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Death of a Salesman

What is the Theme of Death of a Salesman? The American Dream is not something obtainable
The author of Death of a Salesman is who? Arthur Miller
When was the play written? Death of a Salesman: 1949
In what time period did the plot take place? Late 1940s- early 1950s
Willie Loman is the _________? Main character/ Protagonist
Willie's two sons are _________ and __________. Biff and Happy
What did Willie always tell his son Biff was the key to being successful in the world? Being well liked by everyone
What does Willie do for a job? He is a traveling salesman
Linda is Willie's wife, does she confront Willie about lying to her about the number of sales he makes? No, she suppresses the fact that her husband is going crazy because he cannot obtain success as a salesman.
What is the signifigance of the Theme of Death of a Salesman? Not everyone has a perfect life
What event changes Biff's outlook about his father? He catches Willie cheating with "The Woman" in a hotel in Boston?
What reason did Biff travel to Boston to see his father? To tell his father he failed math and he wouldn't be able to play football unless he went to summer school.
True/False: Willie encouraged his sons to work hard and try to succeed in life? False! He didn't care what they did as long as they were well liked.
Created by: TCHSjtw