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Bible quiz

historical writings

Who lead the isrealities in to conquer the promised land? Joshua
What was the first city they conquered in the promised land? Jericho
What were the three wicked practices of the canaanites? Killed children,prostituting in church & body mutilization
Which tribe almost gets destroyed in judges? and why? Benjamin, they raped the concubine
List 3 requierments of the king from Deuteronomy 17 Keep the law of God, must be from isreal, and must not have bling
List the first 3 kings of isreal in order, along with their tribes 1st Saul-tribe of bejiman 2nd David-tribe of juda 3rd Solomon-tribe of juda
When God made a covenant with David, what promises did God make him? Eternal kingdom, father son relation between God & the king, One of davids son will build a house for God
who made Gods temple? Solomon
Who was the davidic king who caused the split of the kingdom? Rehoboam
What was the name of the first king of the northern kingdom, and what did he have the peopl worship? Jeroboam and worship the golden calf
Which empire destroyed the Northern Kingdom, and when did it happen? Assyria, 722 b.c.
Which empire destroyed the southern Kingdom, and when did it happen? Babylon, 586 b.c
How long did the southern kingdom remain in captivity? 7 years
What four things are we waiting for as the old testament ends? 1 New covienent 2 Prophets to come back 3 return of the messiah 4 God to come back to the temple 5 Abraham to be a father of many nations
Created by: jsoto730