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LOTR Lit Terms BK 6

LOTR Lit Terms BK 6 Chp 1-2

loose stones or debris lying on the slope or base of a hill screes
a lazy person sluggard
a small tower turret
bewildered or confused bemused
a chaotic mixture; a jumble welter
fortitude and courage hardihood
a felling or foreboding of a coming event premonition
spoils of war; goods gained by land warfare booty
loot; goods gained by illegal means swag
not able to be changed or altered irrevocable
a high and craggy hill tor
to envy greatly or desire something immoderately covet
a lump or ridge raised on the body, usually by a strike or blow; a welt weal
to subdue or intimidate cow
saliva dripping from a mouth; drool slaver
twisted to one side to indicate irony or grim humor wry
to restrain one's self from something with a great effort forebear
lonely; forsaken; desolate forlorn
to treat with contempt or scorn flout
archaic term for margins; outer boundaries marges
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