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Aircraft Abbrev.

Airport ID

AC Aircraft
AC Left Captain Side of Aircraft
AC Right F/O Side of Aircraft
AFT Back Part of Aircraft
CAPT or CA Captain Pilot in command, recognized by 4 stripes
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management A group of swa employees that offer a peer support team in the event of an incident on or off the aircraft
COS Customer of Size Customer who requires more than one seat for comfort and safety.
CRO Complaint Resolution Officer Grounds Operation personnel such as a CSA or OPS Agent who has special training in the area of disabled travelers
CSA Customer Service Agent Ground operation employee who provides assitance to customers in the terminal. Sells tickets, boarding passes, check baggage and provides flight info. May work counter,gate or baggage claim
CSS Customer Service Supervisor Ground operations leader who can assist with irregular situations. CSSs are available to help resolve customer conflicts or accommodate customers in the event of delays or cancellations
D/H Dead Head A crew member flown from one station to the next as a passenger to begin or continue a pairing as a working crew member. Considered on duty.
DOT US Department of Transportation
EAP Employee Assistance Program SWA mental health and well being program
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
F/A Flight Attendant
F/O First Officer Second in command and identified by 3 stripes.
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAM Federal Air Marshall Primary job is to prevent hijackings
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation
FWD Forward Part of Aircraft
GSC Ground Security Coordinator usually a operations agent responsible for coordinating the response to security threats while aircraft is on ground.
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
ISC Inflight Security Coordinator The captain, responsible for coordinating response to threats while airborne.
LAV Lavatory
LEO Law Enforcement Officer A person authorized to carry a weapon
MBL Might Be Late A F/A who alerts scheduling that they will miss their scheduled check in time, but will arrive before before flight departs.
NRSA Non - Revenue Space Available Travel without charge.
N/S No Show Flight Attendant Scheduled A flight attendant that misses a scheduled check in.
OPS Agent Operations Agent Collects the boarding passes from our Customers during boarding. Once the aircraft is boarded will also complete paperwork regarding weight and balance of aircraft
OWWE Over Wing Window Exit
PA Public Announcement
PAX Passenger
Ped Portable Electronic Device List in your Flight Appendix
POS Positively Outrageous Service
PSU Passenger Service Unit above individual rows of passenger seats. It contains air vents, reading lights, F/A call button, and oxygen panel.
RBF Read Before Fly are memos that contain pertinent info that must be read by FA before they fly their parings
R/T Recurrent Training required annual training F/A must attend to remain qualified to fly
RESERVE On call a block of 1,2,3 days in which a F/A is on call to work pairings as needed
RON Remain Overnight A plane that has remained overnight. Also a F/A can "Ron" in a city.
SOD Flight Attendant Supervisor On Duty
TSA Transportation Security Administration
UM Unaccompanied Minor 5-11 traveling alone. Must be booked direct. No change in aircraft allowed
UTC Unable To Contact A F/A who misses and does not return a call to scheduling
Charter A flight where entire aircraft and crew have been contracted for private use `
Downline station A station in our system If you are in Dallas and are traveling to LBB, LBB would be considered a downline station
FFDO Federal Flight Deck Officer Pilots who are armed in the flight deck when serving as Capt or F/O
FIDS Flight Information Display Screen A TV monitor or a flat screen displaying arrivals and departure information
Galley Space at the forward and aft end of aircraft Preparation for food and snacks
Gate Service City A station that will supply electic power as opposed to using the aircraft's APU (no fuel costs) .
No-Go Item Aircraft equipment that is mandatory to be on aircraft and in working condition for the flight to be dispatched we do not make those determinations, fortunately!
Originator The first flight for the aircraft that day .
Provisioning Agent Our friends who stock our galleys and cleans our lavs .
Ramp Agent Our friends who load baggage .
Terminator An airplane that will not operate any more flights that day and will either RON or go to the hangar for maintenance .
Bid line A series of pairings that make a planned schedule for a F/A in their domicile (F/A's base) awarded thru a monthly bid process . .
Biohazard Clean up kits Used to clean after any incident involving bodily fluids containing or suspicious of containing blood .
Block Time The time beginning when an aircraft leaves the gate until it arrives and the brakes are set at the end of a flight .
Brace Position The proper position for the FA when seated in a jumpseat for take off and landing .
