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TCHS-Cuckoo Nest-TP

AP Open Essay Important Topics

What is the setting of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? A 1950's Psychiatric Hospital in Oregon.
Who is the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Ken Kesey
What inspired Ken Kesey to write this book? Kesey took part in an experiment at Menlo Park Veterans hospital that tested the effects of LSD and Cocaine on patients.
Who is the Narrator in this book and what are they like? Chief Bromden. He is a Native American that everyone in the hospital thinks is deaf. He seems to be a schizophrenic. He is the narrator of the story so it is sometimes hard to tell when he is in reality or not.
Who is the Antagonist in this book and what are they like? The antagonist is Nurse Ratched. She is a very manipulative old nurse and she seems to enjoy destroying her patients' self esteem.
Who is the Protagonist in this book and what are they like? The protagonist is Randle McMurphy. He is a big con man that does trick the other inmate into doing things for him, but he is the reason that certain prisoners are freed and he actually helps keep Nurse Ratched from bothering everyone.
What is the main theme of this book? Society's destruction of natural impulses.
What are some major motifs in this book? The power of laughter, Invisibility, Real Versus Imagined Size.
What are some symbols and what do they represent? The Fog Machine- An escape from reality. The Electroshop Therapy- Relates to Crucifixion.
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