
Tribe defeated by the Iroquois ERIE
Tribe whose name means "cat people" ERIE
Tribe with palisaded villages ERIE
U.S. port, or its locale ERIE
Upstate New York county ERIE
Upstate New York's ___ Canal ERIE
View from Ashtabula ERIE
View from Buffalo ERIE
View from I-90 ERIE
View from Presque Isle ERIE
View from Sandusky ERIE
View from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ERIE
View from Toledo ERIE
Villa Maria College site ERIE
War of 1812 battle site ERIE
War of 1812 locale ERIE
War of 1812 port ERIE
War of 1812 siege site ERIE
Welland Canal outlet ERIE
Welland Canal terminus ERIE
Western New York county ERIE
Where Commodore Perry prevailed ERIE
Where I-79 ends ERIE
Where Oliver Hazard Perry prevailed ERIE
___ vera ALOE
_____ hemp (fiber plant) ALOE
A lily ALOE
African flower ALOE
African lily ALOE
American ___ (Southwest plant) ALOE
Anti-inflammatory agent ALOE
Balm ingredient ALOE
Bandage additive ALOE
Barbados export ALOE
Body lotion ingredient ALOE
Botanical balm ALOE
Burn balm ALOE
Burn healer ALOE
Burn relief ALOE
Burn remedy ALOE
Burn soother ALOE
Burn treatment ALOE
Cleopatra used it as a beauty lotion ALOE
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Cream additive ALOE
Cream ingredient ALOE
Desert plant ALOE
Dried bitter juice ALOE
Drug-yielding plant ALOE
Eczema treater ALOE
Emollient source ALOE
Face-saver? ALOE
Facial tissues additive ALOE
Fiber-yielding plant ALOE
Fiber-yielding shrub ALOE
First-aid salve ALOE
Fleshy-leafed plant ALOE
Fragrant heartwood ALOE
Frostbite treater ALOE
Golden ___ (century plant) ALOE
Hand cream additive ALOE
Hand cream ingredient ALOE
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Healing balm ALOE
Healing plant ALOE
Herbal do-all ALOE
Hothouse plant ALOE
Hydrocortisone additive ALOE
Inflammation reducer ALOE
Ingredient in facial tissues ALOE
Insect repellent ingredient ALOE
It's gentle on the skin ALOE
Kind of root ALOE
Lily palliative ALOE
Lily plant ALOE
Lily relative ALOE
Lip balm ingredient ALOE
Lotion additive ALOE
Lotion base ALOE
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Medicinal herb ALOE
Medicinal juice ALOE
Medicinal plant ALOE
Medicinal succulent ALOE
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Mother Nature's burn balm ALOE
Natural balm ALOE
Natural burn medication ALOE
Natural emollient ALOE
Natural healer ALOE
Natural soother ALOE
Natural treatment ALOE
Ointment ingredient ALOE
Pain reliever ALOE
Palliative plant ALOE
Plant with lance-shaped leaves ALOE
Plant with spiny-edged leaves ALOE
Popular plant gel ALOE
Potted ornamental ALOE
Rash soother ALOE
Relative of the yucca ALOE
Salve base ALOE
Salve ingredient ALOE
Shampoo ingredient ALOE
Shaving cream additive ALOE
Shaving cream ingredient ALOE
Shaving gel additive ALOE
Shaving gel ingredient ALOE
Shower gel ingredient ALOE
Skin aid ALOE
Skin care item ALOE
Skin cream additive ALOE
Skin cream ingredient ALOE
Skin lotion ingredient ALOE
Skin smoother ALOE
Skin softener ALOE
Skin soother ALOE
Softener ALOE
Soother ALOE
Soothing agent ALOE
Soothing gel ingredient ALOE
Soothing plant extract ALOE
Soothing stuff ALOE
Soothing succulent ALOE
Spiky plant ALOE
Substance in skin care ALOE
Succulent houseplant ALOE
Succulent plant ALOE
Succulent, spiny-leafed plant ALOE
Sunburn remedy ALOE
Sunburn soother ALOE
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Sunscreen ingredient ALOE
Therapeutic plant ALOE
Tissue addition ALOE
Tissue additive ALOE
Tissue softener ALOE
Tonic-yielding plant ALOE
Tropical flower ALOE
Yucca plant cousin ALOE
A pint, maybe ALE
Adult beverage ALE
Amber, e.g. ALE
Ballantine brew ALE
Ballantine product ALE
Ballantine, e.g. ALE
Bar choice ALE
Bar order ALE
Bar tap ALE
Barley brew ALE
Barley product ALE
Barrel contents ALE
Bass, e.g. ALE
Bath beverage ALE
Bath suds ALE
Beverage that's bitterer than beer ALE
Bitter ___ ALE
Bitter, say ALE
Bitter, to a Brit ALE
Black and tan ingredient ALE
Blonde ___ ALE
Brew ALE
Brewed drink ALE
Brewery product ALE
Brewpub staple ALE
Brighton brew ALE
Brown brew ALE
Bubbly beverage ALE
Cakes and ___ (Maugham novel) ALE
Cakes' partner ALE
Cask contents ALE
Cask serving ALE
Cold porter ALE
Cream ___ ALE
Dark brew ALE
Draft ____ ALE
Draft call? ALE
Draft choice ALE
Draft pick ALE
Draft selection ALE
Draft, maybe ALE
Draught, maybe ALE
Drink at the Duck and Drake ALE
Drink from a stein ALE
Drink in "The Taming of the Shrew" ALE
Drink in a mug ALE
Drink often labeled XXX in the comics ALE
Drink on draft ALE
Drink on draught ALE
Drink with a head ALE
Drink with a head on it ALE
Falstaff's quaff ALE
Full-bodied quaff ALE
Ginger ___ (Canada Dry product) ALE
Grogshop choice ALE
Guinness specialty ALE
Guinness, e.g. ALE
Half of a half-and-half ALE
Half pints, maybe ALE
Half-and-half half ALE
Happy hour order ALE
Hearty brew ALE
Hearty draught ALE
Hearty drink ALE
Hearty mugful ALE
Hearty quaff ALE
Ingredient in a black and tan ALE
Inn drink ALE
Inn intake ALE
Inn order ALE
Inn serving ALE
Inn stock ALE
Inn take ALE
Irish red, for one ALE
It can fill a yard ALE
It contains about 6% alcohol by volume ALE
It has a bite and hops ALE
It has a head and hops ALE
It has its head in a glass ALE
It may be bitter ALE
It may be involved in a draft ALE
It may be pint-sized ALE
It may be red or brown ALE
It may be sold in yards ALE
It may be taken in in an inn ALE
It may be tapped ALE
It may come from a barrel ALE
It may come in cases ALE
It may have a big head ALE
It may take a few hops ALE
It may take some hops ALE
It might be hand-drawn ALE
It might be in a yard ALE
It might help wash down a banger ALE
It's intoxicating ALE
It's poured in pints ALE
Keg contents ALE
Kensington quaff ALE
King's Head order ALE
Lead-in for house or wife ALE
Leicester libation ALE
London libation ALE
Malted drink that's not a malted ALE
Many a pint ALE
McSorley's offering ALE
McSorley's Old ___ House, New York landmark since 1854 ALE
McSorley's order ALE
McSorley's product ALE
Molson, e.g. ALE
Moose Drool or Trout Slayer ALE
Mugful ALE
Mugful, maybe ALE
Newcastle Brown, e.g. ALE
Nog ingredient, maybe ALE
Old Foghorn, e.g. ALE
Order at the Crown & Anchor ALE
Order at the George & Dragon ALE
Order at the Green Dragon ALE
Order at the Pig & Whistle ALE
Pale ___ ALE
Pale or Newcastle brown ALE
Pale pub potable ALE
Partner of steak ALE
Pilsener kin ALE
Pint at a pub ALE
Pintful, perhaps ALE
Pitcherful, maybe ALE
Porter ALE
Porter, e.g. ALE
Potent potable ALE
Pub brew ALE
Pub choice ALE
Pub draught ALE
Pub drink ALE
Pub offering ALE
Pub order ALE
Pub pint ALE
Pub pour ALE
Pub quaff ALE
Pub serving ALE
Pub suds ALE
Public house mainstay ALE
Public house potable ALE
Public offering ALE
Public order ALE
Public-house offering ALE
Rathskeller quaff ALE
Relative of beer ALE
Robust drink ALE
Sam Adams product ALE
Schooner fill ALE
Schooner filler ALE
Schooner's cargo ALE
Schooner's contents ALE
Schooner's contents, maybe ALE
Sierra Nevada, e.g. ALE
Something brewing ALE
Staffordshire product ALE
Stein contents ALE
Stein filler ALE
Steinful ALE
Stout ALE
Stout alternative ALE
Stout drink ALE
Stout relative ALE
Stout, e.g. ALE
Stout, for one ALE
Stuff sold in yards ALE
Tabard Inn order ALE
Tankard contents ALE
Tankard filler ALE
Tankard tipple ALE
Tavern offering ALE
The King's Head order ALE
Toby filler ALE
Wassailing choice ALE
Welsh rabbit ingredient ALE
Word that can follow pale, brown or cask ALE
