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Ling 130 - Final Exam Review Part 2

-ology means? study of
What is the study of the internal stucture of words? morphology
What is a word? unit of language that carries meaning and consists of one or more morphemes
What info do you have in your mental lexicon about a word? Info about it's phonological, morphological, syntactic, and semantic properties
What's a content word? give example A WORD that carries meaning, in real time regardless of its use in specific context. ocean: it carries the meaning of being an enitity of water
Content words are called .....? open class
Why are content words known as open class? They are open because they are always growing as new words become necessary to convery new concepts
What is a function word? words that serve specific grammatical purpose in a sentence
Function words play a ________ Role? grammatical role
Personal pronouns such as “I”, “me”, “she” and “he” are part of ----------- class? Why? closed class, because they serve a grammatical function of substituting for nouns to express which person and how many
What is a morpheme? the smallest unit of language which carries meaning
"er" in the word "singer, painter, lover, worker" carries what meaning? "one who does"
the morpheme "er" in (nicer, prettier, taller) is a __________ morpheme? inflectional (comparative)
In Phone, phonology, phoneme; the morpheme "phon" has ____________, which means "pertaining to sound"? an identical meaning
In the words: unafraid, unfit, un-American; the morpheme "un" in these examples means ____________? "not"
How many morphemes do you find in the word morphology? two: morph & ology
Identify the morphemes in each: student, stupidity, unfair, trial, husbands? stud/ent; stupid/ity; un/fair; trial; husband/s
The term affixes applies to ___________? Prefixes and suffixes
What are infixes? (lang example) Infix is a morpheme within a morpheme: Tagalog
Diff betw derivational and inflectional morphemes? (examples of each) Derivational morph's change meaning of a word; Inflectional morph's change grammatical role of a word: ex. derv - happy/unhappy; inflec - happy/happiness
What is a root? (ex) smallest possible unit carrying specific meaning in word: ex. truly, true = "tru" is the root
What is a stem? (ex) basic form of a word to which inflectional morphemes can be added. ex: car/cars, true/truly
Identify the component morpheme(s) of each word. How many morphemes does each word contain? Use the following key words in your analysis: 1. root, 2. stem, 3.prefix, 4.suffix , 5. derivational morpheme, and 6. inflectional morpheme (when appropriate) ??? of the words "finally, unlovable, unsystematically"
Give two examples fo compound words? doghouse, sandcastle
Is the meaning of a compound word the sum of the meanings of its parts? Discuss : ghostwrite, homeowner, blackboard the words further specify the object being refered to. Ghostwriter explains who is writing, homeowner explains what is being owned etc.
What is an acronym? 2 ex where the initial of a phrase are joined together to make a word: ex USA and EU european Union
What is a blended word? 2 ex forming a new word using parts of existing words, ex. spanglish :spanish & english; smog: smoke & fog
What is an eponym? refers to a person, real or imaginary, after whom something has been named
Created by: fbarba21