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AP Open Essay Exam Prep

Who wrote Fahrenheit 451? Ray Bradbury
Bradbury wrote stories typically of this genre... Sci-Fi
Who is the protagonist? Guy Montag
This novel is set in what century? The 24th Century
The cleverness of this title is that at 451 degrees, what burns? Book paper
Montag receives help from this man who used to be an English professor. Faber
Fahrenheit 451 warns against this... Censorship
What is the name of Guy Montag's wife? Mildred
This fire department captain is considered the antagonist... Captain Beatty
Who says, "At least once in his career, every fireman gets an itch. What do the books say, he wonders. Oh, to scratch that itch, eh?" Captain Beatty
The salamander or dragon in the story refers to this vehicle? The Fire Engine
Who says, "You'd better head for the river if you can, follow along it, and if you can hit the old railroad lines going out into the country follow them." Faber
To enforce the "No Books" law, the government uses this device as an enforcer of their law... The Mechanical Hound
As stated in the book, how many atomic wars have there been since 1990? Two
How does Montag get away from Captain Beatty so he can escape? He sets the Captain on fire.
The irony is that the fire department does this... Burns Books.
Created by: JakeBlair