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Team 7-1 Word Stem 1

Word StemMeaningExampleDefinition
greg group Gregarious liking to be with other people
tang touch Tangible a thing that is perceptible by touch
junct join Conjunction a joining together; combination
se apart Secede to stop being a member of some group
dign worthy Dignity the quality of being worthy of honor or respect
rupt break Erupt to burst forth
tempor time Temporarily for a limited time only; not permanently
clud close Exclude deny access to or bar from a place, group, or privilege
germ vital or related Germinate begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy
liber free Liberate to set free
trans across Transfer an act of moving something or someone to another place
mar sea Marine of the sea
gamy marriage Polygamy the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time
migr wander Migrate to move from one place or country to another, especially in order to make a new home
prim first Primary first in time or order
clam cry out Exclamation an act of exclaiming; a sudden cry out
luc light Lucid expressed clearly; easy to understand
plu more Plural in grammar, showing that more than one person or thing is being mentioned
string blind Stringent rigidly controlled; strict or severe
pyro fire Pyrotechnics a display of fireworks
Created by: moonocean