Word with bitter or winter ALE
XXX drink, in the comics ALE
Yard sale? ALE
___ Baba and the 40 Thieves ALI
___ Hakim ("Oklahoma!" character) ALI
1,001 Arabian Nights hero ALI
109 + 77 ALI
1960 Olympics boxing gold medalist ALI
1996 Olympic torch lighter ALI
2001 biopic ALI
2001 role for Will Smith ALI
2001 Will Smith biopic ALI
7th-century Arab caliph ALI
A caliph of Islam ALI
Actress Larter of "Heroes" ALI
Actress MacGraw ALI
Actress/singer Tatyana ___ ALI
Aladdin hero ALI
Aladdin prince ALI
Ayatollah ___ Khamenei ALI
Bard of boxing ALI
Baritone in Rabaud's "Marouf" ALI
BBC's Sports Personality of the Century ALI
Benazir's father ALI
Berbick beat him in 1981 ALI
Big name in flooring? ALI
Biopic starring Will Smith ALI
Boxer Laila ALI
Boxer Muhammad ALI
Boxing legend ALI
Champ who could "sting like a bee" ALI
Champion crowned 10/30/74 ALI
Clay today ALI
Clay, after 1964 ALI
Clay, after a while ALI
Clay, after transformation ALI
Clay, by another name ALI
Clay, eventually ALI
Clay, now ALI
Clay, today ALI
Comeback maker of 10/30/74 ALI
Comeback victor of 1974 ALI
Cousin of Muhammad ALI
Fassbinder film "___: Fear Eats the Soul" ALI
Fatima's husband ALI
Fatima's spouse ALI
Fighter with a shuffle ALI
Figure in the Sunni/Shia split ALI
First Shia imam ALI
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee boxer ALI
Foreman foe ALI
Foreman KO'er ALI
Foreman KO'er, 1974 ALI
Foreman's superior ALI
Former ring king ALI
Former ring leader ALI
Frazier foe ALI
Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star Tatyana ___ ALI
HBO's "Da ___ G Show" ALI
He came out of retirement in 1980 ALI
He could "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" ALI
He floated "like a butterfly" ALI
He KO'd Foreman in '74 ALI
He KO'd Quarry, 10/26/70 ALI
He put people on the ropes ALI
He said "Champions aren't made in gyms" ALI
He stung like a bee ALI
Heavyweight poet ALI
Heroes actress Larter ALI
His won-lost record was 56-5 ALI
Husband of Fatima ALI
Induction-refusing boxing champ ALI
Infidel author Ayaan Hirsi ___ ALI
Iranian ayatollah Sayyed ___ Khamenei ALI
Iran's Ayatollah ___ Khamenei ALI
Iraq's Imam ___ Mosque ALI
Kentucky's Athlete of the Century ALI
Laila who dances in and out of the ring ALI
Larter of "Heroes" ALI
Lighter of the Olympic flame in Atlanta ALI
Longtime Frazier foe ALI
Longtime ring champ ALI
Lord of the ring, once ALI
Loser to Norton, 1973 ALI
Louisville museum subject ALI
Louisville sports icon ALI
MacGraw of "Love Story" ALI
MacGraw of "The Getaway" ALI
Mârouf baritone ALI
Muhammad ___ ALI
Muslim convert in 1964 news ALI
N.F.L. kicker ____ Haji-Sheikh ALI
Noted 1964 convert to Islam ALI
Noted Cosell interviewee ALI
Noted knocker-outer ALI
Noted ring leader ALI
One called "The Lion of God" ALI
Onetime butterfly-bee analogist ALI
Oscar-nominated Will Smith role ALI
Pakistani president Asif ___ Zardari ALI
Poetic boxing champ ALI
Poetic pugilist ALI
Poetry-spouting pugilist ALI
Pop singer Tatyana ALI
Prince ___ ("Aladdin" song) ALI
Pugilist poet ALI
Quarry quasher of 1970 ALI
Remodeled Clay? ALI
Rhyming boxing champ ALI
Richard's "Goodbye, Columbus" co-star ALI
Ring king ALI
Ring master? ALI
Role in Rabaud's "Mârouf" ALI
Rope-a-dope boxer ALI
Rope-a-dope exponent ALI
Rubina ___ of "Slumdog Millionaire" ALI
Rumble in the Jungle boxer ALI
Rumble in the Jungle victor ALI
Ryan's "Love Story" co-star ALI
Sacha Baron Cohen character ___ G ALI
Scheherazade hero ALI
Self-proclaimed "Greatest" ALI
Seventh-century Arab caliph ALI
She was Jenny in "Love Story" ALI
Son-in-law of Muhammad ALI
Spinks defeater, 1978 ALI
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year ALI
Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Century ALI
Star of "The Greatest" ALI
Sting like a bee athlete ALI
Sting like a bee champion ALI
Subject of a 1996 Oscar-winning documentary ALI
Subject of the biography "Float Like a Butterfly" ALI
Subject of the biography "King of the World" ALI
Successor to the Prophet, in Islam ALI
Tatyana of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" ALI
The Fight of the Century fighter ALI
The Greatest ALI
The Lion of God ALI
The Louisville Lip ALI
The Martyrdom of ___ (Muslim classic) ALI
The People's Champ ALI
The self-proclaimed "Greatest" ALI
Three-time champ ALI
Three-time Frazier foe ALI
Three-time Frazier opponent ALI
Thrilla in Manila boxer ALI
Thrilla in Manila fighter ALI
Thrilla in Manila participant ALI
Thrilla in Manila victor ALI
Title role about a titleholder ALI
Title role for Will Smith ALI
Tomb of ___, in Najaf, Iraq ALI
Torch lighter at the 1996 Olympics ALI
True successor to the prophet, in Shiism ALI
When We Were Kings profilee ALI
When We Were Kings subject ALI
Will Smith biopic, 2001 ALI
Will Smith title role ALI
Winner in Zaire, 10/30/74 ALI
Winner of 10/30/74 ALI
a famous "cave man" ALI
Woodcutter in a children's story ALI
World champion of 1964-67, 1974-78 and 1978-79 ALI
Zulfikar ___ Bhutto, 1970's Pakistani leader ALI
___ Carinae (hypergiant star) ETA
___ Kappa Nu (honor society) ETA
___ particle (electrically neutral meson) ETA
___ Pi (dessert lover's fraternity?) ETA
9:15, say, at J.F.K. ETA
Airline Web site stat. ETA
Airplane announcement, for short ETA
Airport abbr. ETA
Airport approximation ETA
Airport flight info: Abbr. ETA
Airport info: Abbr. ETA
Airport inits. ETA
Airport monitor abbr. ETA
Airport posting: Abbr. ETA
Airport sched. abbr. ETA
Announcement at LAX ETA
Announcement at Penn Sta. ETA
Announcement before the listing of flight connections: Abbr. ETA
Announcement from a cockpit, for short ETA
Announcement over the P.A. ETA
Announcement to passengers ETA
Athenian H ETA
Athenian vowel ETA
Capt.'s guess ETA
Capt.'s prediction ETA
Captain's announcement, for short ETA
Certain fraternity chapter ETA
Cockpit guess, for short ETA
Control tower news: Abbr. ETA
Correlation ratio symbol in statistics ETA
Due point: Abbr. ETA
Efficiency symbol, in physics ETA
Flier's concern, for short ETA
Flight abbr. ETA
Flight attendant's announcement, for short ETA
Flight board info: Abbr. ETA
Flight info, for short ETA
Flight plan info: Abbr. ETA
Flight projection, briefly ETA
Fraternity chapter ETA
Fraternity letter ETA
Gate guess: Abbr. ETA
Gate projection, for short ETA
Greek H ETA
Greek letter ETA
Greek vowel ETA
Guesstimate letters ETA
H as in Hera ETA
H look-alike ETA
H, in Greece ETA
H, in Hellas ETA
H, to a Greek ETA
H, to Hellenes ETA
H, to Herodotus ETA
H, to Homer ETA
Heathrow fig. ETA
Hellenic character ETA
Hellenic H ETA
Hellenic vowel ETA
Hesiod's H ETA
Hippocrates' H ETA
Honor society letter ETA
I ___ Pi (playful fraternity name) ETA
In-flight announcement, briefly ETA
In-flight announcement, for short ETA
In-flight info, for short ETA
In-flight info: Abbr. ETA
In-flight P.A. announcement ETA
Info at SFO ETA
Info from the cockpit, for short ETA
Itinerary abbr. ETA
It's after zeta ETA
It's H-shaped ETA
It's two after epsilon ETA
It's two before iota ETA
J.F.K. abbr. ETA
J.F.K. board info ETA
J.F.K. guess ETA
J.F.K. info ETA
J.F.K. listing ETA
J.F.K. posting ETA
J.F.K. posting, for short ETA
Kennedy posting: Abbr. ETA
KLM announcement ETA
Landing info: Abbr. ETA
LAX abbr. ETA
LAX datum ETA
LAX guesstimate ETA
LAX info ETA
LAX letters ETA
LAX posting, for short ETA
LAX stat. ETA
Lesser star designation in a constellation ETA
Letter after Z ETA
Letter after zeta ETA
Letter from abroad ETA
Letter from Athens ETA
