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Pivot Point's best in the world!!!! #1

Amino acids thats create proteins are linked together by this_________ Peptide bonds
when a solute mixed in a solvent is inclined to separate if it is left standing: it is a suspension
What is the chemical symbol for carbon C
Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, sulfur and nitrogen are significant for cometologists to understand because: They are all from the basis for hair, skin and nails
Following a sodium hydroxide procedure, additional chemical procedures that use thioglycolic acid: may never be used
The oil loving part of a surfactant is: Lipophilic
When 2 or more non-mixable substances are united with the assistance of a bind or gum-like substance, a/an ________ is formed. Emulsion
When 2 or more non-mixable substances are unified with the assistance of a binder you end up with a/an: Emulsion
What is elasticity? The capability of hair to stretch and then go back to its natural shape without breaking
When a solute is dissolved in a solvent it is: a solution
A 1-base size is equal to the diameter of the rod
Apply the color to ________ when providing a retouch application. the new growth first
What will high volume of hydrogen peroxide create? more lift
To achieve the most volume, a/an ________ tool position should be utilized. On base
Acid waves have a ________pH 6.9 to 7.2
What is the consequence of leaving the cap off of a bottle of peroxide It can become weak, cause the release of all oxygen present and can turn into water and other free radicals.
What is considered the most basic perm wrap? The rectangle perm wrap
Apply a color that is________ than the desired shade when a client as 25% to 30% gray hair. 1 level lighter
If you brush the clients hair before performing a chemical service: The scalp will be irritated
What base size will create the strongest curl? A 1-base size
What is the area where the entire nail plate rests? The nail bed
Which of the following can be a sign of serious issues with the nail plate or the nail bed? Discolorization
What is the portion of the nail that extends beyond the end of the finger? The free edge
A client whose nail growns into the edge of the nail grooves has the disorder: Onychoryptosis
If a hangnail becomes infected, a bacterial infection known as________ can occur. Paronychia
Nails that show signs of _______ require medical assistance. Disease
________ is the painless loosening or separation of the nial bed. Onycholysis
Clients with ________ should not receive a hot paraffin bath. Diabetic condition
Overgrown cuticles are called: Pterygium
What are the main ingredients found in most neutralizers? hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate or sodium bromate
When 2 unstable atoms combine and make more complex units, the more complex units are known as: Molecules
Ointments are mixtures of organic substances and: A medicinal agent
What is the building blocks of amino acids? Hydrogen, carbon, Nitrogen and oxygen
Only matter which contains water and/or dissolves in water is capable of an acidic or________ nature. Alkaline
Water can be classified as: either soft or hard
An ________ is the outside part of an atom around the atomic nucleus. Electron shell
Created by: lisha7196
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