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CIT222 Chapter 8

CIT222 Chapter 8 Terms

| A shell metacharacter used to pipe Standard Output from one command to the Standard Input of another command
A shell metacharacter used to obtain Standard Input from a file.
> A shell metacharacter use to redirect Standard Output and Standard Error to a file.
alias A command used to create special variables that are shortcuts to longer command strings
awk A filter command used to search for and display text
decision construct A special construct used in a shell script to alter the flow of the program based on the outcome of a command or contents of a variable. Common decision constructs include if, case, &&, and ||.
echo A command used to display or echo output to the terminal screen. It might utilize escape sequences.
env A command used to display a list of exported variables present in the current shell, except special variables.
environment files The files used immediately after login to execute commands; they are typically used to load variables into memory
environment variables The variables that store information commonly accessed by the system or programs executing on the system – together these variables form the user environment.
escape sequences The character sequences that have special meaning inside the echo command. They are prefixed by the \ character.
export A command used to send variables to subshells
file descriptors The numeric labels used to define command input and command output
filter A command that can take from Standard Input and send to Standard Output. in other words, a filter is a command that can exist in the middle of a pipe
grep (Global Regular Expression Print) A program used to search one or more text files for a desired string of characters
hashpling The first line in a shell script, which defines the shell that will be used to interpret the commands in the script file
pipe A string of commands connected by | metacharacters.
read A command used to read Standard Input from a user into a variable
redirection The process of changing the default locations of Standard Input, Standard Output, and Standard Error
sed A filter command used to search for and manipulate text
set A command used to view all variables on the shell, except special variables
shell scripts The text files that contain a list of commands or constructs for the shell to execute in order
sort A command used to sort lines in a file.
Standard Error (stderr) A file descriptor that represents any error messages generated by a command
Standard input (stdin) A file descriptor that represents information input to a command during execution
Standard Output (stdout) A file descriptor that represents the desired output from a command
subshell A shell started by the current shell
tee A command used to take from Standard Input and send to both Standard Output and a specified file
test statement A statement used to test a certain condition and generate a True/False value
tr A command used to transform or change characters received from Standard Input
user-defined variables The variables that are created by the user and are not used by the system. These variables are typically exported to subshells
variable An area of memory used to store information. Variables are created from entries in environment files when the shell is first created after login, and are destroyed when the shell is destroyed upon logout
variable identifier The name of a variable
Created by: Leisac