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Midterm 4 Ch 22

Physiology 2420

What is involved in the development of the reproductive system in females? X chromosome from the father
What is secreted by the corpus luteum during the luteal phase? progesterone
The proliferative phase of the uterine cycle is promoted by estrogens. Where are these estrogens released from? dominant follicle
Where does fertilization of an egg usually take place? uterine tubes
Which factor causes the act of ovulation? LH levels
Specifically, where are sperm cells formed within the testes? within the seminiferous tubules
What portion of the sperm cell contains the twenty-three chromosomes? head
The hormine inhibin acts to decrease the production of FSH. True/False True
The process of capacitation usually occurs in the ____________. vagina
At the end of the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle, scar tissue forms. What is this scar tissue called? corpus albicans
What layer of the uterus is shed once monthly during menstration? the endometrium
Spematogenesis is a function of the __________. seminiferous tubule
Which cell has been fertilized by a sperm cell? ovum
Which factor causes the act of ovulation? LH levels
Sex determination of a fetus is controlled by the production of ___________, which is coded for by the __________ genes. testis-determining factor; srY
The absence of _________ in the fetus will further the development of the __________ into the female reproductive tract. Mullerian-inhibiting susbtance: Mullerian ducts
Enzymes that facilitate entry of sperm into the ova are contained within the __________ or spematozoa. acrosome
How do males continue to produce sperm through their adult lives? When a spermatogonium undergoes mitosis, only one undergoes further differentiation to become a mature sperm; the other stays a spermatogonium
What does the surge in plasma luteinizing hormone that occurs at the beginning of the luteal phase trigger? both ovulation and development of the corpus luteum
Which are some of the changes that occur during the secretory phase of the uterine cycle? endometrium enriched with more arteriol branches, enlargement of endometrial glands, enhanced secretion of fluids rich in glycogen, increased viscosity of secretions from cervical glands
In the absence of the implantation of a fertilized embryo, the menstrual phase of the uterine cycle is initiated by the degeneration of the ___________. corpus luteum
A morula develops by __________. cell cleavage
What are some nutrients found in breast milk after the first week? fat, lactose, growth factors, antibodies. (colostrum is NOT found)
At the end of parturition, something that is now referred to as the afterbirth is expelled. What is the afterbirth? placenta
During pregnancy, a hormone is secreted by the chorionic portion of the placenta is often used to detect pregnancy by home pregnancy test. What is this hormone? HCG
Prior to implantation of the blastocyt (4-5 days post-fertilization), a fluid filled cavity called the blastocoele forms and clusters of cells attach to one side of the tropoblast and eventually give rise to an embryo. What are these cells called? inner cell mass
Name one hormone involved in lactation and how it promotes lactation. Prolactin- milk synthesis, oxytocin- milk ejection
Prolactin promotes lactation how? milk synthesis
Oxytocin promotes lactation how? milk ejection
There are two ducts that result in the fetus developing into a male or a female. What are they? Wolffian ducts- male, Mullerian ducts- female
Where is the acrosome located? head of sperm
Which phase of the ovarian cycle corresponds to the secretory phase of the uterus? luteal phase
During pregnancy, ovulation (and rates of GnRH, LH, and FSH secretion) is prevented by an elevated level of which hormone, release by the corpus luteum and the placenta, which is present at higher levels during pregnancy. progesterone
How is prolactin involved in lactation? milk synthesis
During the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle, there is an increase in estrogen and progesterone. Where are these two hormones releases from? corpus luteum
Where does fertilization usually take place? uterine tubes
What role does mullerian inhibiting substance (MIS) play in sex differentiation of males and females? Inhibits the development of the Mullerian ducts
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