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Test 12 Final


Who wrote "Beloved Friend of Little Waifs"? George Mueller
Who wrote "A Start in Life"? Daisy Switzer
Who wrote "The Man without a Country"? Philip Nolan
Who wrote "The Charge of the Light Brigade"? Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Who wrote The Gift of the Magi"? Della Young
Who wrote "Little Women" ("The Valley of the Shadow")? Louisa May Alcott
Who wrote "The Present Crisis"? James Russell Lowell
Who wrote "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment"? Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who wrote "I'm Nobody! Who Are You?" Emily Dickinson
Who wrote "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer"? Walt Whitman
What nationality was Arnold Winkelried? Swiss
George and Ulrich were trapped under a what? tree
The Frenchman threw a what at his friend, the black dog? hard roll
In "The Death Disk," Colonel Mayfair was what? pardoned
Uncle Henry tried to have who drowned? Dan
Clarence Day was expected to learn the what, "the noblest instrument." violin
In "Pip Visits Miss Havisham," Pip played cards with who? Estella
In Longfellow's "The Day is Done," the speaker wants someone to read a what to him? poem
In "Christmas Time on the Frontier," Ruth prayed for a doll for herself and for w?hat for her brothers skates
Behrman's masterpiece was a painted what? leaf
Pahom was constantly greedy for more what? land
Who gave some of the Pain-Killer to Aunt Polly's cat? Tom (Sawyer)
In "You've Got to Learn," Andy's dog was killed by a(n) what? otter
American Gothic and Woman with Plants were painted by who, an artist from Iowa? Grant Wood
Giant Despair locked Christian and who in the dungeon? Hopeful
In "The Night the Bed Fell", the author's what (or who) was convinced the heavy attic bed had fallen on Father. mother
The blank left John and Mary alone because they refused to follow this advice. indians
A what is a person or object in a story that has a meaning in itself and that also represents something else. symbol
Regional language; words and pronunciations which are peculiar to people of a certain region or class. Dialect
The use of language in a manner not normally used in everyday speech, such as the use of unusual words or word order. Poetic Diction
Created by: Mrs. Howie
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