Letter from Corinth ETA
Letter from Greece ETA
Letter from Plato ETA
Letter in a fraternity name ETA
Letter of a chapter? ETA
O'Hare abbr. ETA
O'Hare monitor abbr. ETA
O'Hare posting: Abbr. ETA
Part of a pilot's plan: Abbr. ETA
Part of a U.S.A.F. schedule ETA
Passenger's concern, in brief ETA
Passengers' datum, briefly ETA
Passenger's info, maybe ETA
Pilot's announcement, briefly ETA
Pilot's announcement, for short ETA
Pilot's datum: Abbr. ETA
Pilot's guess: Abbr. ETA
Pilot's info, for short ETA
Pilot's prediction, for short ETA
Pilot's prediction: Abbr. ETA
Pilot's projection: Abbr. ETA
Pilot's update, for short ETA
Plane capt.'s announcement ETA
Plane's landing stat ETA
Posting at O'Hare: Abbr. ETA
Posting at SFO or LAX ETA
SAS announcement ETA
SAS listing: Abbr. ETA
Sched. approximation ETA
Sched. letters ETA
Schedule abbr. ETA
Schedule letters ETA
Second letter after epsilon ETA
Second letter before iota ETA
Secret-society letter ETA
Seventh chapter of a fraternity ETA
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Seventh in a series ETA
Seventh in a series of 24 ETA
Seventh letter ETA
Seventh-brightest star in a constellation ETA
Sixth after alpha ETA
Sked guess ETA
Sorority character ETA
Sorority letter ETA
Station info: Abbr. ETA
Station letters ETA
Subj. of a pilot's announcement ETA
Terminal info: Abbr. ETA
The "H" in Hellenic ETA
Theta's preceder ETA
Third after delta ETA
Third letter after delta ETA
Touchdown abbr. ETA
Touchdown info ETA
Touchdown point?: Abbr. ETA
Touchdown stat ETA
Train sta. announcement ETA
Traveler's info, for short ETA
Traveler's request: Abbr. ETA
U.S. Airways info ETA
US Airways datum: Abbr. ETA
Viscosity symbol, in physics ETA
When a flight is due in: Abbr. ETA
When a plane is due in, for short ETA
When a plane is due in: Abbr. ETA
When a plane or train is due, for short ETA
When a plane should get in: Abbr. ETA
When the pilot is due in, for short ETA
When to get to the airport to pick someone up: Abbr. ETA
Z follower ETA
Zeta's follower ETA
370 OLE
___ Anderson, Hemingway character OLE
___ Buttermilk Sky (1946 hit) OLE
___ Christiansen, founder of the Lego company OLE
___ ELO (1976 album) OLE
___ Miss OLE
___Slew-Foot (1961 country hit) OLE
1982 country hit "Same ___ Me" OLE
Adjective often following good OLE
Anita Baker's "Same ___ Love" OLE
Arena cheer OLE
Arena cry OLE
Arena shout OLE
Baja cheer OLE
Big cheer OLE
Bravo! OLE
Bravo, torero! OLE
Bull session shout? OLE
Bullfight bravo OLE
Bullfight cheer OLE
Bullfight cry OLE
Bullfight hurrah OLE
Bullring call OLE
Bullring cheer OLE
Bullring shout OLE
Bullring yell OLE
Carmichael's "_____ Buttermilk Sky" OLE
Charging cheer OLE
Cheer OLE
Cheer at the end of a dance OLE
Cheer for a bullfighter OLE
Cheer for a matador OLE
Cheer for a toreador OLE
Cheer for a torero OLE
Cheer for El Cordobés OLE
Cheer for Escamillo OLE
Cheer for Joselito OLE
Cheer in Juárez OLE
Cheer to a matador OLE
Chilean cheer OLE
Comedian Olsen OLE
Comedic Olsen OLE
Córdoba cheer OLE
Córdoba cry OLE
Corrida call OLE
Corrida cheer OLE
Corrida cry OLE
Corrida shout OLE
Cousin of "Rah!" OLE
Crowd's shout OLE
Cry heard in a bullring OLE
Cry of approval OLE
Down with the bull! OLE
Encouragement at the bullring OLE
Encouragement for a matador OLE
Encouragement for Escamillo OLE
Encouraging word OLE
Enthusiastic cry OLE
Flamenco accolade OLE
Flamenco cheer OLE
Flamenco cry OLE
Flamenco dancer's shout OLE
Flamenco exclamation OLE
Flamenco shout OLE
Folk song "The _____ Grey Goose (Is Dead)" OLE
Fronton shout OLE
Gene Autry's "___ Faithful" OLE
Go, bullfighter! OLE
Good ___ boy OLE
Good cheer OLE
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Hearty cheer OLE
Hoagy Carmichael's "___ Buttermilk Sky" OLE
Hooray for Jorge OLE
Hooray for José OLE
Hooray! OLE
Hooray, in Juárez OLE
Hooray, José! OLE
Hurrah for El Farruco OLE
Hurrah! OLE
Hurray for José OLE
It may be heard after a charge OLE
It may be heard before charges OLE
It may follow a charge OLE
James Whitcomb Riley's "___ Bull" OLE
L. Ron Hubbard's "___ Doc Methuselah" OLE
Matador's cheer OLE
Miss modifier OLE
Monterrey hooray OLE
Motivation for Manolete OLE
Norwegian violinist ___ Bull OLE
Novelist Rolvaag OLE
Olsen of "Hellzapoppin" OLE
Outboard motor inventor Evinrude OLE
Oxford's ___ Miss OLE
Pamplona cry OLE
Part of a World Cup chant OLE
Paul Bunyan's blacksmith OLE
Pennsylvania's ___ Bull State Park OLE
Plaza de toros cry OLE
Rah! OLE
Relative of "Hurrah!" OLE
Repeated cry in Buster Poindexter's "Hot Hot Hot" OLE
Ring "Rah!" OLE
Ring cheer OLE
Ring cry OLE
Ring encouragement OLE
Ring shout OLE
Ring support? OLE
Ring yell OLE
Ringside cheer OLE
Ringside shout OLE
Roar for a toreador OLE
Roar from the crowd OLE
Roar of a crowd OLE
Roar of approval OLE
Roar of the crowd OLE
Root word? OLE
Rousing cheer OLE
Señores say it in unison OLE
Shout after a bull charges OLE
Shout of support OLE
Shout to someone in danger of getting stuck OLE
Soccer chant OLE
Soccer cheer OLE
Soccer fan's cry OLE
Soccer stadium shout OLE
South-of-the-border shout OLE
Spanish cheer OLE
Spanish root word? OLE
Spectators' cry OLE
Stadium cheer OLE
Stadium cry OLE
Tauromachian chant OLE
That ___ Devil Called Love OLE
Thomas Nelson Page's "In ___ Virginia" OLE
Tijuana yell OLE
Toledo cheer OLE
Triumphant shout OLE
Two-syllable shout OLE
Vaudevillian Olsen OLE
Violinist Bull OLE
Well done! OLE
Word before Miss or Opry OLE
Word of encouragement OLE
World Cup chant OLE
World Cup cheer OLE
World Cup cry OLE
Yay! OLE
Yucatán "yay!" OLE
From S.F. to Wyo. ENE
16th letter of the Spanish alphabet ENE
180° from WSW ENE
67 degrees 30 minutes ENE
67.5 deg. ENE
67.5 degrees ENE
67.5° ENE
67.5°, to mariners ENE
Acetyl ender ENE
Adelaide-to-Brisbane dir. ENE
Anchorage-to-Fairbanks dir. ENE
Ariz.-to-Kan. dir. ENE
Atlanta-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Bikini-to-Oahu dir. ENE
Boise-to-Billings dir. ENE
Buffalo-to-Rochester dir. ENE
Captain's heading ENE
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Chemical conclusion ENE
Chemical ending ENE
Chemical suffix ENE
Chicago-Detroit dir. ENE
Cincinnati-to-New York dir. ENE
Cincinnati-to-Pittsburgh dir. ENE
Comp. reading ENE
Compass dir. ENE
Compass heading ENE
Compass point ENE
Compass reading ENE
Copenhagen-to-Riga dir. ENE
Course setting: Abbr. ENE
Dallas-to-Memphis dir. ENE
Denver-to-Chicago dir. ENE
Detroit-to-Montreal dir. ENE
Detroit-to-Toronto dir. ENE
Dir. from Asheville to Winston-Salem ENE
Dir. heading ENE
Dir. of I-64 going up Ky. ENE
Direction from K.C. to Detroit ENE
Direction from L.A. to K.C. ENE
Ending with acetyl or butyl ENE
Ending with butyl ENE
Ending with methyl ENE
Ethyl ender ENE
Ethyl ending ENE
Ethyl finish ENE
From Ft. Myers to Ft. Pierce ENE
From K.C. to Detroit ENE
From La. to N.C. ENE
From Okla. City to Tulsa ENE
From S.F. to Tahoe ENE
General dir. of Sal Paradise's return trip in "On the Road" ENE
General dir. of the St. Lawrence River ENE
Heading abbr. ENE
Heading opposite WSW ENE
Helm heading ENE
Hurricane heading ENE
Hurricane heading: Abbr. ENE
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
K.C.-to-Detroit dir. ENE
Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario dir. ENE
Lansing-to-Flint dir. ENE
Laredo-to-Galveston dir. ENE
Like some courses: Abbr. ENE
Little Rock-to-Memphis dir. ENE
Macon-to-Augusta dir. ENE
Mali-to-Libya dir. ENE
Map dir. ENE
Mariner's dir. ENE
Memphis-to-Nashville dir. ENE
