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TCHS Earnest KLW

AP Prep

Author? Oscar Wilde
Year Published? 1895
Style? play, comedy, satirical wit, sarcasm
How do epigrams help the play? They are literary devices that help create a satire.
How is the irony clear in the play? Wilde uses sarcasm, puns, entendres, epigrams, and the plot has situational irony.
Paradox, contradiction, and humor are what? Literary Devices used by Wilde
Symbols: 1) The Pun of Earnest? The character's name is Ernest, and Earnest actually means honest and truthful.
Symbols: 2) Satire of the Life of the Elite It exagerates their ideals and ways of life, and mocks the victorian language.
Motif: 1) Confused or hidden identity The play's cast has deceptive and decieving characters.
Motif: 2) Appearance & Fantasy vs Reality Ernest has a double life. He isn't who some people think he is.
Theme: The Nature of Marriage Algernon and Jack discuss this when they dispute briefly on whether a marriage proposal is a matter of "business" or "pleasure".
How does Wilde make fun of Victorian Society? He makes fun of the Victorian idea of morality as a rigid body of rules about what you should and shouldn't do. (ex: Title, the private cigarette case)
Theme: Constraints of Society Stupid victorian rules. . . Jack thinks reading a private cigarette case is "ungentlemanly".
jack (ernest) Worthing J.P. PROTAGONIST responsible and respectable, but leads a double life
Hertfordshire Jack's country estate
Cecily Cardew a total opposite of gwendolen, unspoiled, but believes that her and Algernon are engaged, also obsessed with his fake name "Ernest". fantasist.
Algernon Moncrieff created double life Bunbury, charming bachelor, witty and tries to say things that are either profound or ridiculous
Gwendolen Fairfax artificial, in love with Jack, fixiated on his name "Ernest" she says it "inspires absolute confidence"
Created by: klwhit
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