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History exam 22-24

chapters 22- 24

Nepleons most disastorous foreign policy adventure occured in what county Mexico
Immediate origins of the Crimean war Russians wanted the right to protect christian shrines.
the dominant foreign power in italy prior to unification Austria
the immediate origins of the Franco- Perssian war Bismark edited teh telegram
Ausgleich or compromise of 1867 created what dule monarch of austria and hungry
raical orginization responsibvle for assassination of Tsar Alexander The peoples will
what act gave canada its independence dominion of Canada
communist manifesto of marx and Engels based historical development on a class-less society
the final result of the struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat proletariat would over throught the bourgeoisie leading to a class-less society
charles darwins idea of survivle of the fit meant only the strong will survive, the best fit will adapt and survive
the descent of man argued what about huan origain evolve by adapting to the enviroment over time
germ theory of disease was primarily the work of Louise pastor
Auguste Comte was responsible for social science
dominant literary and artistic movement realism
1871 focus of europeans lives had become nationalism (becomeing a nation state)
2nd industrial revolution advanced because of steel
new energy source powered 2nd revolution electricity
first combustion engine burning a mixture of gas and air was made in what year 1878
least advanced industrialy Spain
no work in factories women turned to secritary, nurses, teaching
issue that brought socialists together desire to improve working and living conditions
trade unions functioned as mutual aid society
nation with most trade unions Great Britian
cause of raise in European population rising birth rate and lower death rate
reason for immigration to cities Jobs
most European education systems were Manditory and free
father of tourism in England Thomas Cook
relized nation hood by 1871 germany and italy
new developoment in the age of mass leisure pro sports
Napoleon's second empire was ended by pranco purssian
policy pursued by alexander and nicholas after assassination autocratic gov.
responsible for theory of relativity Albert Einstin
Friedrich Nietzsche belived what about christianity it was to blame for all the problems in socilization
philosopher that advocated violence if necessary as a means to achive socialism Georges Sorel
according to Freud behavior was by the unconcious
social darwinism was applying the iead of darwinis
1st professional occupation open to women teaching
russias defeat in the russo-japanese was led to revolution of 1905 (bloody sunday)
open door policy allowed more freedom of trade to china
triple Alliance before 1914 Germany austria italy
Triple Entente before 1914 Great Britan, France, Russia
primay antagonists in the Balkans region Austria and Surbia
Created by: Kelseymarie
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