Methyl or ethyl follower ENE
Nantes-to-Paris dir. ENE
Nautical heading ENE
Navigation abbr. ENE
Navigation abbreviation ENE
Needle point?: Abbr. ENE
Okla.-to-Ky. direction ENE
One way to travel: Abbr. ENE
Opposite of WSW ENE
Organic suffix ENE
Osaka-to-Tokyo dir. ENE
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir. ENE
Phoenix-to-Philly dir. ENE
Pilothouse abbr. ENE
Pilot's heading: Abbr. ENE
Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir. ENE
Plymouth-to-London dir. ENE
Portland-to-Spokane dir. ENE
Reno-to-Elko dir. ENE
Reverse of WSW ENE
Rome-to-Belgrade dir. ENE
Route abbr. ENE
Santa Barbara-to-Las Vegas dir. ENE
São Paulo-to-Rio dir. ENE
Ship's heading ENE
Sioux Falls-to-St. Paul dir. ENE
Springfield-to-Boston dir. ENE
St. Louis-to-Cleveland dir. ENE
St. Louis-to-Indianapolis dir. ENE
Storm heading: Abbr. ENE
Suffix with acetyl ENE
Suffix with benz- ENE
Suffix with butyl ENE
Suffix with ethyl ENE
Suffix with ethyl- ENE
Suffix with menth- ENE
Suffix with prop- ENE
Suffix with propyl ENE
Tampa-to-Orlando dir. ENE
Toronto-to-Montreal dir. ENE
Toronto-to-Ottawa dir. ENE
Trenton-to-Newark dir. ENE
U-turn from WSW ENE
Vane dir. ENE
Vane direction ENE
Wind dir. ENE
Wind heading ENE
WSW's reverse ENE
.0247 acre ARE
___ not! ARE
___ we having fun yet? ARE
___ we there yet? ARE
___ you happy now? ARE
___ you kidding? ARE
___ you nuts? ARE
___ you ready? ARE
___ you serious? ARE
___ you sleeping? ARE
___ you sure? ARE
___ you there? ARE
____ you satisfied? ARE
_____ you for real? ARE
100 square meters ARE
A verb for you ARE
A word with you ARE
Add up to ARE
All bets ___ off ARE
All the Things You ___ ARE
All the Things You ___ (Kern tune) ARE
Art today ARE
Art, nowadays ARE
Art, these days ARE
Auxiliary verb ARE
Be a certain way? ARE
Be a different way? ARE
Be altered? ARE
Be conjugate ARE
Be in another form ARE
Be transformed? ARE
Beatitudes verb ARE
Bells ___ Ringing ARE
Butterflies ___ Free ARE
Chances ___ (Johnny Mathis hit) ARE
Contemporary art ARE
Cost ARE
Diamonds _____ a girl's ... ARE
Don't just seem ARE
Equal ARE
Exist ARE
Exist en masse ARE
Form of "to be" ARE
Go for, in price ARE
Have life ARE
Have vitality ARE
Is after you? ARE
Is for a group? ARE
Is for more than one? ARE
Is for two ARE
Is for you? ARE
Is multiplied? ARE
It may come after you ARE
It may follow you ARE
It might follow you ARE
It often follows you ARE
Last word of Shelley's "Adonais" ARE
Lionel Richie's "You ___" ARE
Live ARE
Live and breathe ARE
Make, altogether ARE
Make, in arithmetic ARE
Men ___ From Mars... ARE
Metric measure ARE
Metric unit ARE
Modern art ARE
My lips ___ sealed ARE
Not just look ARE
Occupy a position ARE
Odds ___ ... ARE
Old TV's "You___There" ARE
Remain ARE
Remain extant ARE
Right you ___! ARE
Roses ___ red... ARE
Sendak's "Where the Wild Things ___" ARE
Sister Sledge's "We _____ Family" ARE
So there you ___! ARE
Something I can't use, but you can ARE
Something you can use but I can't ARE
Son: Spanish :: ___ : English ARE
Subsist ARE
The Who's "Who ___ You" ARE
There you ___ ARE
These ___ the times that ... ARE
To be with you? ARE
Unit of land ARE
Verb for you ARE
We ___ Family ARE
We ___ Not Alone ARE
We ___ Not Alone (1939 film) ARE
We ___ not amused ARE
We ___ the Champions (Queen tune) ARE
We ___ the World ARE
We ____ the Champions (1978 hit) ARE
We may precede this ARE
Were now? ARE
Were present? ARE
Were up to date? ARE
What ___ our chances? ARE
What ___ the odds? ARE
What ___ you getting at? ARE
What ___ you saying? ARE
What may be coming after you ARE
What may follow you ARE
Where ___ we? ARE
Where ___ you? ARE
Who ___ we kidding? ARE
Who ___ you? ARE
Will be now? ARE
Will be present? ARE
Word with you ARE
Wordsworth's "We ___ Seven" ARE
You ___ here ARE
You ___ here (map notation) ARE
You ___ So Beautiful ARE
You ___ There ARE
You _____ There (50's TV show) ARE
You___ (1983 Lionel Richie hit) ARE
___ Prairie, Minn. EDEN
50's British P.M. Anthony EDEN
Adam and Eve locale EDEN
Adam and Eve's first home EDEN
Adam and Eve's first residence EDEN
Adam and Eve's place EDEN
Adam's apple area? EDEN
Adam's apple location? EDEN
Adam's arboretum EDEN
An old couple fell in it EDEN
Anthony or Barbara EDEN
Apple of temptation site EDEN
Author Phillpotts EDEN
Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie" EDEN
Barbara who played a TV genie EDEN
Biblical beginning EDEN
Biblical fall site EDEN
Biblical garden EDEN
Biblical paradise EDEN
Biblical place of innocence EDEN
Biblical plot EDEN
British P.M. before Macmillan EDEN
British P.M. between Churchill and Macmillan EDEN
British pol portrayed in "Mission to Moscow" EDEN
Carl Sagan's "The Dragons of ___" EDEN
Churchill successor EDEN
Creation location EDEN
Delightful place EDEN
Early home EDEN
Elysium EDEN
English author ____ Phillpotts EDEN
Eve's domain EDEN
Eve's place EDEN
Fairyland EDEN
Fall locale EDEN
Fall place EDEN
Fall setting EDEN
Fall site EDEN
Fall site in Genesis EDEN
Fall venue EDEN
First couple's home EDEN
First couple's place EDEN
First Earl of Avon EDEN
First family's home EDEN
First garden EDEN
First home EDEN
First lady's residence EDEN
First place EDEN
Forbidden fruit site EDEN
Foreign Secretary under Churchill EDEN
Garden of ___ EDEN
Garden site EDEN
Garden spot EDEN
Garden with a snake EDEN
Garden with an apple tree EDEN
Garden with forbidden fruit EDEN
Garden with the tree of life EDEN
Genesis garden EDEN
Genesis home EDEN
Genesis locale EDEN
Genesis paradise EDEN
Genesis setting EDEN
God's little acre? EDEN
Hagman TV co-star EDEN
Harper Valley P.T.A. star EDEN
He became Earl of Avon EDEN
Heaven EDEN
Heaven on earth EDEN
Heavenly place EDEN
Hebrew for "delight" EDEN
Home for Adam and Eve EDEN
Ideal place EDEN
Idyllic garden EDEN
Idyllic place EDEN
Idyllic spot EDEN
Innocence locale EDEN
Isn't that just perfect? EDEN
Jack London's "Martin ___" EDEN
Jeannie portrayer EDEN
Land west of Nod EDEN
Location for the Fall EDEN
Macmillan's predecessor as P.M. EDEN
Never-never land EDEN
Nice place EDEN
Nirvana EDEN
Nod neighbor EDEN
Noted garden site EDEN
Old New York tourist site, _____ Musee EDEN
Onetime Hagman co-star EDEN
Origin of man EDEN
P.M. before Macmillan EDEN
Paradise EDEN
Paradise lost EDEN
Paradise Lost setting EDEN
Paradise paradigm EDEN
Paradisiacal place EDEN
Perfect place EDEN
Perfect plot EDEN
Place at the start EDEN
Place name that's Hebrew for "pleasure" EDEN
Place of bliss EDEN
Place of complete content EDEN
Place of temptation EDEN
Pleasantville, so to speak EDEN
Plot in Genesis EDEN
Primeval plot EDEN
Pristine plot EDEN
Sagan's ''The Dragons of _____'' EDEN
Scene of a fall EDEN
Serpent's home EDEN
Shangri-la EDEN
Sir Anthony EDEN
Site of temptation EDEN
Site of the tree of life EDEN
Starting place EDEN
Starting point EDEN
Steinbeck's "East of ___" EDEN
Successor to Churchill EDEN
Tempting garden EDEN
Tempting spot EDEN
The first place EDEN
The Grey Room novelist Phillpotts EDEN
The paradise of "Paradise Lost" EDEN
The river Pison flowed from it EDEN
Tree of Life locale EDEN
Tree of life site EDEN
TV genie portrayer EDEN
Utopia EDEN
Utopian spot EDEN
Where it all started EDEN
Worry-free locale EDEN
Xanadu EDEN
Act human ERR
Add instead of subtract, e.g. ERR
Answer incorrectly ERR
Are all wet ERR
Be at fault ERR
Be faulty? ERR
Be human ERR
Be mistaken ERR
Be off ERR
Be off base ERR
Be off the mark ERR
Be wrong ERR
Blow it ERR
Blunder ERR
Bobble ERR
