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What is the technique used when there is respect for client's situation, acknowledging one's understanding of the client's experience and the client's concern is accepted. Validation
What technique is being used: greeting the client with a welcome and acknowledging what is being said by client. validation
What technique is being used: identifying behavior that you are unwilling to tolerate, following norms, being assertive Setting LImits
what technique: proving emotional support and assurance to actions behaviors or choices encouragement
what technique: recommending a course of action or choice using a you statement advice
what technique: demonstrating, guiding, prompting the client coaching
what technique: 1:1, honest and direct, interevene when non therapeutic confrontation
what technique: providing alt interpretations for behaviors, actions, perf patterns, and skills reframing
what technique: therapist makes client aware of what is actually happening or the situation reality testing
ways to control the environment safety equipment, floor conditions,electrical hazards, observe food regs, positioning, structure for pts cog level, keys, restricted items, supplies, mirrors, udgement, organizing of supply cabinets
what to do incase of an assault call for more staff, remove other pts. from area, attempt to calm pt, follow up
how to calm pt. down calm soothing voice, have pt explain what is troublesome do not try to overpower pt.
how much personal space btwn u and pt. 1.5- three ft
Created by: martea17
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