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Origin of Language

Ling 130 - Final Exam Review Part 1

Bow wow theory? imitation of animals
Yo he Ho theory grunts from manual labor
Pooh-pooh theory cries of joy
Diff betw Oral and Sign lang's? Sign Lang NOT derived from oral; difference is in the Means of expressing meaning, symbols instead of audible words
Differences betw proto-lang and language? Proto-lang is 2-tier system: one sound = one meaning; language is 3-tier: includes grammar which opens communication up to infinate possibilities
Do animals have language? Animals do not possess the ability to communicate creatively, they lack displacement: the ability to talk about things removed in time and space from the immediate context
The European Robin's lang? It communicates with the same song but the differences in high and low pitches communicate different meanings
Nim chimpsky's lang? the name derived from Noam Chompsky. 1)Nim was raised in a strict environment of drills to instill Lang 2)Nim never initiated signing 3)Signed asking for food or social reward 4)Would interupt his trainers when signing 5).....(More info)
What species is Wahoe? Chimpanzee
What lang. did Washoe learn? American Sign Lang.
What do we know about Lang? (7 examples) 1)Lang primarily oral 2)Non-verbal lang used with oral lang 3)Every infant born with capacity to acquire lang 4)where humans exist, lang exists 5)no primitive lang's, all equally complex 6)all lang's change with time 7) arbitrary rel. betw form & meaning
Prescriptive Grammar? Dictating what grammar should be
Descriptive Grammar? Analyzing the grammar in its day to day use
Examples of onomatopeic words... meow, bow wow, cock-a-dooble do
Universal Grammar? common properties of grammar common to all languages
Diff betw Ling. performance and linguistic competence? Competence is what one knows about a lang. primarily unconsious; Ling performance is one's actual lang. use
Are all lang's equal? Yes, all equally complex.
Who's Charles Darwin? Evolutionary biologist who Wrote "The Descent of language" where he says " Language originated in the noises of animal, imitated by hunters in the course of tracking"
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