Bobble a fly, say ERR
Bobble the ball ERR
Boot one ERR
Bungle ERR
Cause an interception, e.g. ERR
Do something boneheaded ERR
Do they not ___ that devise evil?: Proverbs 14:22 ERR
Do wrong ERR
Drop a brick ERR
Drop a pop-up, say ERR
Drop one, say ERR
Drop the ball ERR
Experience a brain cramp ERR
Fall from grace ERR
Fall into evil ways ERR
Flub ERR
Fluff ERR
Foozle ERR
Foul up ERR
Fumble ERR
Get it wrong ERR
Get wrong ERR
Give all for one or one for all, e.g.? ERR
Go astray ERR
Go bad? ERR
Go off ERR
Go off course ERR
Go off track ERR
Go wrong ERR
Goof ERR
Goof up ERR
Kind of ant ERR
Lapse, perhaps ERR
Make a boner ERR
Make a boo-boo ERR
Make a clanger ERR
Make a foozle ERR
Make a goof ERR
Make a miscue ERR
Make a misstep ERR
Make a mistake ERR
Make a wrong move ERR
Make muffs ERR
Mess up ERR
Miscalculate ERR
Misdo ERR
Misjudge ERR
Mismatch, e.g. ERR
Misplay, e.g. ERR
Misquote, say ERR
Misreckon ERR
Miss ERR
Miss a beat, perhaps ERR
Miss a cue, say ERR
Miss the mark ERR
Misspeak, e.g. ERR
Misstep ERR
Muff ERR
Muff one ERR
Necessitate an "Oops!" ERR
Need correcting ERR
Need to be set straight ERR
Not be on target ERR
Not be perfect ERR
Not set things right ERR
Pull a boner ERR
Say 2 + 2 = 5, say ERR
Screw up ERR
Show fallibility ERR
Show one's humanity? ERR
Slip ERR
Slip a cog ERR
Slip up ERR
Solecize ERR
Stray ERR
Stub one's toe ERR
Stumble ERR
Suffer a "brain cramp" ERR
To ___ is human ERR
To do this is human ERR
Transgress ERR
Trespass ERR
Trip ERR
Try to fit a square peg in a round hole, e.g. ERR
Underestimate, e.g. ERR
Wander ERR
19th in a series ESS
19th of 26 ESS
Alpine road feature ESS
Ar's follower ESS
Bend in a river ESS
Big dictionary section ESS
Big section in a dictionary ESS
Biggest section in a dictionary ESS
Capital of Switzerland? ESS
Common pluralizer ESS
Count concluder? ESS
Count ender? ESS
Count ending ESS
Count finish ESS
Count finish? ESS
Cousin of -enne ESS
Coveted Scrabble tile ESS
Curly shape ESS
Curvaceous character ESS
Curve shape ESS
Curved letter ESS
Curved line ESS
Curved path ESS
Curvy path ESS
Dangerous curve ESS
Double curve ESS
Double turn ESS
Double twist ESS
Double-180 maneuver ESS
Double-hook shape ESS
Drain trap shape, at times ESS
Driving maneuver ESS
Feminine suffix ESS
Feminizing suffix ESS
Figure-eight half ESS
Formula 1 maneuver ESS
Grand Prix feature ESS
Half a figure eight ESS
Hardly a beeline ESS
Head of state? ESS
Head of steam? ESS
Highway curve ESS
Highway hazard ESS
Hook shape ESS
Initial for Superman ESS
It goes this way and that ESS
It makes pets pests ESS
It's twisted ESS
Kin of -trix ESS
Kind of curve ESS
Letter before tee ESS
Letter on Superman's chest ESS
Lombard Street feature ESS
Man of Steel's symbol ESS
Meandering curve ESS
Molding profile ESS
Mountain curve ESS
Mountain road feature ESS
Mountain road section ESS
Music center? ESS
Non-P.C. suffix ESS
Obsolescent suffix ESS
Ogee shape ESS
Ogee's outline ESS
Outdated poet suffix ESS
Part of a car test course ESS
Part of a figure eight ESS
Part of a long and winding road? ESS
Part of a Road & Track course ESS
Part of a Road & Track test ESS
Part of a slot-car track ESS
Part of a test track ESS
Part of a windy road ESS
Part of Lombard Street in San Francisco ESS
Pluralizer ESS
Pothook shape ESS
Quaint occupational suffix ESS
Race course turn ESS
Relative of -trix ESS
River curve ESS
River's curve ESS
River's path, possibly ESS
Road curve ESS
Road hazard ESS
Road section requiring caution ESS
Road twist ESS
Road wiggle ESS
Satisfactory grade, in kindergarten ESS
Scout leader? ESS
Scrabble 1-pointer ESS
Season opener? ESS
Self starter? ESS
Series opener or finale? ESS
Series opener? ESS
Serpentine curve ESS
Serpentine shape ESS
She has one ESS
Sigmoid shape ESS
Sink trap's shape ESS
Skier's turn ESS
Skiing maneuver ESS
Skiing path ESS
Slalom curve ESS
Slalom figure ESS
Slalom maneuver ESS
Slalom part ESS
Slalom path ESS
Slalom section ESS
Slalom segment ESS
Slalom shape ESS
Slalom track ESS
Slot-car track section ESS
Snake ESS
Snaky character ESS
Snaky curve ESS
Snaky letter ESS
Snaky shape ESS
Soundhole shape ESS
Squadron leader? ESS
Squiggly letter ESS
Squiggly shape ESS
Start of summer? ESS
Start to salivate? ESS
Start to sob? ESS
Suffix akin to -trix ESS
Suffix with count ESS
Suffix with lion ESS
Suffix with priest ESS
Suffix with seer ESS
Super G curve, in the Olympics ESS
Superman symbol ESS
Superman's symbol ESS
Surreal beginning? ESS
Swan's shape ESS
Sweden's capital? ESS
Swirly letter ESS
Switchback ESS
Switchback shape ESS
Symbol on a cape ESS
Tee neighbor ESS
Tee preceder ESS
Tee precursor ESS
Tee predecessor ESS
Tee's predecessor ESS
Test-track curve ESS
The first of several? ESS
Three dots, in Morse ESS
Tilde's shape, loosely ESS
Track challenge ESS
Tricky curve ESS
Turn one way and then back ESS
Twisted letter ESS
Twisted path ESS
Twisty curve ESS
Twisty road curve ESS
Twisty turn ESS
Two turns, maybe ESS
Un-P.C. suffix ESS
Valuable Scrabble tile ESS
Weaver's path ESS
What makes a pin spin? ESS
What may come after an heir? ESS
What's extracted from soil to get oil? ESS
Winding curve ESS
Winding path ESS
Winding road part ESS
Winding road shape ESS
... provoked with raging ___: Shak. IRE
Anger IRE
Annoyance IRE
Bad temper IRE
Bad thing to invoke IRE
Blood pressure raiser IRE
Boiling blood IRE
Boiling point? IRE
Brawl motivator IRE
Burn up IRE
Burning feeling IRE
Burning heat IRE
Burning sensation? IRE
Cause of a red face IRE
Cause of an explosion IRE
Cause of shouting IRE
Choler IRE
Cork locale: Abbr. IRE
Dander IRE
Disgruntledness IRE
Displeasure IRE
Dudgeon IRE
E.U. member IRE
Embitterment IRE
Eng. neighbor IRE
Enrage IRE
Eur. land IRE
Eur. nation IRE
Explosion producer IRE
Extreme soreness IRE
Feeling of frustration IRE
Fiery reaction IRE
Fury IRE
Heat source? IRE
High dudgeon IRE
Home of Samuel Beckett: Abbr. IRE
Hot blood IRE
Hot temper IRE
Hotness IRE
Ill temper IRE
Incense IRE
Indignation IRE
Infuriate IRE
Intense anger IRE
It could not slake mine ___, nor ease my heart: Shak. IRE
It makes one hot IRE
It may be raised by a rabblerouser IRE
It may be raised in an argument IRE
Its root is pride, according to Chaucer IRE
It's west of G.B. IRE
Kerry's locale: Abbr. IRE
Land west of Eng. IRE
Madden IRE
Madness? IRE
Mayo setting: Abbr. IRE
Miff IRE
More than exasperation IRE
More than upset IRE
Nor heady-rash provoked with raging ___: Shak. IRE
Not a peaceful feeling IRE
Pique IRE
Pique condition? IRE
Provoke IRE
Pulse quickener, say IRE
Push one's hot buttons IRE
Rage IRE
Really ruffle IRE
Red state IRE
Resentment IRE
Result of getting worked up IRE
Sharp feeling IRE
Something that may be drawn in a fight IRE
Something that's worked up IRE
Source of heat IRE
Spleen IRE
Stack-blowing feeling IRE
Steam IRE
Steamed state IRE
Tee off IRE
Temper IRE
Tick off IRE
U.K. neighbor IRE
U2's home: Abbr. IRE
Umbrage IRE
Unpleasant thing to incur IRE
Unpleasant thing to invoke IRE
Vexation IRE
W. Eur. country that does not belong to NATO IRE
Wexford's locale: Abbr. IRE
Wrath IRE
*Opera ... coloratura ... "Eri tu" ARIA
___ cantabile (gentle, sad song) ARIA
___ da capo ARIA
___ di bravura (piece showing off a singer's vocal agility) ARIA
"La donna è mobile," e.g. ARIA
1998 Andrea Bocelli operatic album ARIA
"Zeffiretti lusinghieri," e.g. ARIA
A cabaletta is a short one ARIA
Air on stage ARIA
Andrea Bocelli delivery ARIA
Andrea Bocelli piece ARIA
Bartoli performance ARIA
