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Learning New Words from the Context- Cluster 1

civilian There is one civilian in the cabinet; the rest are army officers. person not in the military, police or fire-fighting forces. soldier, police officer, firefighter, veteran
complicated If some of these words seem complicated, refer to a dictionary or a thesaurus. hard to understand elaborate; complex; intricate easy, simple, uncomplicated
concur Even if you do not concur with the umpire's decision, you are required to accept it. be of the same opinion agree; coincide disagree
confirm My dentist thought I might need a root canal, and an X-ray later confirmed his opinion. state or prove the truth of substantiate; verify deny
digress Don't digress, Stick to the topic. get off the [main] topic deviate on topic
fragile The handle is fragile; it will easily break if you use too much pressure. easily broken frail; weak; breakable durable; shatterproof; indestructable
galore Jobs then were not plentiful; now, there are openings galore. in abundance aplenty; plentiful; abundant not enough; a shortage of
genuine Janet wore an imitation fur that everyone thought was genuine mink. actually what it seems to be authentic; true; real fake
hostile I tried to be friendly, though they seemed hostile. unfriendly; enemies inimical friendly
impatient Five minutes can seem like five hours when you are impatient. not patient fretful; anxious patient
Created by: msmarcoccio
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