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Midterm 3 Fill In

Physiology 2420

In order to determine hematocrit levels, whole blood is centrifuged and separates into three layers. These layers are? 1. Buffy coat 2. plasma 3. erythrocytes
Define the term hemostasis stoppage of bleeding
What in anemia? Lack of RBC's Decrease in oxygen carrying capacity
What are the three classes of plasma proteins? albumin, globulin, fibrinogen
What causes the first sounds in a heartbeat? blood rushing though the AV valves as they are closing
During the repolarization phase of an autorhythmic cell action potential, which ion is moving out of the cell? K+
During the repolarization phase of the contractile cell action potential, which ion channels inactivate? calcium L-type channels
In excitation-contraction coupling in cardiac cells, name one way calcium is removed from the cytosol Na+/Ca2+ calcium exchanger, Ca2+ ATPase in SR, Ca2+ ATPase in plasma membrane
What type of blood vessel has the highest compliance? vein
What type of blood vessel is known as the pressure reservoir? arterie
What is the difference between active and reactive hyperemia? active is due to increased metabolic activity and reactive is due to blockage or vasodilation
In terms of blood vessels, what is compliance? ability to store pressure with increased volume
Resistance to blood flow is regulated primarily by what blood vessels? arterioles
Name two ways you could alter the mean arterial pressure increase cardiac output increase total peripheral resistance
In blood pressure measurement, two pressures are listed as a fraction. What are they? systolic (ventricular contraction) diastolic (ventricular relaxation)
Change in vascular resistance (vasoconstriction) in response to stretch of blood vessels (i.e. increased blood flow) in absence of any external factors is the definition of what? viscosity
Name two blood vessels that are part of microcirculation? venules, capillaries
Blood flow through which blood vessel type has the slowest velocity? capillaries
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