Battle song ARIA
Battle strain? ARIA
Bellini work ARIA
Berg's "Der Wein," e.g. ARIA
Bit of Mozart's art ARIA
Cantatrice's offering ARIA
Caro nome, e.g. ARIA
Celeste Aida, e.g. ARIA
Che gelida manina, e.g. ARIA
Classical singer's selection ARIA
Coloratura piece ARIA
Cousin of a canzone ARIA
Da capo ___ (Baroque piece) ARIA
Di quella pira, e.g. ARIA
Dite alla giovine, e.g. ARIA
Diva's big moment ARIA
Diva's delivery ARIA
Diva's lines ARIA
Diva's moment ARIA
Diva's number ARIA
Diva's offering ARIA
Diva's piece ARIA
Diva's solo ARIA
Diva's song ARIA
Domingo delivery ARIA
Domingo forte ARIA
Domingo solo ARIA
Dramatic solo ARIA
Dramatic strains ARIA
Elsa's Dream, e.g. ARIA
Figaro song ARIA
Flower Song, e.g. ARIA
Greek nymph with a musical-sounding name ARIA
Habanera from "Carmen" is one ARIA
High-culture strains ARIA
Horne solo ARIA
Il mio tesoro, e.g. ARIA
It may be accompanied by an orchestra ARIA
It might hit the high notes ARIA
Jessye Norman specialty ARIA
Jewel Song, e.g. ARIA
Kathleen Battle offering ARIA
La Scala highlight ARIA
La Scala presentation ARIA
La Scala solo ARIA
La Scala song ARIA
La vendetta, e.g. ARIA
Le rêve or "Nessun dorma" ARIA
Lily Pons specialty ARIA
Lover of Apollo ARIA
Lullaby, for one ARIA
Massenet's "Vision fugitive," e.g. ARIA
Melody ARIA
Melody for Dame Nellie Melba ARIA
Menotti's "Lullaby," for one ARIA
Met highlight ARIA
Met melody ARIA
Met number ARIA
Met score ARIA
Met selection ARIA
Met solo ARIA
Met song ARIA
Mezzo's tune ARIA
Mi chiamano Mimi, e.g. ARIA
Mozart composition ARIA
Mozart's "Dalla sua pace," e.g. ARIA
Mozart's "Il mio tesoro," e.g. ARIA
Mozart's "Madamina," e.g. ARIA
Musical solo ARIA
Number for one ARIA
O patria mia, e.g. ARIA
O terra, addio, e.g. ARIA
Opera excerpt ARIA
Opera highlight ARIA
Opera solo ARIA
Opera song ARIA
Operatic solo ARIA
Operatic song ARIA
Oratorio highlight ARIA
Oratorio portion ARIA
Oratorio segment ARIA
Oratorio solo ARIA
Part of a fantasia ARIA
Part of a libretto ARIA
Part of a score ARIA
Part of an oratorio ARIA
Pavarotti performance ARIA
Pavarotti piece ARIA
Pavarotti selection ARIA
Pavarotti solo ARIA
Pavarotti specialty ARIA
Price number ARIA
Price piece ARIA
Price presentation ARIA
Puccini piece ARIA
Puccini's "Nessun dorma," for one ARIA
Quanto è bella, e.g. ARIA
Saint-Saëns song ARIA
Scena segment ARIA
Se vuol ballare, e.g. ARIA
Sempre libera e.g. ARIA
Sills offering ARIA
Sills solo ARIA
Sills song ARIA
Solo for Pavarotti ARIA
Solo for Renata Scotto ARIA
Solo piece ARIA
Solo, of a sort ARIA
Some trills from Sills ARIA
Song for a diva ARIA
Song for Aida ARIA
Song for Carmen ARIA
Song for Dame Nellie Melba ARIA
Song for Lily Pons ARIA
Song for Madama Butterfly ARIA
Song for one ARIA
Song for Sills ARIA
Song from Placido ARIA
Song of "Salome" ARIA
Song of the Golden Calf, e.g. ARIA
Song that may include some high notes ARIA
Song with trills ARIA
Soprano ___ ARIA
Soprano's song, maybe ARIA
Stage solo ARIA
Star turn ARIA
Star turn at La Scala ARIA
Strain at La Scala ARIA
Strains at Covent Garden ARIA
Strauss's "Mein Herr Marquis," e.g. ARIA
Summertime, e.g. ARIA
Summertime, e.g., in "Porgy and Bess" ARIA
Toreador Song, e.g., in "Carmen" ARIA
Tosca number ARIA
Tosca tune ARIA
Turandot tune ARIA
Tutte le feste, e.g. ARIA
Un bel di, e.g. ARIA
Un bel di, for one ARIA
Una voce poco fa, e.g. ARIA
Unlikely number for a rock concert ARIA
Verdi's "Caro nome," e.g. ARIA
Verdi's "D'amor sull'ali rosee," e.g. ARIA
Verdi's "Di Provenza il mar," e.g. ARIA
Verdi's "E il sol dell'anima," for one ARIA
Vissi d'arte, e.g. ARIA
Vocal solo ARIA
Voice stretcher ARIA
Votre toast, for one ARIA
What the fat lady sings ARIA
William Tell component ARIA
William Tell part ARIA
Willow Song, e.g. ARIA
___ bonne heure (very well): Fr. ALA
___ broche (cooked on a spit) ALA
___ broche (cooking style) ALA
___ carte ALA
___ fin (at last): Fr. ALA
___ florentine ALA
___ française ALA
___ grecque ALA
___ king ALA
___ maison (indoors): Fr. ALA
___ mode ALA
___ mort (dispirited) ALA
___ mort (melancholy) ALA
___ parisienne ALA
___ provençale ALA
___ provencale (with garlic or onions) ALA
___ rigueur (literally) ALA
___ vapeur (steamed) ALA
_____ rigueur (to the fullest extent): Fr. ALA
According to ALA
After ALA
C.S.A. state ALA
Camellia State: Abbr. ALA
Carte start ALA
Carte starter ALA
Chef's phrase ALA
Chicken ___ king ALA
Cookbook phrase ALA
Cordon bleu's phrase ALA
Cotton State: Abbr. ALA
Eggs ____ suisse ALA
Emulating ALA
Fla. neighbor ALA
Hank Williams's home state: Abbr. ALA
Heart of Dixie: Abbr. ALA
Home of Nascar's Talladega Superspeedway: Abbr. ALA
Home of Russell Cave Natl. Monument ALA
Home of the first capital of the Confederacy: Abbr. ALA
Huntsville's home: Abbr. ALA
Imitating ALA
Imitative words ALA
In imitation of ALA
In the manner of ALA
In the style of ALA
In the way of ALA
It borders Fla. ALA
It comes before the carte ALA
It goes before carte, but not horse ALA
Just like ALA
King intro ALA
King preceder ALA
Lead-in to many a chef's name ALA
Like ALA
Lobster ___ Newburg ALA
Menu phrase ALA
Menu words ALA
Mimicking ALA
Miss. neighbor ALA
Mobile home: Abbr. ALA
Much like ALA
Neighbor of Ga. ALA
Neighbor of Tenn. ALA
One of the eight states bordering Tenn. ALA
One of the states seen from Lookout Mtn. ALA
Part of a dish's name ALA
Part of a name on a menu ALA
Part of a recipe title ALA
Part of many fancy dish names ALA
Part of the Deep South: Abbr. ALA
Part of the Gulf Coast: Abbr. ALA
Patterned after ALA
Pie ___ mode ALA
Pie-mode connection ALA
Recipe title part ALA
Reminiscent of ALA
Resembling ALA
Russell Cave Natl. Mon. locale ALA
Sen. Sessions's state: Abbr. ALA
So. state ALA
State next to Miss. ALA
Taking after ALA
Tenn. neighbor ALA
Tuskegee U. locale ALA
Tuskegee's locale: Abbr. ALA
Univ. of ___, alma mater of Joe Namath and Bart Starr ALA
Where the C.S.A. was formed ALA
112.5 degrees from N ESE
112.5° ESE
180 degrees from WNW ESE
180° from WNW ESE
A storm heading: Abbr. ESE
Abilene-to-Waco dir. ESE
Adelaide-to-Melbourne dir. ESE
Amarillo-to-Dallas dir. ESE
Argot suffix ESE
Birmingham-to-Montgomery dir. ESE
Canton ender ESE
Canton finish ESE
Capt.'s direction ESE
Capt.'s heading ESE
Charlottesville-to-Richmond dir. ESE
Chicago-to-D.C. dir. ESE
Chicago-to-Pittsburgh dir. ESE
Cleveland-to-Baltimore dir. ESE
Colo.-to-Ga. direction ESE
Compass dir. ESE
Compass point ESE
Compass pt. ESE
Compass reading ESE
Computer add-on ESE
Computer attachment? ESE
Detroit-to-Philadelphia dir. ESE
Dir. from Springfield, Mass., to Providence ESE
Dir. the Ebro flows ESE
Edmonton-to-Regina dir. ESE
Edmonton-to-Winnipeg dir. ESE
End of a race? ESE
Ending with Brooklyn or Canton ESE
Ending with Japan ESE
Erie-to-Phila. dir. ESE
Ethnic suffix ESE
Fort Smith-to-Little Rock dir. ESE
From Neb. to Ky. ESE
From Okla. City to Birmingham ESE
From Okla. City to Mobile ESE
From S.F. to Las Vegas ESE
Hamburg-to-Berlin dir. ESE
How the Des Moines R. flows ESE
Hurricane heading ESE
In the style of: Suffix ESE
Japan finish? ESE
Jargon ender ESE
Jargon suffix ESE
Journal addendum ESE
Journal add-on? ESE
Journal conclusion ESE
Journal ending ESE
Journal's end ESE
Language ending ESE
Language suffix ESE
Language suffix often seen in crosswords ESE
Lansing-to-Detroit dir. ESE
Le Havre-to-Paris dir. ESE
Legal add-on ESE
Legal conclusion ESE
Legal ending ESE
Like the Capitol bldg. vis-à-vis the White House ESE
Lingo suffix ESE
Linguistic suffix ESE
