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Pregnancy - Delivered Act of giving birth to a live or dead fetus, including the placenta, single or multiple infants.
Pregnancy - Not Delivered Admitted and discharged without giving birth.
Partum Childbirth.
Antepartum Period before giving birth.
Postpartum Period after giving birth.
Pregnancy - Termination is the expulsion or extraction of a dead fetus or other products of conception from the mother or the birth of a liveborn infant or a stillborn infant.
Pregnancy - Induced Termination Interruption of pregnancy.
Maternal/obstetrical death Death of mother while pregnant or within(4wks)42 days of termination of pregnancy.
Direct maternal death Related to pregnancy or delivery
Indirect maternal death Not related to pregnancy or delivery.
Cesarean section rate Deliveries performed by C-Section compared to vaginal deliveries.
Vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) rate Vaginal delivery with previous delivery via C-section.
VBAC Total vaginal deliveries in those with previous C-section. Divided by total number of previously delivered via C-section.
Fetal Terms Newborn-show signs of life at birth. Born in the hospital. Included in newborn/bassinet statistics.
Neonate Liveborn up to 28 days of age.
Infant Liveborn up to one year of age.
Perinatal Period surrounding birth for both liveborn, stillborn, and neonates.
Postnatal Period from 28 days of age to 1 year of age.
Hospital fetal death No signs of life prior to complete expulsion/extraction. Not considered a hospital IP. Does not have a medical record. Not included in newborn statistics.
ACOG & ICD-9-CM Classifications Early: 500 grams or less, before 22 wks. gestation. Intermediate: 501 - 1000 grams. Late: 1001 grams or more, after 22 wks gestation.
OB Mortality Rate Ratio of deaths due to pregnancy during a specified period to the # of OB discharges. Rate is low, computed to three decimal places.
OB Mortality Rate Formula Total Direct OB deaths for the period X 100 divided by total OB discharges for the period (including deaths).
NB Death Rate Formula Numerator: total # of NB deaths for the period X 100. Denominator: Total # of NB discharges for the period ( including Deaths).
Infant Death Rate Formula (up to one year) Numerator: Total # of infant deaths for the period X 100. Denominator: Total # of infant discharges for the period (including deaths).
Neonatal Death Rate Formula (up to 28 days of age) Numerator: Total # of neonatal deaths for the period X 100. Denominator: Total # of neonatal discharges for the period (including deaths).
Fetal Death Rate Formula (includes intermediate and late fetal deaths. Exclude fetus (less than 20 wks gestation. 500 grams or less. Numerator: Total # of intermediate and late fetal deaths for the period X 100. Denominator: Total # of births for the period (including live births intermediate and late fetal deaths.
Created by: Lilyn Ta
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