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The Host

about the book "The Host"

souls what the aliens are called
melanie human part of the main character
wanderer "soul" part of the main character
arizona the state the story takes place in
eustace doc's real name
jamie the name of melanie's younger brother
ian the name of the person wanderer falls in love with
thedesert in what place is the hide out at?
thehost the title of the book
stepheniemeyer the author of the book
healer the soul's title for doctor
seekers the souls who search for humans to host the souls
jeb melanie's uncle and the owner of the hide out
gun the object jeb carries with him most of the time
raids how does everyone in the hide out get their essentials?
sixteen how old was the host that wanderer was put into afer they took her out of melanie?
southwing where was the "hospital" located in the tunnels?
cheetos what was he snack that wanderer craved?
female what sex was wanderer considered by her species terms?
lacey what was the name of the seeker's host?
cryotanks what were the soulds put into to be shipped and stored until they were put into another host?
harnesslight what was the name of wanderer's friend that she saved on the mists planet?
volcano what did the tunnels use to be?
mountains what did the shape of jeb's map turn out to be?
kyle the name of ian's brother
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