Little Rock-to-Birmingham dir. ESE
Liverpool-to-Nottingham dir. ESE
London-to-Dover dir. ESE
Lubbock-to-Abilene dir. ESE
Lubbock-to-Fort Worth dir. ESE
Medical suffix ESE
Nashville-to-Chattanooga dir. ESE
Nationality ending ESE
Nationality suffix ESE
Naut. heading ESE
Nautical heading ESE
Needle point? ESE
Nice-to-Rome dir. ESE
Oahu-to-Maui dir. ESE
Official conclusion? ESE
Opp. of WNW ESE
Opposite of WNW ESE
Oxford-to-London dir. ESE
Peking finale ESE
Peking or Siam suffix ESE
Pilot's heading ESE
Quito-to-Rio dir. ESE
Race conclusion? ESE
Reverse of WNW ESE
Richmond-to-Norfolk dir. ESE
Richmond-to-Virginia Beach dir. ESE
Rome-to-Athens dir. ESE
S.F.-to-L.A. dir. ESE
S.F.-to-Vegas dir. ESE
San Jose-to-Fresno dir. ESE
Saskatoon-to-Winnipeg dir. ESE
Ship's dir. ESE
Ship's heading ESE
Siam suffix ESE
Sioux Falls-to-Cedar Rapids dir. ESE
Slangy ending ESE
Storm dir. ESE
Storm heading: Abbr. ESE
Suffix on some country names ESE
Suffix with Brooklyn ESE
Suffix with Canton ESE
Suffix with computer ESE
Suffix with Japan ESE
Suffix with Japan or journal ESE
Suffix with Japan or Sudan ESE
Suffix with journal ESE
Suffix with legal ESE
Suffix with Peking ESE
Suffix with Siam ESE
Suffix with Sudan ESE
Suffix with telegraph ESE
Syracuse-to-Albany dir. ESE
Tacoma-to-Walla Walla dir. ESE
Telegraph ender ESE
Telegraph ending ESE
That one: Sp. ESE
Tip of a tongue? ESE
Tip of one's tongue? ESE
Toledo-to-Akron dir. ESE
Tongue's end? ESE
U-turn from WNW ESE
Vane dir. ESE
Volte-face WNW ESE
Wind dir. ESE
WNW's opposite ESE
WNW's reverse ESE
Wyo.-to-Mo. direction ESE
Yacht's dir. ESE
speak ESE
___ meridiem ANTE
___ up! (game cry) ANTE
A chip or two to start with ANTE
A chip, maybe ANTE
A couple of chips in the pot, maybe ANTE
A couple of chips, maybe ANTE
A few chips, say, in poker ANTE
A penny is a small one ANTE
Add to the pot ANTE
Advance amount ANTE
Amount of money that can be raised? ANTE
Amount to be raised, maybe ANTE
At times it's upped ANTE
Bettor's starter ANTE
Blind relative? ANTE
Blue chip, maybe ANTE
Buy in ANTE
Buy into a poker game ANTE
Cash for cards ANTE
Chamber lead-in ANTE
Chip for a pot ANTE
Chip in ANTE
Chip in a chip ANTE
Chip in chips ANTE
Chip on the table, maybe ANTE
Chip or two, maybe ANTE
Chip without dip? ANTE
Chip, maybe ANTE
Chips in the pot ANTE
Contribution before the deal ANTE
Contribution to a pot ANTE
Cost of cards ANTE
Cost of playing ANTE
Cough up ANTE
Deal preceder ANTE
Dealer's demand ANTE
Do this if you want to get a hand ANTE
Feed the kitty ANTE
First chips ANTE
Fork over, with "up" ANTE
Gambler's stake ANTE
Gaming table fee ANTE
Get in on a deal ANTE
Get the pot going ANTE
Hand demand? ANTE
Handful of chips, maybe ANTE
Help make a pot ANTE
Indication of serious intent ANTE
Individual share ANTE
Initial offering? ANTE
Initial poker stake ANTE
Initial stake ANTE
It goes in the center of the table ANTE
It goes in the middle of the table ANTE
It goes to pot ANTE
It may be raised at a table ANTE
It may be upped ANTE
It might get your kitty going ANTE
It's a start ANTE
It's a starter ANTE
It's for openers ANTE
It's just for openers ANTE
It's put in a pot ANTE
Kick in, say ANTE
Kick into the pot ANTE
Kitty feed ANTE
Kitty starter ANTE
Make a pot ANTE
Make pots, in a way ANTE
Money to play with ANTE
Morning's start, in old Rome? ANTE
Not post ANTE
One chip, perhaps ANTE
Opening amount ANTE
Opening bit ANTE
Opening stake ANTE
Opening wager ANTE
Part of a pot ANTE
Part of A.M. ANTE
Pay (up) ANTE
Pay for a hand ANTE
Pay one's share, with "up" ANTE
Pay the kitty ANTE
Pay to play ANTE
Pay to play, with "up" ANTE
Pay, with "up" ANTE
Payment at a table ANTE
Penny ___ ANTE
Penny fee ANTE
Penny, maybe, in poker ANTE
Penny, sometimes ANTE
Penny-___ (trivial) ANTE
Play money? ANTE
Play opener ANTE
Poker chip, maybe ANTE
Poker opener ANTE
Poker payment ANTE
Poker player's payment ANTE
Poker pot primer ANTE
Poker pot starter ANTE
Poker stake ANTE
Poker starter ANTE
Pony up ANTE
Pot builder ANTE
Pot component ANTE
Pot foundation ANTE
Pot grower? ANTE
Pot starter ANTE
Predeal requirement ANTE
Prefix with chamber ANTE
Prefix with date ANTE
Prefix with room ANTE
Prelude to a deal ANTE
Prepay, with "up" ANTE
Price of a hand ANTE
Prime the pot ANTE
Put (up) ANTE
Put a stake on the table ANTE
Put in the pot ANTE
Put in to get in ANTE
Put one's two cents in? ANTE
Put up ANTE
Put up stakes ANTE
Requirement for a hand, say ANTE
Requirement for some games ANTE
Requirement in a game of dealer's choice ANTE
Show that one's in? ANTE
Some chips, maybe ANTE
Sometimes its upped ANTE
Stake ANTE
Start a hand, maybe ANTE
Start a pot ANTE
Start a pot going ANTE
Start for a kitty ANTE
Start the kitty ANTE
Start the pot ANTE
Start to date? ANTE
Starting stake ANTE
Startup cost ANTE
Stud fee? ANTE
Stud stake ANTE
Table center piece? ANTE
Table payment ANTE
Table stake ANTE
Temporal prefix ANTE
The "a" in a.m. ANTE
Throw in a few chips, say ANTE
Toss in a chip, say ANTE
Two chips, e.g. ANTE
Upfront amount ANTE
Upfront money ANTE
What you may do to get a hand ANTE
What you may need to do to get a hand ANTE
What's required to be "in" ANTE
White chip, often ANTE
You have to be upfront about this ANTE
You might get a hand for it ANTE
... or ___! (threat) ELSE
Additional ELSE
Additionally ELSE
Alternative word ELSE
Alternatively ELSE
Anyone ___? ELSE
Anything ___ (Woody Allen film) ELSE
Anything ___? ELSE
Apart from this ELSE
Aside from that ELSE
Besides ELSE
Besides that ELSE
Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' ___" ELSE
Choice word ELSE
Different ELSE
Differently ELSE
Do it or ___! ELSE
End of a warning ELSE
End of an ultimatum ELSE
Further ELSE
G. & S.'s Lord High Everything ___ ELSE
If all ___ fails ... ELSE
If not ELSE
In addition ELSE
In addition to that ELSE
In any other way ELSE
Instead ELSE
It can follow anything ELSE
It ends a threat ELSE
It may follow something ELSE
It often follows something ELSE
Last word in a threat ELSE
Last word in an ultimatum ELSE
Moreover ELSE
On the other hand ELSE
Option word ELSE
Or ___ ELSE
Or_____! (veiled threat) ELSE
Other ELSE
Other than ELSE
Other than this ELSE
Otherwise ELSE
Programming command ELSE
So what ___ is new? ELSE
Something ___ ELSE
Something ___ (a lulu) ELSE
Something ___ (a wow) ELSE
That's something ___ ELSE
Threatening word ELSE
Ultimate word in an ultimatum ELSE
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Ultimatum word ELSE
Ultimatum's end ELSE
Ultimatum's ultimate word ELSE
Unnamed alternative ELSE
What ___ can I say? ELSE
What ___ could I do? ELSE
What ___ is new? ELSE
What ___? ELSE
What ___? (clerk's question) ELSE
What ____ is new? ELSE
Who ___? ELSE
Word after who or what ELSE
Word ending a threat ELSE
Word in ultimatum ELSE
You're something ___! ELSE
___ Pie Island (artist commune on the Thames) EEL
___ roll (sushi item) EEL
Anago, at a Japanese restaurant EEL
Anguilliform creature EEL
Apodes member EEL
Aquarium denizen EEL
Aquarium wriggler EEL
Aquatic shocker EEL
Bioelectric swimmer EEL
California river EEL
California river named for a common sight in it EEL
California river named for a fish EEL
Catch in a pot EEL
Cave-dwelling fish EEL
Certain spawner EEL
Common sushi ingredient EEL
Conger EEL
Conger or moray EEL
Coral reef dweller EEL
Crabber's bait EEL
Creature with many sharp teeth EEL
Danger to divers EEL
Delicacy from the sea EEL
Delicacy that may be pickled EEL
Dragon roll ingredient EEL
