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TCHS Silas M. E.R.

A.P. English review

Who is the author of Silas Marner? George Eliot
Who are some of the important characters in Silas Marner? Godfrey, Miss Nancy, Dunsey, Silas, Eppie, Sarah, William Dane
What is the main setting of Silas Marner? Raveloe
What time period was the book written in? 1861
What is Eliots writing style in Silas Marner? Very descriptive,tough to read but has some very important themes.
What are some symbols in Silas Marner? The gold colored hair, gold coins, the pit
What are some themes? Individual vs. community, characters got what they deserved.
What is the following quote saying? "His fainting fits were seen as messages from the Holy One...." Maybe that God was trying to help show him his purpose in life.
Who is the protagonist? Silas Marner
Who are the antagonists? William Dane but mainly Dunsey.
What things are foreshadowed in the novel? Silas opening his door to look outside as Eppie crawls toward his cottage, Mr. Macey telling Silas his money will be returned to him, Dunsey claiming that he always lands on his feet.
What is the tone of the novel? Morally uncompromising, slightly condescending, but also deeply sympathetic to the characters' mistakes
Who is the narrator? An unknown omniscient speaker with no part in the story.
What is the genre of the novel? pastoral fiction
"The money’s gone I don’t know where, and this is come from I don’t know where". What is this quote talking about? Silas is talking about how he can't find his money and how upset he is but on the other hand he is happy that this child is here, even though he has no idea where she came from either.
Created by: a.sevenfold



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