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A.P. Open Essay

Who is the author? George Eliot
When was it published? 1861
What is the setting? Time and Place? The early nineteenth century and in the village of Raveloe
Who is the protagonist? Silas Marner
What are the motifs of Silas Marner? Class, domesticity, and the natural world
Symbols? Silas's loom, the pit, and the hearth
what is the tone of this book? Sympathetic to everything bad that is happening to the characters but also knowing what is right and wrong and if the character is in the right.
What are some of the themes in Silas Marner? An individual vs. the community(Silas vs. the village) and faith
Who are some of the main characters in Silas Marner? Silas Marner, Godfrey Cass, Nancy Lammeter, Dunstan Cass, Dolly Winthrop, and Eppie
Who is this? A simple, honest, and kindhearted weaver. After losing faith in both God and his fellow man, he lives for fifteen years alone. After his money is stolen, his faith and trust are restored by a little girl named Eppie. Silas Marner
Who is this? She is the biological child of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren, Godfrey’s secret wife. She is pretty and spirited, and loves Silas unquestioningly. Eppie
What is the style of Silas Marner? Imagery, because throughout the whole book his imagery changes from being the lonely person he was to the great father he became when Eppie came into his live.
What is the major conflict? It's about a man who lives for a long time without any connection to other human beings and has lost his faith. The book is about him recovering his purpose, faith, and community through the little girl that changes his life.
Who is this? The oldest son of Squire Cass. He can be good when he wants to be but also very selfish. He knows what is right but isn't willing to pay the price to give up what he wants for what is right. Godfrey Cass
Why doesn't Silas try to clear himself when he is being framed for stealing? He thinks God will clear him.
Who did Silas think Eppie reminded him of? His sister.
Why does Godfrey put up with Dunsey? Because Dunsey is threatening to reveal that he is secretly married.
Created by: danielle08
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