Electric ___ EEL
Electric fish EEL
Electric swimmer EEL
Electricity source EEL
Electrifying swimmer EEL
Electrophorus electricus, for one EEL
Elusive one EEL
Elusive swimmer EEL
Epitome of slipperiness EEL
Feaster on frogs EEL
Fish caught in a pot EEL
Fish delicacy EEL
Fish lacking a pelvic fin EEL
Fish of the genus Electrophorus EEL
Fish that may be caught in a cage EEL
Fish that twists EEL
Fish whose skin is sometimes used for leather EEL
Fish with toxic blood EEL
Flexible fish EEL
Foal : horse :: grig : ___ EEL
Frog predator EEL
Glass ___ EEL
Grig EEL
Grig, when grown EEL
Grown-up elver EEL
Ingredient in some sushi rolls EEL
It can be electric EEL
It can be shocking EEL
It lacks ventral fins EEL
It may be a shocker EEL
It may be charged in the water EEL
It may be smoked EEL
It may have electroreceptors EEL
It twists and turns EEL
It was "boil'd in broo'," in the ballad "Lord Randal" EEL
It's shocking! EEL
It's slippery when wet EEL
It's sometimes wrapped in rice EEL
Jellied delicacy EEL
Lamprey EEL
Lamprey ___ EEL
Lithe swimmer EEL
Long fish EEL
Marine predator EEL
Member of a conger line? EEL
Metamorphosing fish EEL
Migratory fish EEL
Moray EEL
Mud ___ EEL
One in a wriggly field? EEL
One making twists and turns EEL
One with electric organs EEL
Orinoco shocker EEL
Pickled delicacy EEL
Pike ___ EEL
Reef denizen EEL
Reef dweller EEL
Sargasso Sea spawner EEL
Scaleless fish EEL
Sea shocker EEL
Sea slitherer EEL
Seafood selection EEL
Sharp-nosed fish EEL
Short-finned ___ EEL
Sinuous sea dweller EEL
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Skinny swimmer EEL
Slim swimmer EEL
Slimmer swimmer EEL
Slipperiness exemplar EEL
Slippery fish EEL
Slippery guy EEL
Slippery one EEL
Slippery sort EEL
Slippery swimmer EEL
Slithery swimmer EEL
Smoked or jellied dish EEL
Snake ___ EEL
Snakelike fish EEL
Snaky fish EEL
Snaky swimmer EEL
Sniggler's catch EEL
Sniggler's quarry EEL
Sniggler's quest EEL
Sniggler's wiggler EEL
Sniggler's wriggler EEL
Sole alternative? EEL
Spawner in the Sargasso Sea EEL
Spawning fish EEL
Spitchcock EEL
Sushi bar order EEL
Sushi choice EEL
Sushi dish EEL
Sushi fare EEL
Sushi fish EEL
Sushi morsel EEL
Sushi offering EEL
Sushi option EEL
Sushi order EEL
Sushi selection EEL
Sushi stock EEL
Symbol of slipperiness EEL
That's amoray EEL
Thin fish EEL
Third-longest river of California EEL
This may shock you EEL
Unagi, at a Japanese restaurant EEL
Unagi, at a sushi bar EEL
Unagi, at a sushi restaurant EEL
Underwater cave dweller EEL
Wet wiggler EEL
Word with spiny or electric EEL
Wriggler EEL
Wriggly fish EEL
Wriggly swimmer EEL
___ canal EAR
___ candy (pop music) EAR
___ candy (some pop tunes) EAR
A barber has to work around it EAR
A barber might nick it EAR
A hoop may be attached to it EAR
A hoop may hang from it EAR
A muff covers it EAR
Architectural crossette EAR
Attention EAR
Audience EAR
Audio receiver EAR
Audiologist's concern EAR
Barber's obstacle EAR
Barber's obstruction EAR
Beagle feature EAR
Bean sprout? EAR
Big beagle feature EAR
Big elephant feature EAR
Big feature of an elephant EAR
Big part of an elephant EAR
Bud's place EAR
Canal locale EAR
Canal site EAR
Canal zone? EAR
Catch one's _____ EAR
Cauliflower ___ EAR
Cereal plant portion EAR
Cochlea's locale EAR
Conductor's need EAR
Corn order EAR
Corn serving EAR
Corn unit EAR
Cup handle EAR
Dog-___ EAR
Drum locale EAR
Drum site EAR
Elephant's-___ (plant) EAR
End point for an iPod cord EAR
Eustachian tube site EAR
Flair for music EAR
Floppy rabbit feature EAR
Folded corner EAR
Grin's boundary, so it's said EAR
Grin's stopping point EAR
Hammer site EAR
Hammer's location EAR
Hearing aid EAR
Heed EAR
Human body part with vestigial muscles EAR
Improviser's asset EAR
Inner ___ EAR
Iowa harvest unit EAR
It may be cocked EAR
It may be cocked or cupped EAR
It may be cupped or cuffed EAR
It may be floppy or pointy EAR
It may be lent EAR
It may be lent or bent EAR
It may be pulled in charades EAR
It may be sympathetic EAR
It may pop on a plane EAR
It might get a plug EAR
It sticks out at the side EAR
It's needed to find the right key EAR
It's often next to a phone EAR
Keen perception EAR
Kernel carrier EAR
Kernel's locale EAR
Kind of drum or trumpet EAR
Labyrinth locale EAR
Lent body part EAR
Lent part? EAR
Listen here EAR
Listener EAR
Listening device EAR
Lobe site EAR
Makeshift pencil holder EAR
Mr. Potato Head accessory EAR
Mr. Potato Head item EAR
Mr. Potato Head part EAR
Mr. Potato Head piece EAR
Music appreciation EAR
Musical ability EAR
Musical aptitude EAR
Musical gift EAR
Musical perception EAR
Musical sense EAR
Musical sensitivity EAR
Musical skill EAR
Musical talent EAR
Musician's asset EAR
Musician's gift EAR
Musician's need EAR
Musician's pride EAR
Notice EAR
Object near a temple EAR
Obstacle for a barber EAR
One sense, figuratively EAR
Order of corn EAR
Organ with a drum in it EAR
Otologist's focus EAR
Otologist's study EAR
Pencil holder EAR
Pencil holder, at times EAR
Piercing site EAR
Pink Mr. Potato Head piece EAR
Pitch sensitivity EAR
Pitcher part EAR
Pitching asset? EAR
Place for a headphone EAR
Place for a plug EAR
Place for a ring EAR
Place for a stirrup EAR
Place for a stud EAR
Place for jewelry EAR
Place to put a bud EAR
Plug place EAR
Prominent Chihuahua feature EAR
Prominent dachshund feature EAR
Prominent donkey feature EAR
Q-Tip target EAR
Ring bearer, maybe EAR
Ring holder ... or receiver? EAR
Ring locale EAR
Ring setting EAR
Ring site EAR
Ring spot EAR
Sensitivity EAR
Serving of corn EAR
Side flap EAR
Site of a helix and antihelix EAR
Site of semicircular canals EAR
Something that may be pricked EAR
Something to lend or bend EAR
Something to shuck EAR
Sound receiver EAR
Sound system component? EAR
Spike EAR
Spot for a headphone EAR
Stalk outgrowth EAR
Stirrup site EAR
Stud site EAR
Stud's place EAR
Swab target EAR
Sympathetic attention EAR
Tarsus : foot :: incus : ___ EAR
Teacup handle EAR
The "E" in E.N.T. EAR
There can be a ring in it or on it EAR
Tin ___ EAR
Unit of corn EAR
Wave catcher? EAR
Wax collector EAR
Wax producer EAR
What a barber has to trim around EAR
What an aurilave cleans EAR
What barotrauma affects EAR
Where a phone is held EAR
Where the antihelix is EAR
Where the utricle is EAR
Where to find a hammer or anvil EAR
Where to hold a telephone receiver EAR
Word with candy or drops EAR
Word with drum or trumpet EAR
You can lend it or bend it EAR
You might play something by it EAR
You might play something by this EAR
_____ Annie ("Oklahoma!" role) ADO
Activity ADO
Big deal ADO
Big flap ADO
Big fuss ADO
Bother ADO
Botheration ADO
Brouhaha ADO
Bustle ADO
Busy activity ADO
Busyness ADO
Buzz ADO
Buzzing about ADO
Clamor ADO
Commotion ADO
Difficulty ADO
Excitement ADO
Flap ADO
Flap, so to speak ADO
Flurry ADO
Flutter ADO
Foofaraw ADO
Furor ADO
Further matter? ADO
Fuss ADO
Fuss and bother ADO
Goings on ADO
Hoo-ha ADO
Hoopla ADO
Hornet's nest ADO
Hubbub ADO
Hue and cry ADO
Hullabaloo ADO
Hurly-burly ADO
Hurry-scurry ADO
Hustle and bustle ADO
Kerfuffle ADO
Misspent energy ADO
Much ___ About Nothing ADO
Opposite of peace ADO
Pother ADO
Rowdydow ADO
Ruckus ADO
Rumpus ADO
Running around ADO
Shakespearean fuss ADO
Something about nothing? ADO
Stink ADO
Stir ADO
Tempest in a teapot ADO
There was much of this in Shakespeare ADO
Trouble ADO
Tumult ADO
Tzimmes ADO
Uproar ADO
Upset ADO
Whirl ADO
Without further ___ ADO
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