Briefing Book Located in each FA base. Used by SWA Leaders to post all RBF and other impt info .
Cabin Clean up bag a red, zippered canvas bag containing equipment needed for hazardous and non-hazardous spills .
Carry on item policy the number of bags a Customer is allowed to bring onboard the aircraft .
Cleaning slips Form carried by FA to reimburse our Customers if they incur a spill on their clothing, $10 max .
Cockpit Rider An authorized person who rides on the jumpseat in the cockpit .
Direct Flight A flight that operates from an originating point to a final point keeping the same flight number and aircraft .
Dry Kit A sliver storage kit used in both the fwd and aft galley (non-parishable items) sugar, creams, stir stix .
Dual-Boarding Bridge A jetbridge that has 2 entry ways to the aircraft to expedite boarding and deplaning .
EBS Electronic Bidding System The computer system used by FA to bid their monthly lines of time (both line holder and reserve
Entertainment Kit Box containing activities for children and promo items for our customers .
Escorted persons A person in custody who does not pose a threat to his surroundings and does not need to be in handcuffs...EX a runaway, someone in the witness protection program, naturalization .
Exit handle cover The plastic cover on the OWWE to keep customers from pulling on the the handle and opening exit 737-700 .
Ferry Flight An aircraft flown from one station to the next without revenue customers aboard .
Final Walkthrough "A" conducts a final walkthrough after making the emergency PA. Consists of walking from the forward cabin down one side and back up again checking OHB's, Customers seatbelts, stowage of luggage and that slides are armed,will then give B final count .
Flight A number given to a leg or series of legs .
FIDS Flight Information Display Screen. TV monitors used in airports and crew lounges to give correct flight information such as arrival and departure time, delays and cancellations .
Fourth jumpseat rider An active SWA Employee who occupies the 4th position on the aft jumpseat in the cabin. Deadheading FA's have priority
Galley Kits Containers for storing liquor, beer and wine in the galleys .
Ground Operations Personnel These folks compromise CSA, Ops Agents and Ramp agents. They do everything from check in, boarding and loading luggage .
Jet Bridge/Jetaway Enclosed moveable bridge that connects the airport gate area with the aircraft .
Liquor Papers Inventory and accounting paperwork that a FA has to complete after selling alcoholic bev on the aircraft .
Non-Stop Flight A flight that originates and terminates in one flight segment .
Outstation Any City in the SWA system other than your domicile .
Pairings A group of flights that make up a FA flying assignment 1,2,3,4 days .
Provisioning and non-provisioning city The Prob dept supplies all our aircrafts w/bev,snacks & misc items. Only certain # of cities are FULL Prov. As aircraft passes thru a full Prov city, they will stock planes with all necessitities. Non-Prov have limited supply of items
Rev Napkins White beverage napkin turned inside out. Prepared by "A" FA to inform the cockpit crew valuable info (flight #, city pair, # of cust and FA crew names .
Segment Each take-off and landing (ex HOU to LAS is making 2 stops = 3 segments HOU to MAF; MAF to ABQ; ABQ to LAS .
Sterile Flight Deck Any movement of aircraft on surface or below 10,000 feet. Communication with and btw Pilots is restricted to safety related matters only .
Terminating AC or Terminator When the aircraft has finished flying for that day and will be parked until the next morn .
30 second Review Checklist that each FA silently repeats while in the brace position on the jumpseat .
Trip Equal to 243 miles, is the basic measurement for FA pay .
Through Flight An aircraft that continues with the same flight # EX FLT #342 DAL-HOU-CRP .
TWU Transportation Workers Union represents FA .
Unsecured Cabin Anytime something happens in the cabin during taxi, take off, landing or turbulence to jeapordize the safety of our cust. or aircraft. EX customer gets up to use lav, overhead bin opens, galley's not locked .
CASM Cost per available seat mile less fuel all costs per year (exc fuel) ------------------ All seats on every plane, X all miles flown
NI Net Income Means Profit Revenue-Expenses=Net Income or (Profit)
NIM Net Income Margin Shows how much of every revenue $ we get to keep as profit (8%)
ROIC Return on Investment Capital indicates how much income SWA is able to generate for every $ invested (15%)
Blue Water Slang for chemicals used in lavatories .
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